Psychic Oracle Reading

Happy Monday☀️ here is an psychic oracle reading for you. March 28, 2016

I’m using 3 different oracle decks by Denise Lynn,

Take a deep breath, clear your thoughts, think of a question,
glide your hand over the cards and pick one that feels warm and that there is an important message and answer for you (you can pick all if you wish).

I’ll be posting the cards and messages later.

Be sure to post your choice.

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psychic reading






Your Oracle card message for today. Monday March 28

Card 1. Nature spirits: joy delight peaks of careful abandon. Living wildly, magically, and free.
Be open to the wonders of the universe flooding into your life.
Innocence and delight are abounding. Happiness is on its way!
If this nature spirits card chooses you, then welcome to wellspring of joy and magic.
Beneath the surface, mystical interventions are occurring in your life.

Relax. All is well.

Card 2. Trusting your intuition: listen with your heart and act on your instincts. Trust that you are being guided, as the messages you are receiving are in your highest good. Follow the nudges from spirit.
Your intuition is the vehicle for messages from spirit if, in the past you followed your instincts and then later it’s seem to be the wrong move, don’t let that keep you from trusting your intuition now.

Know that there are spiritual guides, allies, and angels surrounding you.
As you open up to your intuition, you will since they’re loving presence and profound messages.

Card 3. Success: inner and outer success is coming your way! The gates of triumph are waiting to open deep and wide for you.

Except that you’re already a winner, and even more victories will expand in your life. Being successful is a state of mind.

The more you feel it, the more love prosperity, fame, and fortune will pour into your life.
If the situation knocks you over get up and brush yourself off… And discover what you learned.
So keep going and believe in yourself. Celebrate even the smallest victories that occur in your life.
Affirmation: success feels my life in ways be on my greatest expectations!

Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Here is your weekly Angel Tarot card Youtube reading.

I’m using the ArchAngel Power Tarot cards.

This message is meant for anyone stopping by to view 🙂

The first card is the 3 of of Ariel:

3 of ariel

Represents that you’re continue working. Wheels are moving, energy is positive.


10 of ariel

10 of Ariel:

Wealth, love and Abundance are waiting for you allow yourself to receive. Trust and know that is will be all manifest to you. Believing in yourself.




Believe in your self. Do what is in your heart. Honor yourself. You can’t please everyone.

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Peace and blessings to you!


Please view our Youtube video, more info on the cards that are posted here:

An important message from your Spirit Guides

Hi everyone,

Here is an important message from your spirit guides!

If you feel drawn to it then it is meant for you.

That is how it works. I get messages all the time.

We all get messages from our spirit guides.

But we sometimes don’t pay attention to them — or we often think it’s just our imagination.

However, they talk to us all the time.

I’m using 2 different oracle decks for this reading.

The cards are just tools that I use to channel information. Like using a hammer to to put a nail in the wall. I so love Tarot and oracle cards. I collect them!

Ok, I’m going to stop chatting and leave you with our Youtube video reading.

Love and light 🙂

Valentines Day Tarot Reading

Hello Beautiful Hearts 🙂

Time for your Valentines Day Tarot Reading!

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and it’s Family Day Monday (Canada)

Happy Valentine’s Day & Family Day!

Here is a 3 card reading video that I just filmed for you.
It’s message is for anyone who views it.


Valentines Day Tarot Reading

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Angel Tarot Reading

Angel Tarot Reading for you!

This is my most recent Angel Tarot reading.

Due to the way in which the Law of Attraction works, this is specifically meant for anyone viewing this.

That’s you!


how I conduct my readings



1st card 3 of Earth:

3 of earth

Creative forces at work here. You’re being nudged to do something creative. Even if it is out of your comfort zone.

Stop procrastinating and start creating.


2nd card: King of Fire:

king of fire

Another creating action card. Focus and merge ahead!

Take a plan of action and start writing down your strategy. One layer at a time.

Don’t concern yourself with what other people will think of your work.


3rd card Queen of water:


Feeling very sensitive, perhaps a bit emotional. A lot of it has to do with pleasing everyone around you except your self.

You are an intuitive being. You are empathic and feeling everyones energy during the day/work etc. It is important that you leave it go.

Cut the cords of this clingy energy.

It can work like a cold virus. When one person is having a bad a day, they can spread the toxic energy around.

It is important to be aware of this.

And don’t take it personally 🙂


4th card: Seven of Earth:


Planting seeds 🙂 Waiting for your investments/work/finances to improve. They are! As we speak. Things are turning in a better direction.

Just be patient and trust. It is important to expect the positive to happen. When you think of what could go wrong then you actually attract that. So be positive and patient.


5th card: 4 of Air:

4 of air

This card tells you to chill out. Grab tea/java and read a book or just day dream. Rest.

It is important to take time in doing for your self. Rest and rejuvenate. Like recharging your phone 🙂

Check out my Angel Tarot reading video:

I always get these messages to do readings on Youtube. It’s for a reason — to share my gift and help you.

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Have a beautiful day.

Love and light,



Reading On The Beach

Hello Friends!

