Love Reading For The Full Moon In Leo

Weekly Love Reading for the full moon

Hello Lovelies

Tonight is a full moon in Leo. It’s also called as the Snow moon with all the snow in February.

It’s a good to time to get rid of what no longer serves you. CLEAN HOUSE.  Make room for love in your life.

To be happy in love and to find love, you must first love your self.

If you don’t love your self, how do you expect anyone to love you? Or for you to really love them?

Remember — you deserve love. No matter what happened in the past, you deserve love.

February is a LOVE month. And we can get emotional. It rules the heart chakra. Which is the LOVE chakra.

Here are some of things to do during the full moon (you got the whole weekend) to get the love snow ball effect rolling.

First set your intentions. Then try one or more of these ideas. Choose the one(s) that resonate with you. Even one small step can get you going

in the right direction.

  1. Clean out clutter or organize a little (no need to do major cleaning unless you choose)
  2. Decorate your planner for the month or calendar
  3. Spend an extra 15 minutes in bed dreaming and write down your dreams.
  4. Give your self a facial (yes guys too)
  5. Plan out a feel good project for yourself and execute
  6. Start a journal
  7. Take yourself on a date
  8. Snuggle in bed with your favorite book
  9. Make a list of positive affirmations.
  10. Treat your self to some markers, pens, pencils and color in my adult coloring pages  Click here to download
  11. Love yourself unconditionally and know that you are LOVEABLE!

To learn more how to attract your soulmate Click here.

I recorded a video for this week.

I used the Mystic Dreamers Tarot

love reading psychic soulmate
The Moon

The 1st card is the Moon (and I didn’t make that happen intentionally)!

This is regarding your fears about love and doubting that you could ever be with someone or happy with that particular person. Right? Are you feeling it? It’s a card of intuition, which is telling you to put down your fear and let the love in. The more you doubt the more you attract fear and worry.

Have confidence that you can be happy. Being to work on it. Don’t believe the negative, fear based thoughts. They no longer serve you.

2nd card is the Four of Wands

love reading psychic soulmate
Four Of Wands

The Four of Wands is harmony in the home. It also relates to evaluating what you need to do to make your homelife peaceful. Love yourself and trust that you are beautiful.  This can also tell us that if we are in a twin flame web that the other person is thinking of you and that there is a telepathic connection happening here. Notice the full moon in the picture. Interesting considering there is a full moon tonight 🙂


3rd card is the Two Of Cups

love reading psychic soulmate
Two Of Cups

The two of cups is a partnership message. Two people that feel the same way. Mutual feelings. Union between two people. This can also be friendships or other relationships such as co workers. There’s more info in the video, but what I’ll leave you with is the saying “you really can’t understand someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

So do your best to realize everyone is doing their best and understand them. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to set boundaries, or stop dealing with toxic people if necessary. It just means to open up your heart and try to understand without judging.

Here is the video of the reading