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Hello beautiful souls! Here is our 3 card tarot reading forecast for what we need to know right here and now. You were drawn to view this reading for a reason. I’m using the Mythical Cats Tarot.

1st card is the Eight of Seas

This card is telling you that you might be feeling stressed.

You may have been feeling weighed down by something. It is time to move on. It’s something that is preventing you from moving forward in your life.

You can also feel like as if someone may have abandoned you. You may feel as if they have forgotten about you or you’re just unloved.

The more you think over this, the more power you give to these negative thoughts.

Don’t give these thoughts any power. Imagine you no longer have this “problem.”

Walk away from those terrible thoughts now. They’re dragging your beautiful energy down.

I know it’s easier said than done. But by thinking these things you actually affirm to the Universe that you want more of this to happen. Do you? I don’t think so. You know what you need to do.

The Law of Attraction works by your thoughts — they are seeds.

End the previous chapter and start a new one. You are not a victim.

It’s also important to give yourself some “white space” to reflect.

2nd card is the Hermit

The Hermit is all about taking a pause and going inward. Re-discovering your inner light so that you can bring that light to others. Be the lantern that lights the path.

The Hermit advises you to find a little alone time away from other people and connect with the higher power (God, source, Spirit, what every you want to call this divine power). By doing so you will have more strength, energy and vitality to accomplish anything that your heart desires. Spend some time alone in nature or in a park if possible.

3rd card is the Sun

The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the deck. The sun is the source of life in our galaxy and the light by which we can see. All of these cards together says that there is light at the end of the tunnel. All the struggles that we may have endured will come to an end. Life will be warmer, more open and happier. But it is still important to do the work. Letting go of wanting to change the past, going inward to find the light and the gratitude. By doing this you will be able to enjoy this period of “sunshine” even more. The Universe wants to support you and will but you need to take action and open yourself up to that support.

Releasing Blocks With Judgemental Capricorn Full Moon


*FULL MOON* in Capricorn

July 16th 2019 5:38pm EDT, 2:38 pm PDT Or click this link to find what time this is in your time zone

The effects the full moon in Capricorn and Lunar eclipse. July 16th 5:38pm EDT

This full moon can be a very powerful influence on shifting perceptions, restrictions and getting really clear on what you want to achieve for the next 6 months. Not all full moons are created equal. 

Each full moon brings up its share of triggered emotions. Capricorn tends to bring up our judgemental tendencies.

Oh no! A judgemental full moon? Capricorn is the sign of discipline, law and order and determination. It lays down the structure and identifies our status.

The full moon lunar eclipse effects all of the sun signs in slightly different ways. And of course right now, there a some retrogrades that influence things as well. But the focus on this post is on how the full moon in Capricorn will influence us — and how to make the best use of this energy.

The Judgemental Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn  moon can be judgmental. This means that a lot of repressed emotions that we were not aware of will come to the surface. We can choose to use this as an opportunity to let them go — or, we can resist and reinforce them. What do you choose?

How To Let Go of Suppressed Emotional Content

A quick note about releasing suppressed emotional content. This does NOT mean trying to get rid of the feelings or change them. It means allowing them to be. And this also does not mean getting involved in the stories around the feelings. It means refusing to buy in to the stories — and watching/feeling the energy as it flows through your being. The releasing will happen spontaneously as you simply observe the energy that is coming up without becoming identified with it — as best you can. This isn’t about being “perfect.” That’s a subtle trap of the mind coming back in.

A Lunar Eclipse Intensifies This Judgemental Capricorn Influence

With a lunar eclipse the energy is intensified. This means with Capricorn that judgement will be front and centre. How do we judge ourselves? How have others judged us? How do we judge others?  We can use these questions to really dig deeper to find the core limitations that we suppress — that are held in place by judgements. These limitations block our creativity and success. Success of course, is not just about fame and fortune. Success is about being aligned with your dharma (true calling).  Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) calls it being aligned with True North.

The energy of Capricorn moon can make us be very hard on ourselves and as a consequence of this, on others. We will also feel as though we need to control the situation. This is because we feel “out of control.” I have to admit, I’m a little hesitant on writing this as my own insecurities are coming up. Will my readers judge me for making it a bit witchy (I’m not witch per se:-)? Or will they accept this blog post? Will I lose them? This is an example of what it triggered in me. But I’m told by my Spirit guides to share the info with you in hopes that it will support you with whatever you may face during this Capricorn full moon influence.

