Soulmate Twinflame Reading “What Do You Want To Create”?

Hello Beautiful Souls.

What do you want to create in your life? It’s something to think about and it came up in this week’s Youtube reading.

I just uploaded it for week March 19 to March 26th

It is meant for anyone that is visiting this blog post and viewing the video. Even if you’re viewing after the message is still intended for you because the Universe brought you here.

I’m using the Book Of Shadows Tarot Volume 2.

1st card:

Feelings of disappointment. Something that might be happening in your life that is not what you expected and feels like it is out of your control.

But it is only fear it self that is getting the best of you right now.

Everything happens for a reason, to bring out the best in you.

2nd card The Fool

The Fool tells you to be carefree and take the chance on life. Sometimes you got to take a risk in life in order to move forward.

Follow your intuition and clear reason about which risks are worth taking.

Also its about a major choice for you to make. That could not only effect your life but someone else’s also.

Listen to Dave’s song “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” it will inspire you with courage if there’s a chance that you know that you need to act upon.

To listen to it click here 

3rd card Three of Pentacles

This card tells us to get cracking on pursuing our creativity.

Creativity comes in many forms. Just how you fix your bed is creative.

Just start something, here is a short list of some ideas in case you thing that you’re not creative.

  • Re-ranging your space
  • cooking a meal
  • fixing your bed
  • hair and accessories
  • kniting
  • bead work
  • scrapbooking
  • journaling/happy planer (one my faves)
  • tell a story
  • planning your next tatoo
  • gardening
  • Vision board
  • Altar
  • sketching
  • diet and exercise.

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Part 1 Goodbye Friday Class


Part 1 Friday Zumba class 

The Scoop: I’ve been teaching Zumba at fitness group for 10 years. Every Friday morning.

Sidenote: I intentionally refer the management’s names as number 1 and 2 for some anonymity.

Never a vacation — not one. Rain, sleet, snow or shine. Fevers. Detached retinas. Injuries. I only missed 2 or 3 classes (in 10 years) when it was physically impossible for me to teach the class. But I always found subs.

The management team (number 1 and 2) did not find the subs. I did. In other words, every single class was taken care on my end for 10 years.

I also provided amazing and professional sound system (lugging it to and from class every week), along with the authorized music that I paid for a with a monthly license.

I always thought about what I could do to make the class fun and interesting. I created new and challenging but fun choreography.

I’m was always learning and upgrading my skills not only in Zumba, but in fitness, nutrition and coaching. I also became a certified yoga teacher during this time.

Anybody who knows me can attest my spirit and heart.

I overdelivered.

I advertised the class. In the first couple of years,  I even went to the Eastminster neighbourhood a few times and posted flyers all around the side streets advertising the class. Dave and I stopped because we got too busy, and there’s also a bylaw about posting flyers. But we were trying.

I had the class advertised in my newsletter and on my (Google page one) Zumba website.

I’m also a powerhouse social media user and many people came to the class after FIRST hearing about it from me.

During this entire time I also ran my own successful Zumba business in our area of Toronto, the Beaches. And I always let people know about my Friday morning class.

I expanded so quickly (my Beaches Zumba business) in the beginning that I had to create new classes scheduled for morning and night.

I had no intention of starting Zumba as a business. I first got into it in order to lose weight and because I love to dance.

During the past couple of years due to over-saturation, many new gyms, and other factors beyond my control, my classes started decreasing in size. It got to the point where a couple of months ago, I had dropped all of my classes.

This was because there were often only 2 or 3 people in attendance and not even enough to pay the rent — let alone make a living. I was paying out of my own pocket quite often.

I shut it down. It wasn’t an easy decision for me (very difficult and heart wrenching in it’s own way), but I did it for practical reasons and the stress of running the business was getting too much.

I did keep my Zumba license as well as my insurance. I did NOT retire!!!

While having lunch with another instructor friend last week, my friend said “Are you leaving your Friday morning class?” I was like “what?!”

My friend showed me the advertisement on a Facebook group for Zumba instructors and subs in Toronto. The ad said the Eastminster group was looking for a new Zumba instructor.


Herein lies some irony. The Facebook group the ad was placed on had been created by me a few years ago. Yes, you read that correctly — the advertisement was on this same group!

So I emailed number 1 and asked her what was happening.

Number 1 didn’t even respond to me, but forwarded my email to number 2.

Number 2 who phoned me and seemed sincerely sorry that I had to find out this way, but still insisted me to LIE and tell everyone in the class that I was was “retiring” from Zumba. (Good cop/bad cop?)

