An important message from your Spirit Guides

Hi everyone,

Here is an important message from your spirit guides!

If you feel drawn to it then it is meant for you.

That is how it works. I get messages all the time.

We all get messages from our spirit guides.

But we sometimes don’t pay attention to them — or we often think it’s just our imagination.

However, they talk to us all the time.

I’m using 2 different oracle decks for this reading.

The cards are just tools that I use to channel information. Like using a hammer to to put a nail in the wall. I so love Tarot and oracle cards. I collect them!

Ok, I’m going to stop chatting and leave you with our Youtube video reading.

Love and light 🙂

How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work? Part 1


How does the Law of Attraction really work?

Well, the fact that you’re at this page and reading it is the Law of Attraction in action.

The Law of Attraction is one of the biggest ideas that has really taken off into mainstream thought in recent years.

It used to belong to the realm of esoteric knowledge, but now everyone has heard about it. And that’s awesome!

After reading about it or hearing about it for the first time, people are understandably very excited about the possibilities for their lives.

But after a while, for many of us, confusion and frustration begin to creep in.

Why is this?

In my experience, it has to do with a number of things.

One of the main reasons is not feeling deserving or worthy of what it is that you want.

That’s why many teachers recommend going after something that is exciting enough to generate emotions (it has to be something you really do want) but not too big of a stretch.


The Runner And The Chaser Syndrome

The Runner and Chaser is an energy pattern usually spoken about in the area of love and relationships.

One person chases after the other — which actually pushes the other person away.

In other words, if you push and want to control the outcome, the Universe pushes back.

note: I’m using the word Universe here because it’s somewhat neutral and also in common use. You may prefer God, The Source, The Tao, The Self, The Force, it doesn’t matter. They are merely words pointing at the same ultimate incredible Reality.


But What About Those Big, Hairy Audacious Life Purposey Type Of Dreams?

You know the one. It could be with your career, or money. It could be being with your soulmate.

These types of things require skill. And spiritual growth. It’s about who you become through your attempts at manifesting these things just as much as it is about the things themselves.

Because for most of us (myself definitely included) these types of dreams can take years and many failed attempts.



But if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize there is no such thing as failure. There is only learning.

Yes. It can be painful. But only those parts of us that are not ultimately real can be hurt.

In today’s lingo, those parts of us are called the ego. It’s the conditioned parts of ourselves that play out in our minds — almost on auto pilot.

Failure can teach us what programmed beliefs are no longer working for us. It can teach us other approaches that we may not have considered.

It can teach us not to take ourselves so darned seriously all the time — and to humble ourselves a little before the mystery that is Life.


To Co-Create or Create?

Whatever works for you is the best way. For me, I prefer to think of it as Co Creating. It keeps me humble before the above mentioned Mystery.

Otherwise, I would’ve simply won the lottery by now! 😉 (That could very well happen for you, though. Anything truly is possible when you are completely free from needing the outcome to “complete you.”)

In my humble opinion, after working with these types of ideas almost 20 years now, co creating is a really important concept to keep in mind.

There are loving forces much larger than ourselves as well as our own Soul’s intentions that will override what our limited personal self (ego) may want.

I feel that this is built into the Universe in order to remind us who we are. That we are all connected and a local finite expression of an infinite Higher Power.

Divine Intelligence certainly knows much better than I do as far as what is in my highest good.

As an example, the ego is attracted to fame and fortune. The applause of the crowd. Earthly power and all that. The Soul wants to create simply for fun, enjoyment and to serve.

This does not mean that wonderful experiences or things can not come your way or be enjoyed. They can and they will.

As a matter of fact, they will probably come more readily the more you actually let go of wanting them in order to feel complete or happy.

It’s important to realize that suppressing desires is not the same thing. Letting go of wanting to control outcomes is a skill that gets better with practice.


The Highest Good

A word about highest good. That which is in your highest good is that which your true inner self wants.