3 Day Window

In order to take advantage of this Capricorn full moon and dissolve the blocks and restrictions that hold you back, you have a 3 day window. The full moon may be at its peak on the 16th, but it still has the energy and frequency 2 days after. Letting go and forgiving someone or just forgiving the past (even yourself) is crucial to manifesting greater levels of happiness and well being.

Good News! 7 Steps You Can Take To Manifest More of What You Want

The great thing about this transit is that once you’ve cleared some blocks, you have more energy to manifest. Here are some tips on getting in touch with your most personal and private self for manifesting during this full moon influence:

1. Find a time where you will not be disturbed. Your sacred space. 

2. Spiritually cleanse your space. Burn white dessert sage, Palo Santo, incense or diffuse your favourite essential oil.

3. Meditate. Take deep breathes and release any cares or worry of your day or week. Do this for 5 to  10 minutes.

4. Think of person, habit or pattern that you want to release. Write done everything that you don’t like about the person — what they did or a habit/patterns (including smoking and compulsive eating. In this case you would put yourself because this is about forgiving yourself). 

5. Set the intention that you are releasing all that no longer serves you. Then burn it (practice fire safety, make sure what ever you burn it in is fire proof) with the intentions of letting go and clearing all that no longer serves you. I like to burn white dessert sage with herbs (I like to make a real ritual).

Then I like to burry the ashes (beside a tree is my favourite spot). And know this, once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

6. After you’ve completed these steps practice self care – self love rituals like taking a salt bath, using your favourite body butters and essential oils ETC. 

7. Now you’re ready to set intentions of what you would like to manifest in your life. Remember we cannot change the will of another or make someone love and come back into your life. We can only make ourselves open, receptive and loving right now. This will attract whoever is in our highest good.

Most of us have many issues when it comes to getting close to another. Continue being open and trusting as you move forward. The right people will cross your path. Some will be short term and if you’re really fortunate and open to it, someone mutual will want to stick around! Trust what comes through, even if it’s not about manifesting. Maybe you just need to journal and reflect. This is all acceptable. Remember this full moon is about acceptance and letting go of judgments. 

If you need more clarity, the full moon is also the best time to get a reading. Book your session with me. 

Soulmate reading March 26 to April 2nd

Hello Gorgeous Souls

I just recorded a video our weekly soulmate reading for March 26th-April 2nd.

How it works is that the reading is intended for anyone who drawn to watch the video. It doesn’t matter if you are viewing this after the date that it was originally intended for.

Here’s the video

1st card. 2 of swords.

The two of swords say that you might be feeling like you are at a crossroads with a situation going on in your life.

2nd card. The Hermit

The Hermit tells us that we need to go within. The answers that we are seeking are inside.

3rd card. Ace of Pentacles

Planting the seeds of abundance. The Ace of Pentacles in one the most abundant cards in the Tarot.

4th card The Fool.

The fool is about making the choice to leap forward and take a chance. Don’t be afraid to take the chance. Be carefree not careless. You are no a mystical journey and the only holding you back is fear itself. Take charge and go for it!


Soulmate Twinflame Reading “What Do You Want To Create”?

Hello Beautiful Souls.

What do you want to create in your life? It’s something to think about and it came up in this week’s Youtube reading.

I just uploaded it for week March 19 to March 26th

It is meant for anyone that is visiting this blog post and viewing the video. Even if you’re viewing after the message is still intended for you because the Universe brought you here.

I’m using the Book Of Shadows Tarot Volume 2.

1st card:

Feelings of disappointment. Something that might be happening in your life that is not what you expected and feels like it is out of your control.

But it is only fear it self that is getting the best of you right now.

Everything happens for a reason, to bring out the best in you.

2nd card The Fool

The Fool tells you to be carefree and take the chance on life. Sometimes you got to take a risk in life in order to move forward.

Follow your intuition and clear reason about which risks are worth taking.

Also its about a major choice for you to make. That could not only effect your life but someone else’s also.