I was in shock, so at first I was going along with this sinister proposal. Because that is what I thought would be best for the class — to adjust to a new instructor filling my shoes. Which are big shoes to fill!  Hey if they had any decency or consideration for my feelings, I would have left with a big party class send off.

But then it dawned on me as the shock began to slowly wear off. Eastminster mngmt. team’s plan was to have me come the following Friday and they were going to present this bizarre proposal to me.

Their plan was for Friday (Feb. 16) to be my last class. And at that time I was to tell the class that I was retiring from Zumba and moving on.


They didn’t plan on me being alerted about the ad on Facebook by one of my instructor friends.

(Nevermind it was on my own Facebook group!)

The whole thing is shenanigans. If management been straightforward and honest with me, we could’ve dealt with things in a much healthier way.

They say that numbers have dropped and that is the basis for their decision. Yes, they have dropped. However, when I started there 10 years ago, there were maybe 7 or 8 people coming out to the class.

Within one year it exploded to 30, 40 or even 50.

This past year the class averages 18-25 students each week. There are a few very slow classes but still 12 to 15 in attendance. There are also a few that have 30 or so.

Sidenote: If they really were realistically concerned with covering the overhead, I could accept that. But even if true, it doesn’t explain why they never discussed it with me respectfully and as adults. Perhaps we could have worked together to find a way to boost attendance. Or, perhaps I might have decided to agree to let the class go — BUT on friendly and mutually agreeable terms. In other words, tell the class the truth that the numbers were down, and I was stepping aside to see if a new instructor could somehow turn things around. I would have been happy to stick around until a replacement was found, and then told the class. I deserved to go out with a “parting gift” and with honour for everything I had contributed the past 10 years!

Sure, I was hurt that they wanted me to leave for no real reason (without even looking to create a solution together) , but I was even more devastated that they did it all covertly and behind my back. And then to insist that I lie to the class (this was not a choice for me) in order for number 1 and 2 to save face (many of whom come BECAUSE of me) was just the knife going in even deeper.

This is intuitive speculation, but I feel sometimes people simply create drama and sabotage themselves because they are bored and unconsciously want the excitement of drama and pain to feed on.

Dave and I always envisioned it ending as a mutual understanding with friendship still intact.

I want to thank everyone who we saw (at Eastminster church) Friday Feb 9th!!

Your hugs, heartfelt and thoughtful card and support really put a balm on our hearts.

It was painful to come and say goodbye, but I woke up that morning and said “I need to go say goodbye to the class in person. And speak my truth.”

It was also painful that the people (number 1 and 2) who created this toxic mess didn’t come forward to acknowledge their roles in it. They were sticking to a story that they didn’t know what was going on and were confused.

When Dave and I arrived to pick up our equipment outside the door, we saw a card. At first we thought “Oh! Maybe number 1 and 2 are apologizing for how they handled this. Ok. We’ll just say goodbye.”

But the card was from you guys (participants in our class). So beautiful and helping us to heal from this!

The heartfelt moment of seeing you the last Friday, saying good bye and the the embracing hugs we shared, got me and you all very emotional, I was choked up and it made it hard for me speak my truth to everyone.

Number 2 saw this, stepped in and started to try to shut me down, by condescendingly and arrogantly saying “ok, Mary, very good” and clapping her hands. That’s when Dave spoke up on my behalf. Good thing he has some natural skills when it comes to public speaking and also knows how to project his voice when appropriate.

Management were still in denial. They were telling everyone that they don’t know anything and what was happening.

My words of truth: I love you all, I’m not retiring from you but I’m walking away from the control and manipulation of this egomaniacal behaviour. Thank you for your support and the beautiful memories we shared. I cherish this class for ever. It was my first Zumba class! I basically grew up with you to be the instructor of who I am today.

To the management number 1 and 2 of Friday Fitness group, I am moving on from you telling me how to run my class and criticizing and nitpicking my teaching all these years — not to mention insisting for me to lie to my students as to why you let me go for no real reason. I am not putting up with anymore of your trying to control and manipulate me. It was not only your group. You don’t own either it, or me. While I appreciated the money, I certainly was never dependent upon it. Without the participants and myself, there would be no class. It was co-created by many people.  I did the class mostly out of love. I move forward and forgive you both.

Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Hello Lovelies

It’s been a while since my last blog post, I’ve been a busy bee this month with so many projects.

But I recorded and uploaded a Youtube video last week. About how to manifest your desires.

What do you to create?

More money?

Perfect relationship?

New car?

New job or your own business?

Better health?

As you may or many not know, we live in a Universe made out of super intelligent energy.

Our thoughts are energy, everything around you is energy.