Your true inner self is the part of you that is living presence. It’s in the formless spirit world and it is the light of awareness by which you experience and perceive your existence.

The highest good will always make you happy and provide you with an abundance of peace and satisfaction.

It often will be much better that something you could imagine for yourself.

It is you.

Read Part 2 of this series.


Valentines Day Tarot Reading

Hello Beautiful Hearts 🙂

Time for your Valentines Day Tarot Reading!

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and it’s Family Day Monday (Canada)

Happy Valentine’s Day & Family Day!

Here is a 3 card reading video that I just filmed for you.
It’s message is for anyone who views it.


Valentines Day Tarot Reading

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Crystal Healing

Hello beautiful ones 🙂

The Holiday Season is upon us! I hope you’re enjoying it and not getting too stressed with the details. Here is my latest video on how to de-stress and energize yourself through crystal healing.

You can do it yourself or ask a friend to help you.

The stones I used in the video for crystal healing are:

  • Red Jasper
  • Carnelian
  • Citrine
  • Malachite
  • Blue lace agate
  • Lapis
  • Amethyst
  • Clear quartz
Chakra stones
Crystal Healing

You can do this for yourself. Here’s my personal recipe:

  • I call upon a higher power to clear my space and for protection
  • I tidy up a little, negativity attaches it self to dust.
  • Cleanse my stones using either a singing bowl, tuning fork or Tibetan bells, water, etc.
  • Place a stone on each Chakra.

I explain in full detail in the video:

You are going to feel so relaxed and energized after this crystal therapy! If you don’t have all the stones, you can work with just a quartz crystal. You can purchase crystals at new age stores, and eBay.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.


Mary Rose


Should You Stay Or Go?

We all want love. We all need love. We all need to be loved for who we are. Not by presenting who we think others want us to be.

As a reader, the hardest thing is to tell someone is that a love is not going to work out. Especially when the person on the phone is already quite upset and doesn’t want to hear it.

The wise ones all speak the truth. Love is who and what we are at our core. It’s the stuff we’re made of.

If we look outside of ourselves for too long, we’re sure to get burned. Healthy love relationships are a give and take of this love that we already are.

Of course, in this world, nothing is perfect…


Red Flags And The Planet Earth


When it comes to the age old question of should you stay or go, preventative medicine is worth a pound of cures. Easier said than done, I know 🙂

Sometimes, we want love so badly we compromise what’s important to us. We overlook things. I call them “red flags.”

We can love someone all we want — but there are practical earthly considerations (at least while we’re here on earth!) to take into account.

For example, if it’s important to us (a “deal breaker”) to have lots of children, and the other person doesn’t want any kids — and we wait a year or two into the relationship to discuss this and find this out — well, that can lead to a lot of heartbreak and misunderstanding.

Better to find out these things in the beginning stages.

What if he or she is a flirt and it makes you uncomfortable? You may fool yourself into thinking you can change them with enough of your love. Nobody wants to be changed or “fixed.” And, for the record, that’s not the kind of love most people want.


Can A Leopard Change It’s Spots?

You know the answer to that. And yes, people can and do change for the better. That’s what working on ourselves is all about. But at the same time, our basic temperament doesn’t really change that much.

If he’s likes to drink, gamble and womanize when you meet him, that’s unlikely to change.

If he used to do those things a few years before you met, but made his own decision to change and got some support or therapy, that’s quite different.

My point is, be aware, alert and honest with yourself for any behaviour patterns at the beginning of your dating or relationship.

Granted, in the dating stage, some “game” playing is part of it —but your gut instincts will tell you.

Of course, compromise, tolerance and acceptance of our differences via unconditional love is the foundation for healthy relationships.

Another example. I don’t drink or smoke. Period. It’s simply what works for me. I live a spiritually and heart centered lifestyle, but in an urban environment. I couldn’t be with someone who drinks. Even if it’s only socially. It’s my dealbreaker.