Listen to Dave’s song “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” it will inspire you with courage if there’s a chance that you know that you need to act upon.

To listen to it click here 

3rd card Three of Pentacles

This card tells us to get cracking on pursuing our creativity.

Creativity comes in many forms. Just how you fix your bed is creative.

Just start something, here is a short list of some ideas in case you thing that you’re not creative.

  • Re-ranging your space
  • cooking a meal
  • fixing your bed
  • hair and accessories
  • kniting
  • bead work
  • scrapbooking
  • journaling/happy planer (one my faves)
  • tell a story
  • planning your next tatoo
  • gardening
  • Vision board
  • Altar
  • sketching
  • diet and exercise.

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Tarot Reading For Soulmates

Here is a tarot reading for soulmates or it could resonate on any other topic in your life.

I’m using the Steampunk Tarot. It has such a lovely Victorian era.

1st card: Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is telling you that you need to put your burden down.

Maybe you have been feeling weighed down by something or just repeatable negative thought pattern.

It is time to let it go. It is preventing you from moving forward in your life and feeling joy.

It can also suggest that you feel like someone may have abandoned you. That someone forgotten about you or you’re unloved.

The more stress over this. The more power you give these negative thoughts.

Don’t believe those thoughts.

You need to walk away from those terrible thoughts now. They’re dragging your energy down.

I know it’s easier said than done. But by thinking these things you actually affirm to the Universe that you want more of this to happen.

The Law of attraction works by your thoughts alone.

You can attract positive things to you and the negative. This is why it is important to always work on yourself to spiral upwards. Do things that make you feel good about your self.

It’s important to give yourself white space.

Take a time out and take your self out on a date to nature (being out in nature is one of the best healing solutions you can do to raise your vibration and spiral upward).

Try it and trust the process that it is all of divine timing.

2nd card: Judgement

Judgement tells us that something that we thought was stagnant and is going to be awakened and revived.

An energy of renewal will be entering your life.

A major shift is indicated here.

But first you have to shake things up to make this happen. Like letting something go. As indicated in the 1st card of this reading.

Try doing some spring cleaning, like major purge, donate and let go of things that no longer serve you.

This can definitely get things moving in the love department. Visualize your making room for someone or that your getting ready to move in (with that person).

3rd card: Seven of Cups

The Seven of cups is telling you to watch out not to scatter yourself.  You need to ground yourself and not believe all those repetitive thoughts.

Lately so many people been telling me they’re addicted to watch/spy/stalk  their ex one social media profile (you can’t really stalk or spy on someone if its on the internet, it’s meant to be scene by you).

Hoping for a glimpse of that person will mention them or give them a sign of hope.

I totally understand the situation but the only thing thats going to happen is scattered energy and an illusion.  Don’t put your self through that.

It’s not healthy to do this because the energy actually pushes the loved one further. It’s important to get get a hold of yourself and get grounded.

Go outside and touch a tree, put your back against a tree or get a plant with large leaves and touch the leaves. This helps to ground the energy.

Also the 7 of cups tells us to plan ahead. That there are many choices for you but you need to choose one at a time, focus and time management is needed.

Here is  the Youtube tarot reading for soulmates

Multi Oracle Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls

I just filmed and updated a new Youtube multi oracle reading.

1st card is Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is an excellent card for attracting love into your life. We all need love to survive.

But what happens when a soulmate partner just seems so negative and just irritates and trigger angry emotions in you?

Instead of acting out, have compassion. Rhodochrosite is a stone of unconditional love. If you don’t have a piece of this beautiful stone in your healing tool box (that’s what I call it 🙂 no worries, looking at a photo of it will work.

Take a deep breath and stare into the photo and receive the loving healing energy.

Take into consideration that the other person is in pain and could be going through a challenging time. For me, when I tune into the rhodochrosite, the word compassion keeps flowing across my third eye.

Everyone we meet — especially our soulmate family — will always trigger an emotional response. Yes the union is BLISS. But they came into into our lives to heal something within us that needs healing.  They show us how much love we have inside us.

2nd card is Solar Plexus chakra


Solar Plexus chakra is about gaining your own power and not giving it away.