Even your body which you assume is solid is made out of energy. We are like floating in space.

You can manifest anything your heart desires. Your thoughts create your reality.

That’s why it’s really important to keep your energy positive. Didn’t say it was easy but it can be if you are in the present moment.

Be mindful on the people you associate with. Even the people we  care about can sometimes be negative and dramatic that it becomes contagious and latches on us.

Not saying you have to end your relationship, instead change the subject to positive when ever they seem negative.

It’s also a good idea to restrict watching the news and violent TV shows/movies,

Another good way is to work on living a healthy lifestyle.

When you negative situations should arise it’s important to be aware not react and let go. Not sweeping it under the carpet but to keep merging ahead and keeping your eyes on the road.

Don’t let the distractions loose your focus on what you want manifest in your life.

In my video I will explain how to tap into the Manifestation muscle and a how you can manifest anything your heat desires.

Check it out:


One quick note: The best time to manifest your heart’s desire is during a new moon.

Which by the way, the next one Thursday May 25. It is a powerful new moon. You can set your intentions during three days of the new moon.

If you would like to learn more on attraction your soulmate,

I have a blog post all about that, click here

How To Attract Your Eternal soulmate

How To Attract Your Eternal Soulmate or Divine partner. 

I just wanted to let you know that I uploaded to youtube video.

It’s not a reading video. 

Its a video on using special crystal recipe how to attract your soulmate or divine partner. 

I used it many years ago and it worked!

I’m so excited to share it with you. So go grab a pen, paper and a beverage.

I’m about to give you a mini crystal lesson on how to attract your Soulmate Divine partner.

Here’s another article on how to attract your soulmate to you

Song About Soulmates

Hello Gorgeous Souls

I have had this blog post in a draft for a couple of months now- and today I finally felt it was time to finish it and publish it!

It’s a very interesting story I think you might enjoy 🙂 It’s song about soulmates.

May of last year I graduated Doreen Virtue’s Fairylogy course.

One of the missions was to search for fairies on film at dawn or dusk (it’s easier to see them on digital media – ever wonder what the orbs are in your photos?) and I did!
Fairies are nature spirits that are guardian angels to animals, flowers, plants and the earth.

They are very shy to show themselves, but they will appear if you believe in your heart.

I actually saw and got to record fairies on my film (after countless hours and days of looking :-).
I was so excited and I wanted to show it to my Fairylogy Facebook group peers.

So I uploaded it to Youtube. I thought,
“I need a cool song to go with the video.” But “wait!” I thought, I can’t just use any song,
I need copyright permission.
So I found a song my Dave wrote and recorded (he sang, played all the instruments) for me about 5 years ago.

It still needed to be professionally mastered, which is so expensive, great song but it sat in my iTunes library.
The name of it is “Butterfly.”

It’s all about the beautiful transition that happens when a soul finds their eternal soulmate and true love.
I thought it would be perfect to use it in the background for my video. The name “Butterfly” matches beautifully.

The sound didn’t upload very well.
Partly because it needed the final tweaks of professional mastering and also because when
I captured fairies in the video the music volume distorted for some mysterious unknown reason :-).

But I posted it anyways. Check it out:

Dave was a little uncomfortable with the way the song sounded in the video. He realized the song was a good one and he’d forgotten about it.

He wanted to have it professionally mastered. He knew he would one day.

The Universe has our backs when we get our blocks (fears, doubts, negative stuff from childhood, etc.) out of the way.

One of the things Fairy energy is known for is rewarding you with little gifts when you take care of the earth, like picking up trash off the side walk and roads ETC.

So this was my mission and Dave was helping me along.

In the video I filmed one of our excursions to help clean up the earth (I used to have a wasp phobia.

The only thing I asked of the fairies was that they please keep the wasps away! And they did 🙂

Check out the video:

2 weeks after I posted the video,
Dave got an email stating that he won $2,500 in studio and mastering as a prize for a song contest.

He’d forgotten he was entered!

Perfect Divine Timing to get Butterfly professionally mastered!

This song is made out of love and has a special loving healing energy when you listen to it.

Listen to the finished version of “Butterfly” and view the lyrics:


I created the artwork for it 🙂 Another interesting miracle happened.

I was drawing a blank on the sketch (how hard could it be to just a draw a butterfly?)

So I thought I’d pay my beautiful ravine forest for inspiration.

It was January -in Canada! – We were amazed to see a bunch of butterflies!

Check it out (I filmed it on my Instagram account):

Heres  the art work I created 🙂

Butterfly Cover

If you would like purchase and download Dave’s song (it’s only $1) click here

Click here to read Dave’s blog on Fairies.