In order to attract my ideal soulmate, I needed to 1) clean up my own act 2) tap into my manifestation powers 3) Let go of the outcome as best possible.

sidenote: We’re going on 10 years now. We’re 2 different people, but our common points and values are strong. I love her more now than in our honeymoon phase 🙂

Also be aware that it can take up to fully 2 years for the person’s true self to show up. In the beginning they will be wearing the masks we all wear in order for others to “like” us. That’s what the so called “honeymoon stage” is all about.


Take Home Lesson

Sometimes love isn’t enough. Our minds have an unconscious belief that if we just hold on and love that person, they’ll come to us. Or change for us. It’s kind of like a spell we think we can cast.

It usually backfires. Besides, wouldn’t you prefer someone to simply love you just because they want to? Not because of anything you had to manipulate or control?

Better to walk away, clean up our own act and focus on gratitude, tap into our powers of manifestation and be our best version of the ideal soulmate we want to attract. Trust.

If you’re reading this and you’re struggling right now, that’s where talking to a psychic/spiritual advisor like me or Mary Rose can help. Not only can you get some insight and clarity into your situation, but you can get some spiritual guidance and support to help you through any difficulties.

Letting go — even when we know it’s for our best interest — can sometimes be the most difficult challenge we face in life. But it can be done. You will come out the other side.

You need a fierce compassion with yourself. You’ll need some tools (meditation/prayer or emotional therapies (self help books are good too), exercise, good nutrition, etc.) It will be uncomfortable. But the sun will rise again after this dark night of the soul.

If you’ve found this article useful and think it would benefit others, please share it and/or leave a comment below.

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Angel Tarot Reading

Angel Tarot Reading for you!

This is my most recent Angel Tarot reading.

Due to the way in which the Law of Attraction works, this is specifically meant for anyone viewing this.

That’s you!


how I conduct my readings



1st card 3 of Earth:

3 of earth

Creative forces at work here. You’re being nudged to do something creative. Even if it is out of your comfort zone.

Stop procrastinating and start creating.


2nd card: King of Fire:

king of fire

Another creating action card. Focus and merge ahead!

Take a plan of action and start writing down your strategy. One layer at a time.

Don’t concern yourself with what other people will think of your work.


3rd card Queen of water:


Feeling very sensitive, perhaps a bit emotional. A lot of it has to do with pleasing everyone around you except your self.

You are an intuitive being. You are empathic and feeling everyones energy during the day/work etc. It is important that you leave it go.

Cut the cords of this clingy energy.

It can work like a cold virus. When one person is having a bad a day, they can spread the toxic energy around.

It is important to be aware of this.

And don’t take it personally 🙂


4th card: Seven of Earth:


Planting seeds 🙂 Waiting for your investments/work/finances to improve. They are! As we speak. Things are turning in a better direction.

Just be patient and trust. It is important to expect the positive to happen. When you think of what could go wrong then you actually attract that. So be positive and patient.


5th card: 4 of Air:

4 of air

This card tells you to chill out. Grab tea/java and read a book or just day dream. Rest.

It is important to take time in doing for your self. Rest and rejuvenate. Like recharging your phone 🙂

Check out my Angel Tarot reading video:

I always get these messages to do readings on Youtube. It’s for a reason — to share my gift and help you.

Please share the love and forward this to anyone you know who might benefit from this reading. Or leave a comment below. I appreciate them 🙂

Have a beautiful day.

Love and light,



What To Expect From A Psychic Reading

What can you expect from a psychic reading? What are the benefits?

When you first make the decision to research and call a psychic it’s probably because you’re feeling stressed out or unhappy about someone or something in your life circumstances.

You may even have your own psychic messages — but you want some confirmation.
Your main goal when you call is to end your confusion and get peace of mind.

This is important to remember. Why?

Most of us go in and out of various “trance states” all day long. We think we’re “present” but we’re really acting on auto pilot.

