How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work? Part 1


How does the Law of Attraction really work?

Well, the fact that you’re at this page and reading it is the Law of Attraction in action.

The Law of Attraction is one of the biggest ideas that has really taken off into mainstream thought in recent years.

It used to belong to the realm of esoteric knowledge, but now everyone has heard about it. And that’s awesome!

After reading about it or hearing about it for the first time, people are understandably very excited about the possibilities for their lives.

But after a while, for many of us, confusion and frustration begin to creep in.

Why is this?

In my experience, it has to do with a number of things.

One of the main reasons is not feeling deserving or worthy of what it is that you want.

That’s why many teachers recommend going after something that is exciting enough to generate emotions (it has to be something you really do want) but not too big of a stretch.


The Runner And The Chaser Syndrome

The Runner and Chaser is an energy pattern usually spoken about in the area of love and relationships.

One person chases after the other — which actually pushes the other person away.

In other words, if you push and want to control the outcome, the Universe pushes back.

note: I’m using the word Universe here because it’s somewhat neutral and also in common use. You may prefer God, The Source, The Tao, The Self, The Force, it doesn’t matter. They are merely words pointing at the same ultimate incredible Reality.


But What About Those Big, Hairy Audacious Life Purposey Type Of Dreams?

You know the one. It could be with your career, or money. It could be being with your soulmate.

These types of things require skill. And spiritual growth. It’s about who you become through your attempts at manifesting these things just as much as it is about the things themselves.

Because for most of us (myself definitely included) these types of dreams can take years and many failed attempts.



But if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize there is no such thing as failure. There is only learning.

Yes. It can be painful. But only those parts of us that are not ultimately real can be hurt.

In today’s lingo, those parts of us are called the ego. It’s the conditioned parts of ourselves that play out in our minds — almost on auto pilot.

Failure can teach us what programmed beliefs are no longer working for us. It can teach us other approaches that we may not have considered.

It can teach us not to take ourselves so darned seriously all the time — and to humble ourselves a little before the mystery that is Life.


To Co-Create or Create?

Whatever works for you is the best way. For me, I prefer to think of it as Co Creating. It keeps me humble before the above mentioned Mystery.

Otherwise, I would’ve simply won the lottery by now! 😉 (That could very well happen for you, though. Anything truly is possible when you are completely free from needing the outcome to “complete you.”)

In my humble opinion, after working with these types of ideas almost 20 years now, co creating is a really important concept to keep in mind.

There are loving forces much larger than ourselves as well as our own Soul’s intentions that will override what our limited personal self (ego) may want.

I feel that this is built into the Universe in order to remind us who we are. That we are all connected and a local finite expression of an infinite Higher Power.

Divine Intelligence certainly knows much better than I do as far as what is in my highest good.

As an example, the ego is attracted to fame and fortune. The applause of the crowd. Earthly power and all that. The Soul wants to create simply for fun, enjoyment and to serve.

This does not mean that wonderful experiences or things can not come your way or be enjoyed. They can and they will.

As a matter of fact, they will probably come more readily the more you actually let go of wanting them in order to feel complete or happy.

It’s important to realize that suppressing desires is not the same thing. Letting go of wanting to control outcomes is a skill that gets better with practice.


The Highest Good

A word about highest good. That which is in your highest good is that which your true inner self wants.

Your true inner self is the part of you that is living presence. It’s in the formless spirit world and it is the light of awareness by which you experience and perceive your existence.

The highest good will always make you happy and provide you with an abundance of peace and satisfaction.

It often will be much better that something you could imagine for yourself.

It is you.

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