Click here to read more about how the Butterfly song got created.

Tarot Reading For Soulmates

Here is a tarot reading for soulmates or it could resonate on any other topic in your life.

I’m using the Steampunk Tarot. It has such a lovely Victorian era.

1st card: Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is telling you that you need to put your burden down.

Maybe you have been feeling weighed down by something or just repeatable negative thought pattern.

It is time to let it go. It is preventing you from moving forward in your life and feeling joy.

It can also suggest that you feel like someone may have abandoned you. That someone forgotten about you or you’re unloved.

The more stress over this. The more power you give these negative thoughts.

Don’t believe those thoughts.

You need to walk away from those terrible thoughts now. They’re dragging your energy down.

I know it’s easier said than done. But by thinking these things you actually affirm to the Universe that you want more of this to happen.

The Law of attraction works by your thoughts alone.

You can attract positive things to you and the negative. This is why it is important to always work on yourself to spiral upwards. Do things that make you feel good about your self.

It’s important to give yourself white space.

Take a time out and take your self out on a date to nature (being out in nature is one of the best healing solutions you can do to raise your vibration and spiral upward).

Try it and trust the process that it is all of divine timing.

2nd card: Judgement

Judgement tells us that something that we thought was stagnant and is going to be awakened and revived.

An energy of renewal will be entering your life.

A major shift is indicated here.

But first you have to shake things up to make this happen. Like letting something go. As indicated in the 1st card of this reading.

Try doing some spring cleaning, like major purge, donate and let go of things that no longer serve you.

This can definitely get things moving in the love department. Visualize your making room for someone or that your getting ready to move in (with that person).

3rd card: Seven of Cups

The Seven of cups is telling you to watch out not to scatter yourself.  You need to ground yourself and not believe all those repetitive thoughts.

Lately so many people been telling me they’re addicted to watch/spy/stalk  their ex one social media profile (you can’t really stalk or spy on someone if its on the internet, it’s meant to be scene by you).

Hoping for a glimpse of that person will mention them or give them a sign of hope.

I totally understand the situation but the only thing thats going to happen is scattered energy and an illusion.  Don’t put your self through that.

It’s not healthy to do this because the energy actually pushes the loved one further. It’s important to get get a hold of yourself and get grounded.

Go outside and touch a tree, put your back against a tree or get a plant with large leaves and touch the leaves. This helps to ground the energy.

Also the 7 of cups tells us to plan ahead. That there are many choices for you but you need to choose one at a time, focus and time management is needed.

Here is  the Youtube tarot reading for soulmates

Multi Oracle Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls

I just filmed and updated a new Youtube multi oracle reading.

1st card is Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is an excellent card for attracting love into your life. We all need love to survive.

But what happens when a soulmate partner just seems so negative and just irritates and trigger angry emotions in you?

Instead of acting out, have compassion. Rhodochrosite is a stone of unconditional love. If you don’t have a piece of this beautiful stone in your healing tool box (that’s what I call it 🙂 no worries, looking at a photo of it will work.

Take a deep breath and stare into the photo and receive the loving healing energy.

Take into consideration that the other person is in pain and could be going through a challenging time. For me, when I tune into the rhodochrosite, the word compassion keeps flowing across my third eye.

Everyone we meet — especially our soulmate family — will always trigger an emotional response. Yes the union is BLISS. But they came into into our lives to heal something within us that needs healing.  They show us how much love we have inside us.

2nd card is Solar Plexus chakra


Solar Plexus chakra is about gaining your own power and not giving it away.

Take control over your life. Don’t allow someone or something to have power over you. You are the master of you.

An example is related to the first card above. If you get triggered and then get upset, you are giving your power away.

Solar plexus connects us to our intuition. It is our inner pendulum. Think about it…

Did you ever walk into a room and feel something in the pit of you stomach and find later that there was argument or some kind of negative episode?

Or when you meet someone who gives you a shiver and the butterflies. That is meeting your soulmate.

When you feel stressed the energy is stored your belly. It’s important to not react. Stay calm and in control. Breathe. Allow the energy to be. It will move it’s way through you automatically just like clouds move across the sky. If you resist, the feelings will “stick” and they will be harder to let go of.

Never try to force the outcome of a love situation. The more you try to speed up the union of a soulmate connection you actually push it away from you.

When manifesting, always do your best feel a sense of ALLOWING it to unfold. This is faith. And the more you practice, the more you build your faith.

Check out the Youtube reading

Soulmate Twinflame Energy

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I did a reading on soulmate and twin flame energy.

