How To Attract Your Soulmate

In this blog post I will share and and give you a few tips on how to attract your beloved, true love, soulmate, divine partner to the One (there are so many different names to call this beautiful contract but it all relates to the same… your one and only).

1. Setting the intention and believing there is someone who is your significant other. Someone “out there” just like you, who is looking for you –and can change your whole life to bliss. Remember the “one” will always get along with you. Your soulmate will never argue or put you down. If you think someone is the “one” in your life, but he/she puts you down, contradicts with you, ghosts you on dates, cheats on you, etc. then I have to tell you that you are in denial.

This relationship is either a karmic flame or possibly even a narcissist who will never change no matter what they say.

This person will always make your life very unhappy and I need to urge you to honour and empower yourself to walk away, surrender it to a higher power and most of all forgive this person. This is the first big step in manifesting the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

I said big step, because it is. Trust me, I know first hand as I was once married to an energy vampire.

I finally got the strength and courage to walk away from it all and let it go and because I believed that I deserve to be treated better, and to be loved, I found the love of my life.

2. Forgive the person who hurt and maybe betrayed you in the past

This is probably the most Challenging part of it all but the key in manifesting your beloved.  You may not realize it but resenting someone binds you just as tightly to that person as longing does. Both are attachments that keep you hooked in the past rather than focused clearly in the present moment. Before we can accept new love into our lives we have to release any hurt from the past.

Try this little exercise…

What you will need:

  • paper and pen
  • comfortable chair
  • 20 minutes or more of uninterrupted time (time may vary)

Write out a letter to the person/people who hurt you. Express everything you feel in great detail. Feel everything that you need to feel, ask your self if you could let this go? Just “could” you. If yes, then ask would you? In other words, if you could let it go, would you? If so, when? You might have to ask your self these questions a few times (this is the Sedona Method, and it will help you big time).

Alternatively, simply paying full attention to your feelings about it (without trying to push them away or hold them close). Just observe them as impartially as you can. Breathing mindfully as you do this can also be helpful. This non-judgemental awareness (non-judgemental of your painful and trapped feelings) can often lead to spontaneous releasing and healing.

Then burn the letter with the intentions that all of the energy is dissipated.

If more comes up at a later date, it doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It simply means that there are more layers coming up for release. Allow the feelings to pass through you using your breath and awareness.

3. Make room in your life for your beloved ~

Ok, here is where some deep spring cleaning comes in. But it’s more than just organizing and cleaning the house! It’s about clearing out the mind clutter and co-dependant relationships and energy vampires/narcissistic energy.

There are also people in your life who are naysayers and always have a way to bring you to a downward spiral. You may not have a choice to be in contact with them (this could be family and co-workers). It’s not to say that you have to break up important dealings/transactions, friendship/relationships, however it is important to not include them in your personal space within. In other words, don’t share your hopes and dreams with those types of people!

The first step is to identify the roles everyone in your life plays.

Write down each person’s name and take a deep breath. Then write down beside their name the first impression or thought you receive along with a brief description of how they make you feel in your life. Examples:

  • Aggressive/passive, always need to be right in the conversations.
  • Competitive, always shows off and puts the other person down in some way
  • Complains, always blaming the past for their hurtful actions.
  • Loves to argue with you, for no reason and teases all the time.
  • Talks about themselves constantly, uses the word “I” all the time and never asks you how you are doing.
  • Sees and hears what they want to hear from you, they never take “no” for an answer. Twists the truth and manipulates it.

Get the picture? It’s a very important step to be aware of the role they play in your life. The next step is to start practicing standing your own ground.

To learn more about energy vampires, I highly recommend reading Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup. It is an eye opener!

Find your “Sacred Space”

To find your sacred space, you need to do a deep declutter of what no longer serves you. Everything you own has some sort of attachment to it. It can remind you of someone who gave it to you or a time when you were not happy.

If you are not using it, or you do not LOVE it then I highly suggest donating or selling it. It’s ok if you’re not sure. If you aren’t 100% not sure, then put everything in a box for few weeks and decide later. As my Aunt Pauline used to say to me: “if you have to storage it and won’t be using it, then let it go! She was right.


My Personal Story Of Letting Go…

I have another story to share. I had to let my Zumba business go this year and I had a hard time because there was a strong attachment that I had to my classes. It was 10 years of teaching (which helped me through all of my past hurts, DANCING is so HEALING), and at the time I was one of the few instructors in the city.

I got into Zumba to lose weight (I lost 55 lbs in the first year of teaching). I became popular and my classes were always packed. It came to the point where I needed to add additional classes (supply and demand). This meant that there was barely any time to schedule my psychic/tarot reading appointments and Reiki sessions (this was the time I really needed to clone myself:-).

I made the choice to do Zumba “full time” although I continued with my readings and Reiki as well.  I never took a break, even when I got sick and developed injuries (the life of a fitness instructor is definitely not as glamorous as it may look).

2014 my retina decided to partially detach from my eye. Obviously this was a message from my soul that I’m not taking any time for myself to “see” the repeatable pattern that I’ve created again in my life. I “painted myself into a corner.”

At the time of teaching classes, I attracted many energy vampires to my classes who were draining my light big time (I won’t get into it — the list is long. All I will say is that I used to go into deep depression on my way to classes). My soul wanted out!

It came to the point where I was paying the rent for the room the classes were in out of my own pocket. This led to my having hard feelings and sadness (because it once was the HIGHLIGHT of my life).

So I let all of my independent Zumba classes go in the summer 2017 (I kept one class because it was actually a paid gig). In February of this year (2018), I was let go and was humiliated by the management. I wrote a blog post and recorded a Youtube video about the situation: “How To Forgive And Let Go Of Betrayal”

A week later  I developed a muscular hip pain. I got it checked by a physiotherapist and it’s just tight muscles.

It’s created from an attachment that I’m holding on to. Related to my root chakra of status, community and roots.

Today it occurred to me that I’m holding on to this fantasy of Zumba mysteriously coming back and being the success it was (yes, I’m so grateful to losing the weight and all of the beautiful friendships that I made). But it’s over and I’d like to just remember the fun I had.

So I took apart a separate closet that was dedicated to all Zumba wear (there was a time I had more Zumba clothes than regular clothes) and donated it to Good Will.

I noticed the hip started to get a little better. Then I cancelled my fitness insurance — guess what?! The pain is 99% better. I still have my Zumba biz website, google and Facebook to tear down soon. This was a very strong unhealthy attachment that I had to let go and get my self out of the “painted corner.”

The point to my story is that I wasn’t listening to my soul telling me that I needed to move on and that the Universe had something better in store. So my hip started to act up to help me get the message!  I needed start by clearing space in my place, in my mind and in my schedule in order to find myself.  I’m back to doing my Psychic work full time and have time to paint again! And I’m back on track working slowly but surely to my goal of creating my own Oracle card deck. I feel ecstatic!

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