Some of the auto pilot patterns that take over were helpful in childhood (where they were formed — even in past lives) as a defense mechanism to a sometimes hostile environment.

But when they aren’t faced and dealt with as an adult, they become hardened. This can block the flow of love and creativity.

These are the same patterns that get many of us in trouble.


If This Autopilot Function Is So Harmful, Why Do We Have It?

It’s main purpose is for developing skills such as speaking, walking and even playing a musical instrument for example.

You wouldn’t want to have to think about every detail of these actions.

However, when it starts coming in to our emotional body, that’s where things can get tricky.


What Does This Have To Do With Getting A Psychic Reading?

Because even though we may start with the intention of finding out truth in order to heal, we sometimes automatically go into denial.

We only want to hear what we want to hear.

This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to be aware of.


What A Good Psychic Can And Cannot Do

Life is a paradox. In other words, our minds can never figure it out. As soon as we try to, that’s not it.

The answers are in our hearts which beats it’s pulse in the present moment.

When you’re confused about what direction to take in life, it’s like you’re walking on a super foggy road where you can’t see anything.

You’re turning in circles and bumping into things. It hurts!

A good psychic is like a flashlight. The flashlight only illuminates certain things. It can help you start moving forward.


Nothing Is Carved In Stone

In any given moment, infinite possibilities exist. You are co creating your life by the choices you make or do not make.

The Law of Attraction is definitely true — but it doesn’t mean we (meaning our limited ego selves that we think we are) can have whatever we want. It might not be in our highest good, for one thing.

By the same token, we can have, be or do whatever it is we want. But only if we’re relatively free of our conditioned egos and reactive patterns.

This is not easy! This is healing. It can take a few years to start to really heal and get back to a more authentic version of your self.

sidenote: In the east, this is known as “dharma.”

Life is challenging on purpose. That’s why we’re here. To develop as souls. To gain access to more strength, wisdom and unconditional love. To liberate ourselves.



Does this mean destiny doesn’t exist? Of course not! Some things in life are predestined according to the stars.

These are issues that we still need to work through — or gifts that have been earned through previous lessons in previous lifetimes.

Most of us have earned some merit.

On top of that, we have freewill — BUT only as much freewill as we are free of our crystallized patterns that make our egos.

So this brings us back to what we can expect from a psychic reading.


Psychic Readings and Expectations

Try to remain open minded to what the psychic is saying. Sometimes your Guides and Angels (your helpers in the spirit world which exists on higher frequencies of vibration) will want to get information to you. This will be communicated to the psychic.

Sometimes something you want to know is something your Guides and Angels do not want for you to know. Why?

Because you need to see it for yourself or learn something. Or you may need to let go of something before something else can shift.


Sometimes We Just Need To Be Patient…

Sometimes there are many other factors at play. Like let’s say you’re soulmate is being drawn into your experience.

It may require many things to happen.

They may need to break up with their current girlfriend, switch jobs and move to a different city in order to bump into you at a coffee shop that you’re at because of a sequence of events that needed to happen in your life.

As far as this example goes, if the energy has already been set into motion, the psychic will probably be able to pick up on it.


What To Expect From A Psychic Reading — And You Are Psychic!

Wait. What? Then why am I calling a psychic? You’re calling a psychic because they can help you see things and clarify things that you already know in your heart.

When you hear the truth you know it.

You have to be honest with yourself.

It’s easy to be in an aggressive mode where you simply want what you want. We’ve all been there. It’s almost like a holdover from when we were toddlers having a tantrum. Except now we’re adults doing the same thing.

So trust your vibes. Listen to the psychic with an open heart and mind, but listen to your own intuition at the same time. Sometimes this can be difficult or impossible to access — especially if you’re energetically blocked and still in a “trance state.”

Not all psychics are good. It takes a lot of skill to be a professional psychic.