Take control over your life. Don’t allow someone or something to have power over you. You are the master of you.

An example is related to the first card above. If you get triggered and then get upset, you are giving your power away.

Solar plexus connects us to our intuition. It is our inner pendulum. Think about it…

Did you ever walk into a room and feel something in the pit of you stomach and find later that there was argument or some kind of negative episode?

Or when you meet someone who gives you a shiver and the butterflies. That is meeting your soulmate.

When you feel stressed the energy is stored your belly. It’s important to not react. Stay calm and in control. Breathe. Allow the energy to be. It will move it’s way through you automatically just like clouds move across the sky. If you resist, the feelings will “stick” and they will be harder to let go of.

Never try to force the outcome of a love situation. The more you try to speed up the union of a soulmate connection you actually push it away from you.

When manifesting, always do your best feel a sense of ALLOWING it to unfold. This is faith. And the more you practice, the more you build your faith.

Check out the Youtube reading

Soulmate Twinflame Energy

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I did a reading on soulmate and twin flame energy.

Valentine’s Day is known as the love day. Soulmate twin flame energy is all around us this time of year.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

It’s a time that we can tell or express our love to someone especially to ourselves.

Here are the card that I picked for the reading.

Scroll down to the Youtube reading video to see view the meanings.

1st card is

Awaiting Results

twin flame energy reading
Awaiting Results


2nd card is Taking the lead

twin flame energy reading
Take the lead

3rd card is Coming together

twin flame energy reading
Coming together

4th card is Forgiveness

twin flame energy reading


I know it can be tough for those of you at this time of year who are in a twin flame relationship. And I feel for you!

Tip: Read this post, but also watch the video. It doesn’t matter in which order. This will help with taking in all the information from the reading.

You may really miss your twin flame. Or be hoping for them to call. I get it. I’ve been there! The way the Universe works, though, is beyond our human minds ability to understand.

The Universe is Perfect Love. It wants you to find love. It wants you to thrive and be happy. The Universe does have your back. But when you “chase” your twin flame, you are actually affirming to the Universe that is what you want! So they become the “runner.”

This is what Jesus meant when he said “it is done to you as you believe.”

So if you want to be with the Love of your Life, do your best to let go of wanting to control the outcome. Sometimes the Universe knows a better way to bring you together.

Do your best to surrender and know that you are worthy of love. Let go out of love and trust. Not out of fear or because you think you should.

What we think all day long is what we have reflected back to us in our lives. Just know that your perfect Love is here in this world looking for you. And if it’s your twin flame you want, affirm that you want them. You can’t lie, after all.

They are the ones that your heart wants to be with. BUT after you pray and affirm that you want to be with them, add the following: “If it is in the Highest Good of all concerned.”

And keep working with the energy until you feel a shift. More calm. More open. More trusting that your needs will be met.

It’s very important when working with the Law of Attraction and using prayer to add that statement at the end. “If it is in the Highest Good of all concerned.”

After that, just let go and trust. Go about your day. Send kindness and love to people around you. Smile more if you can. Treat yourself to something. And let go of expectations. Just for now.

Know that your perfect Love is here now.

It’s just a matter of time in before it’s manifest in the physical world. Like any plant, you must add water and sunshine. That means to keep your prayers going and to replace any doubts or negative thoughts with positive affirmations such as “I am loveable” or “my Good comes to me now.”

You can do it! And if you need help, I’m here.

How to attract your soulmate



Love Reading For The Full Moon In Leo

Weekly Love Reading for the full moon

Hello Lovelies

Tonight is a full moon in Leo. It’s also called as the Snow moon with all the snow in February.

It’s a good to time to get rid of what no longer serves you. CLEAN HOUSE.  Make room for love in your life.

To be happy in love and to find love, you must first love your self.

If you don’t love your self, how do you expect anyone to love you? Or for you to really love them?

Remember — you deserve love. No matter what happened in the past, you deserve love.

February is a LOVE month. And we can get emotional. It rules the heart chakra. Which is the LOVE chakra.

Here are some of things to do during the full moon (you got the whole weekend) to get the love snow ball effect rolling.

First set your intentions. Then try one or more of these ideas. Choose the one(s) that resonate with you. Even one small step can get you going

in the right direction.

