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Here is a reading I did on how to manifest your dreams.

I created a new video and oracle reading video just for you on manifestation.

Here’s my blog on the reading.

1st  card is Prince Of Spring

prince of spring

The Prince is telling us that there is an amazing burst of energy heading your way.

A feeling of loving life more. Thing are changing for the better.

This energy is going to pick up the pace of where you might have been feeling weighed down.  It’s important to remember to just go with the flow and not questioned why you are being lead to do something or go somewhere that is totally different in your world.

You will be entering a felling of more courage and confidence.  Another note of the prince of Spring is feeling aggressive. Perhaps towards someone who isn’t moving fast enough or opening up their heart.

It’s important to be patient. The energy is fiery and fast moving and you might want to use it for productive pursuits in getting someone to open up to you.

By putting this energy into you and not into the other person.

2nd card is St. Germain

st germain

Here we have St. Germain helping us and to know that it is safe to let go of our past hurts and karma.

You might have been feeling stagnant and at a standstill. Something or someone that was in your life has caused you disappointment and you might have not let the past go. It still lingers. I’m not saying that your past love is to return or not.

What I’m channeling from this card is that you need to let go of the hurt and regret. Everything has a way of working it self out. St.Germain is promising us this.

Create your future. Do something for yourself that your future self way KUDOS and THANK YOU!! By doing so you attract what you truly desire and you manifest your dreams!

Go within and don’t engage in gossip and dramas. Get out of your way to manifest your dreams. Release repeatable karmic patterns. It all starts with the intention. It’s not rocket science. Just a simple intention and thought seed. The rest will take care of itself.

3rd card is Dignity


Dignity is a card of service to others. Taking care of another or even just to yourself.

Doing random act of kindness is a great way to release and heal past karma with no expectations.  Help someone feel good and know that you care, this is one of the best ways you can do to release a past hurt. Try volunteering at a soup kitchen even a animal shelter.

Taking the time to listen more, getting off our phone and paying attention and not multitasking is self love (we all do it and this causes unnecessary stress on us).

It is so fulfilling to make someones day. Even just a simple smile and hello to someone that you see while your walking down the street.

Then when you feel clearer, write down your thoughts, dreams and goals. Create a vision board. Then make a list of all the things that you will need to get you closer to your to your goal. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect or work out in a straight line. Just get it out there.

I’m loving my Happy Planner and Leonie Dawson workbooks to do this. But you don’t need fancy paper. Just write it all down on a sticker note.

Get it out there into the Universe. Then the magic happens!

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