We have to not only tune in quickly to the energy, but find the right words and tone to communicate what is in your highest good.

Sometimes we can sense that the client is in denial and doesn’t want to hear the truth. That gets tricky — because we don’t want to give false hope. But, we know the client’s not ready to hear the truth.

So we need to find ways to gently guide, lead and coach/heal the client to see the truth for themselves.

This is the main difference between a good psychic and a mediocre psychic.

It’s not in the ‘flash and pizzazz” of how they deliver their message — it’s that they are also a gifted healer who is spiritually connected and has worked on dissolving their own ego patterns to a certain point.

They know and can empathize with what you are going through. And they have to decide how to guide you toward the truth.

At the end of the day, we can show you what is possible right now. Perhaps you’re meant to leave a situation and move on. Perhaps nothing is going to happen for a while.

I know that as a professional psychic, I want you to win. I want you to be happy. I want you to be, do or have anything you want.

I do not wish to give you “bad” news. I love when things are working out how you want them to!

But the truth sets you free. It’s better to know and finally accept that something is over that to cling to a false hope.

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Reading On The Beach

Hello Friends!

It’s time again for my weekly tarot card reading. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be a weekly reading, It can be anytime. Perhaps you’re visiting my site randomly and landed here. It isn’t coincidence that you are here!

There is a reason!

I was at the beach today (I live only 10 minutes away). Had a picnic with Dave and all the flying creatures (I have a wasp phobia and seagull phobia, but I’m working on it, ha ha)!

I brought my new Tarot cards with me to give my viewers a quick Tarot reading. A reading on the beach 🙂


FYI: I will be away next week. I’m getting certified to teach Yoga! Yay!!!! So excited! I adore Yoga and can’t wait to take it. I’m really taking it for myself — although I will be teaching some classes also.  It’s actually called YogaFit which is a slightly different yoga.

The woman who created it is a long time Yoga teacher as well as a personal trainer. She developed YogaFit to meet the demands of people in this day and age. It’s a new style of yoga that is based on a flow and is a total body workout.

It is a great way to heal and bring energy to the body and mind.  I have been doing traditional Yoga for years. But now I will get detailed information and learn the fundamentals of the practice to assist me with my psychic work, healing, Reiki, Crystal and chakra balancing. And to continue living the enlightened path as best I can.

I will return to you next week. With all the details and maybe even film a YogaFit class for you. Who knows — I just might.


Your Tarot Reading Right Now

Here is your reading for you right now, this minute. And it is a reading on the Beach 🙂

If you found this helpful, why not share it with a friend or two?

Remember when you help one person, you are helping thousands. It works like a domino effect.

Do you need more info or clarification?  Or for this reading to be specifically tailored to your question? Click here..

Differences: Soulmates, Twinflames and Karmic souls

Soulmates twin flames

You often see the word Soulmates all over the internet.

That something new written about Twin flames or Soulmates.

There are tutorial websites, webinars, podcasts and even workshops. Dedicated to help find your Soulmate or Twinflame.

The problem with this is that you can not venture out seeking your who could be your Twinflame or Soulmate.


Most people that join these types of sites don’t completely understand what a true soulmate is. Until they have actually gone through it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common descriptions of soul connection each type.

There are many people who describe these soul connections differently. Makes it confusing.

I’m not claiming that know everything or have the most knowledge regarding Soul mates and Twinflames. I have over 25 years of reading, researched and working with others as well as my own personal Twin flame experience (I was the runner in my Twinflame Connection).

You must keep in mind that the truth is deep inside you.

Your spirit, your soul already understands and knows the answer to your main question – you need to be open with yourself to hear and listen for your answer.


Who is my Soul mate?

psychic soulmate reading

You heard this term so many times and miss-understood the Soul mate connection.

Soulmates are not always your true love, a charming soul just waiting to take you away from your problems and complete you.

Did you know that we have more than one Soulmate and is a high vibrational level to our spirit.