  1. Clean out clutter or organize a little (no need to do major cleaning unless you choose)
  2. Decorate your planner for the month or calendar
  3. Spend an extra 15 minutes in bed dreaming and write down your dreams.
  4. Give your self a facial (yes guys too)
  5. Plan out a feel good project for yourself and execute
  6. Start a journal
  7. Take yourself on a date
  8. Snuggle in bed with your favorite book
  9. Make a list of positive affirmations.
  10. Treat your self to some markers, pens, pencils and color in my adult coloring pages  Click here to download
  11. Love yourself unconditionally and know that you are LOVEABLE!

To learn more how to attract your soulmate Click here.

I recorded a video for this week.

I used the Mystic Dreamers Tarot

love reading psychic soulmate
The Moon

The 1st card is the Moon (and I didn’t make that happen intentionally)!

This is regarding your fears about love and doubting that you could ever be with someone or happy with that particular person. Right? Are you feeling it? It’s a card of intuition, which is telling you to put down your fear and let the love in. The more you doubt the more you attract fear and worry.

Have confidence that you can be happy. Being to work on it. Don’t believe the negative, fear based thoughts. They no longer serve you.

2nd card is the Four of Wands

love reading psychic soulmate
Four Of Wands

The Four of Wands is harmony in the home. It also relates to evaluating what you need to do to make your homelife peaceful. Love yourself and trust that you are beautiful.  This can also tell us that if we are in a twin flame web that the other person is thinking of you and that there is a telepathic connection happening here. Notice the full moon in the picture. Interesting considering there is a full moon tonight 🙂


3rd card is the Two Of Cups

love reading psychic soulmate
Two Of Cups

The two of cups is a partnership message. Two people that feel the same way. Mutual feelings. Union between two people. This can also be friendships or other relationships such as co workers. There’s more info in the video, but what I’ll leave you with is the saying “you really can’t understand someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

So do your best to realize everyone is doing their best and understand them. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to set boundaries, or stop dealing with toxic people if necessary. It just means to open up your heart and try to understand without judging.

Here is the video of the reading

Manifest Your Dreams

Hello Lovelies

Here is a reading I did on how to manifest your dreams.

I created a new video and oracle reading video just for you on manifestation.

Here’s my blog on the reading.

1st  card is Prince Of Spring

prince of spring

The Prince is telling us that there is an amazing burst of energy heading your way.

A feeling of loving life more. Thing are changing for the better.

This energy is going to pick up the pace of where you might have been feeling weighed down.  It’s important to remember to just go with the flow and not questioned why you are being lead to do something or go somewhere that is totally different in your world.

You will be entering a felling of more courage and confidence.  Another note of the prince of Spring is feeling aggressive. Perhaps towards someone who isn’t moving fast enough or opening up their heart.

It’s important to be patient. The energy is fiery and fast moving and you might want to use it for productive pursuits in getting someone to open up to you.

By putting this energy into you and not into the other person.

2nd card is St. Germain

st germain

Here we have St. Germain helping us and to know that it is safe to let go of our past hurts and karma.

You might have been feeling stagnant and at a standstill. Something or someone that was in your life has caused you disappointment and you might have not let the past go. It still lingers. I’m not saying that your past love is to return or not.

What I’m channeling from this card is that you need to let go of the hurt and regret. Everything has a way of working it self out. St.Germain is promising us this.

Create your future. Do something for yourself that your future self way KUDOS and THANK YOU!! By doing so you attract what you truly desire and you manifest your dreams!

Go within and don’t engage in gossip and dramas. Get out of your way to manifest your dreams. Release repeatable karmic patterns. It all starts with the intention. It’s not rocket science. Just a simple intention and thought seed. The rest will take care of itself.

3rd card is Dignity


Dignity is a card of service to others. Taking care of another or even just to yourself.

Doing random act of kindness is a great way to release and heal past karma with no expectations.  Help someone feel good and know that you care, this is one of the best ways you can do to release a past hurt. Try volunteering at a soup kitchen even a animal shelter.

Taking the time to listen more, getting off our phone and paying attention and not multitasking is self love (we all do it and this causes unnecessary stress on us).