It’s time again for my weekly tarot card reading. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be a weekly reading, It can be anytime. Perhaps you’re visiting my site randomly and landed here. It isn’t coincidence that you are here!

There is a reason!

I was at the beach today (I live only 10 minutes away). Had a picnic with Dave and all the flying creatures (I have a wasp phobia and seagull phobia, but I’m working on it, ha ha)!

I brought my new Tarot cards with me to give my viewers a quick Tarot reading. A reading on the beach 🙂


FYI: I will be away next week. I’m getting certified to teach Yoga! Yay!!!! So excited! I adore Yoga and can’t wait to take it. I’m really taking it for myself — although I will be teaching some classes also.  It’s actually called YogaFit which is a slightly different yoga.

The woman who created it is a long time Yoga teacher as well as a personal trainer. She developed YogaFit to meet the demands of people in this day and age. It’s a new style of yoga that is based on a flow and is a total body workout.

It is a great way to heal and bring energy to the body and mind.  I have been doing traditional Yoga for years. But now I will get detailed information and learn the fundamentals of the practice to assist me with my psychic work, healing, Reiki, Crystal and chakra balancing. And to continue living the enlightened path as best I can.

I will return to you next week. With all the details and maybe even film a YogaFit class for you. Who knows — I just might.


Your Tarot Reading Right Now

Here is your reading for you right now, this minute. And it is a reading on the Beach 🙂

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Tarot Card Reading

Hello Dearest Ones

I wanted share with you my weekly soulmate reading. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be about soulmates — or even weekly.

If you just happened to stumble upon my Youtube video then it is mean for you.

This time I’ve invited my best friend and Soulmate (my husband) Dave to bring his energy to the Tarot card reading.

He also has the gift of clairvoyance and know’s oracles and know how to read Tarot cards.

Tarot card readings are very sacred. They should always be done with a clear mind and the most positive of intentions and with Love in your heart.

I want to thank everyone who sent emails with your feedback and kind words. You all mean a lot to me and this is why I do what I do.

To help make a difference in your life and in this world.

Remember when you help one person, it actually works like the domino effect — not to mention you are creating good karma 🙂


Here is the Tarot card reading and psychic message you need to hear now:


Here is a photo of the tarot cards that were picked.

psychic soulmate reading

The 3 of Wands is telling you to set a goal for your self. Look forward to the reward of achieving.

I’m all for the law of attraction which is putting energy and focus on something you wish to manifest.

And believing it has happened.


The knight of Pentacles is telling you that you need to get right into it. Don’t procrastinate, stall or make excuses. Merge ahead.

Avoid dwelling on the past. Be positive. Be strong. Get a hold of your self and have confidence that your ship will come in or that certain someone that you love (or waiting to enter your life) love is going to make you so happy. That’s right I said it. He/she will make you very happy.


The 4 of Swords is telling you to plan a retreat, vacation, get away, spa or time off from the hectic world that has been ruling you like a puppet on strings!

Does that sound familiar? I’ll say it does!

If you don’t take time out you’re going to burn out. Very important to do this.

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Tarot card reading
My Healing, Reading And Sacred Space

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Psychic Soulmate Reading

Psychic tarot reading: Just for you and what you need to know for your week.

Today I’m using the Psychic Tarot by John Holland. I love this deck.

Right now I’m going to have you get into a relaxed state, close your eyes, relax your shoulders down.

Take 3 deep long breaths then open your eyes and glide your left hand over the 3 cards below:

psychic soulmate reading
psychic soulmate reading











Pick one card, sometimes you may want to pick all 3, that’s perfectly alright. You have a messages that need to be told to you.


Here are your 3 cards.

psychic soulmate reading
psychic soulmate reading

If you picked 1. Destiny: This card represents a major transformation in your life that is waiting to unfold.

Your life is about to turn right around. I’m all about love readings so I will interpret as a love description.

Someone that you didn’t expect to enter (perhaps from the past), commit(proposal) or even a certain someone that you were waiting for to open their heart and say I love you. Well, this is your lucky day! Expect a turn around of events.

If you picked 2. Stand your ground: You’ve been experiencing a struggle, challenges and maybe some chaos.

Well this card says to you that you need to stand your ground. Don’t let someone’s egos and negative energy get to you.  You are holding all the power.

With regards to love, this relates to a person’s ego. And that’s all it is. They are in their head not their heart. Their emotional blocks and  walls will eventually come down.

If you picked 3. Deception and envy: This card tells you that someone you know is having a really bad day, week, month even year/s. Carrying a lot of pain. Which triggers their own feelings of inadequacy.

It’s sad but true that even someone you care for deeply (friend, family, soulmate, twin flame) can make you feel like they are repeatable attacking with negative behaviour patterns.

When this card shows up, it is important be positive and not react. Be aware that the other person is going through a battle of their own. Give them space and focus on you. Deception and envy is temporary. Remember the reading is about awareness. Nothing is written in stone and your control your own destiny.

I just uploaded a new video with this reading to youTube, check it out:

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