Family member can be your soulmate.

Someone whose’s soul purpose is to align us with our own soul.

To balance that contributes to our spiritual journey in life.

So many – how do we know if they will become life partners.

We are brought in this lifetime together for specific purposes, making a deep impact. Being a teacher and student to each other.

Soulmates do come and go out of our lives as your journey progresses.

Sometimes they’re with us for years, as a spouse then only to find out later that this was part of the soul plan.

Only purpose was to help us move on and later finding our Eternal soulmate.

Soulmates go through a healing process until they are at peace.

There’s always a reason why soulmates get together.

Many times they have spiritual work to do together.

Most common they were only meant to share parenting (we also can have a soulmate connection with our children).

Soulmates give the support for a higher spiritual growth together.


Karmic Soulmates

psychic soulmate reading

This type of Soulmates you will be drawn to in spite of the circumstances.

These individuals often show up as a relationship, family or close friends.

There is always something stressful about your connection and always seems to be some resistance, major drama or misunderstanding.

Most often people have mistaken this relationship for the false twinflame.

The problem with Karmatic Soul mates is that you can not break away from them until you have completed the life lessons.

In most cases, many years of living a toxic relationship, covert bulling and abuse. Only later to find out what the true meaning lesson was all about.

But for what ever the reason is. You always seem to have some type of unresolved issues and baggage from your past life.

Issues that are not understood and that need to be addressed and healed before you can live in peace.

When the spiritual debt to the Karmic Soul mate has been completed, you will find the relationship healing, breaking free to a new life and bliss, this explains the drama of many love relationship break ups, separations or divorces.


What is the Soul mate Group?

psychic soulmate reading

There is another type of soulmates that I you most often here is the the Soulmate group.

Soul groups compared to the soulmate.

This type of soulmates were actually connected for a very long time.

Many would call them the old souls.

There’re the soulmates that we have been working with for many different lifetimes to reach greater and higher spiritual growth.

That are meant to live before this lifetime.

They also share an intense connection with us and share on many areas of the same interest.

There is no romantic attachment (but it could happen).

These are the Soulmates that there is never a question of loyalty.

You could be separated for a very long time and then upon meeting up again, it is as if you were never apart.

This is a soulmate compatibility level that you work on together.

Soulmate group relationships are more compatible than soulmates.


What is a Twinsoul or Twinflame?

psychic soulmate reading

The Twin flame can feel like the most deep and intense energy of the Soul connection.

We all have one twinsoul (also called the Twinflame).

This is our soul’s other half – the soul energy that vibrates on the same vibrational level of ours.

This is our collective soul energy.

A Twin flame was one soul with you a eons ago.  Your souls were split.

There is no incomplete vibrational energy with the Twinflame connection.

When you first meet your Twinflame,  you feel complete, at home and no other feeling this world can duplicate it..

This connection is not always a romantic relationship, but it can be if they started from the beginning as lovers, it can never go to friendship.

It’s very intense.

It can take the form of the emotional energy.

Twinflame energy take on many different types of love, all at the same time.

This is a beautiful and special energy with twin flame energy.

Because the nature of the shared soul vibrational energy.

Always being on the exact same wavelength. Working in tandem towards a higher spiritual growth.

There is always a repeatable pattern of chaos and negativity. When twin flames connect, there is the runner and chaser syndrome.

Remember all the energy work that twin flames do together is intensified and amplified beyond that which you can do yourself.

To get a better understanding read more about is Click here

Soulful Morning Rituals

Good morning World 🙂

This is my first blog post and it’s Sunday morning. Yay!

Start off the day with meditation. I use my calcite sphere, selenite lamp and citrine.  I also enjoy sipping on my homemade kombucha with wheat grass. Then I send long distance healing using my Reiki box to those who are in need and touch my heart.

What are your morning wake up rituals?

I want to to know.

Soulful Morning Rituals