It is so fulfilling to make someones day. Even just a simple smile and hello to someone that you see while your walking down the street.

Then when you feel clearer, write down your thoughts, dreams and goals. Create a vision board. Then make a list of all the things that you will need to get you closer to your to your goal. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect or work out in a straight line. Just get it out there.

I’m loving my Happy Planner and Leonie Dawson workbooks to do this. But you don’t need fancy paper. Just write it all down on a sticker note.

Get it out there into the Universe. Then the magic happens!

If you would like to know more on how to manifest your dreams and personal reading for 2017

Click here for phone/chat/text/Skype readings

Click here for Email readings


Oracle Card Reading October 5, 2016

Mary and I went to the wonderful Ravine again for today’s oracle card reading.

If you’ve seen any of our psychic reading videos, you’ll realize that many of them are done in this wonderful sactuary of nature — right in the midst of our busy city!

We love it there. The energy of the natural sights and sounds re charges us and helps us to stay aligned with our true nature.

We chose 2 cards for our oracle card reading today. When we choose cards, we ask for guidance from Angels and Divine Forces in order to give the best possible reading for you.

We also open our crown chakras and 3rd eye centres which allows us say the right words for you.

When watching these video oracle card readings, pay attention to any words or images that jump out at you.

Anything that resonates with you is a message. This applies at any time — even if you’re watching the video 3 years after it was published!

Of course, use your common sense too. If anything doesn’t make sense, then it probably doesn’t apply to you or your life situation.

Sometimes the meanings will be profound for you and create an instant shift in your perspective and way of looking at something in your life.

At other times the meanings will be lighter and just a small reminder or inspiration to keep doing what you’re doing.

Watching these videos and paying attention in the ways listed above will help you a great deal in developing your own intuition.


The first oracle card Mary chose was from the Crazy Sexy Love Notes deck by Kris Carr.

Oracle card reading October 5, 2016 Dance card

The card is called Dance and it’s essentially about letting go of heavy feelings and dancing. This could mean literally putting on some of your favourite music and dancing — or just feeling lighter with your day.

When we dance we have to follow the rhythm of the song. If you think about the word Universe, Uni -verse, it literally translates as One Song.

So Dance can mean being in tune with the rhythm of the Universe. Going with the flow.

The “official” meaning in the deck is all about actually dancing and sweating. The importance of esercise. This makes sense to us as Mary is a Zumba instructor and we dance and sweat several days a week!

More and more research keeps pouring in about how important regular exercise is. Not only for our physical bodies, but for our mental and emotional health as well. One of the main reasons is because exercise really helps to dissolve the stress that we accumulate in our bodies throughout the day.

Another meaning associated with this card is that you may even want to go out dancing with friends or perhaps find a class to attend.

Remember this reading is for you so whatever meaning resonates the most with you.

The second oracle card chosen was from the Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma.

Oracle card reading October 5, 2016 Nature

I really love the artwork in this deck! Really cool fantasy artwork.

In the video we were both guided to talk about how connecting with Nature is crucial for our well being.

Our physical selves ARE nature. Our brains and nervous systems need to experience the different

shapes, colours, smells and sounds that can only be experienced in natural settings.

Even if the best you can do is a park or a garden or plant, do your best to commune with nature whenever you can.

Those of us who live in the city are surrounded by square boxes, loud noises, straight lines, grey concrete, fluorescent lighting, wi fi, etc.

Not only that, but if you gaze into the eyes of a wild animal — such as a tiger or gorilla — you’ll sense a power there. It’s wild. It’s of the natural world.

We humans also have this power within us. But we’re mostly cut off from it because of being civilized. Of course, we need to be civilized — but we can still access this power by connecting with nature.

It reminds us of this power deep within us. This power is like having more energy at your disposal for love, creativity and health.

Connecting with nature reminds us of our abundance and beauty.

So find ways to connect with nature around you — and to find that natural intelligence that’s within you. Channel that extra power into creating a more beautiful life for you and the people around you.

We can be like an apple tree — creating an abundance of fruit for all.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed this oracle card reading and found it helpful.

Please share it with your friends or anyone who you think might benefit. Look us up on Facebook or Instagram and say hi!