Valentine’s Day is known as the love day. Soulmate twin flame energy is all around us this time of year.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

It’s a time that we can tell or express our love to someone especially to ourselves.

Here are the card that I picked for the reading.

Scroll down to the Youtube reading video to see view the meanings.

1st card is

Awaiting Results

twin flame energy reading
Awaiting Results


2nd card is Taking the lead

twin flame energy reading
Take the lead

3rd card is Coming together

twin flame energy reading
Coming together

4th card is Forgiveness

twin flame energy reading


I know it can be tough for those of you at this time of year who are in a twin flame relationship. And I feel for you!

Tip: Read this post, but also watch the video. It doesn’t matter in which order. This will help with taking in all the information from the reading.

You may really miss your twin flame. Or be hoping for them to call. I get it. I’ve been there! The way the Universe works, though, is beyond our human minds ability to understand.

The Universe is Perfect Love. It wants you to find love. It wants you to thrive and be happy. The Universe does have your back. But when you “chase” your twin flame, you are actually affirming to the Universe that is what you want! So they become the “runner.”

This is what Jesus meant when he said “it is done to you as you believe.”

So if you want to be with the Love of your Life, do your best to let go of wanting to control the outcome. Sometimes the Universe knows a better way to bring you together.

Do your best to surrender and know that you are worthy of love. Let go out of love and trust. Not out of fear or because you think you should.

What we think all day long is what we have reflected back to us in our lives. Just know that your perfect Love is here in this world looking for you. And if it’s your twin flame you want, affirm that you want them. You can’t lie, after all.

They are the ones that your heart wants to be with. BUT after you pray and affirm that you want to be with them, add the following: “If it is in the Highest Good of all concerned.”

And keep working with the energy until you feel a shift. More calm. More open. More trusting that your needs will be met.

It’s very important when working with the Law of Attraction and using prayer to add that statement at the end. “If it is in the Highest Good of all concerned.”

After that, just let go and trust. Go about your day. Send kindness and love to people around you. Smile more if you can. Treat yourself to something. And let go of expectations. Just for now.

Know that your perfect Love is here now.

It’s just a matter of time in before it’s manifest in the physical world. Like any plant, you must add water and sunshine. That means to keep your prayers going and to replace any doubts or negative thoughts with positive affirmations such as “I am loveable” or “my Good comes to me now.”

You can do it! And if you need help, I’m here.

How to attract your soulmate



Love Reading For The Full Moon In Leo

Weekly Love Reading for the full moon

Hello Lovelies

Tonight is a full moon in Leo. It’s also called as the Snow moon with all the snow in February.

It’s a good to time to get rid of what no longer serves you. CLEAN HOUSE.  Make room for love in your life.

To be happy in love and to find love, you must first love your self.

If you don’t love your self, how do you expect anyone to love you? Or for you to really love them?

Remember — you deserve love. No matter what happened in the past, you deserve love.

February is a LOVE month. And we can get emotional. It rules the heart chakra. Which is the LOVE chakra.

Here are some of things to do during the full moon (you got the whole weekend) to get the love snow ball effect rolling.

First set your intentions. Then try one or more of these ideas. Choose the one(s) that resonate with you. Even one small step can get you going

in the right direction.

  1. Clean out clutter or organize a little (no need to do major cleaning unless you choose)
  2. Decorate your planner for the month or calendar
  3. Spend an extra 15 minutes in bed dreaming and write down your dreams.
  4. Give your self a facial (yes guys too)
  5. Plan out a feel good project for yourself and execute
  6. Start a journal
  7. Take yourself on a date
  8. Snuggle in bed with your favorite book
  9. Make a list of positive affirmations.
  10. Treat your self to some markers, pens, pencils and color in my adult coloring pages  Click here to download
  11. Love yourself unconditionally and know that you are LOVEABLE!

To learn more how to attract your soulmate Click here.

I recorded a video for this week.

I used the Mystic Dreamers Tarot

love reading psychic soulmate
The Moon

The 1st card is the Moon (and I didn’t make that happen intentionally)!

This is regarding your fears about love and doubting that you could ever be with someone or happy with that particular person. Right? Are you feeling it? It’s a card of intuition, which is telling you to put down your fear and let the love in. The more you doubt the more you attract fear and worry.

Have confidence that you can be happy. Being to work on it. Don’t believe the negative, fear based thoughts. They no longer serve you.

2nd card is the Four of Wands

love reading psychic soulmate
Four Of Wands

The Four of Wands is harmony in the home. It also relates to evaluating what you need to do to make your homelife peaceful. Love yourself and trust that you are beautiful.  This can also tell us that if we are in a twin flame web that the other person is thinking of you and that there is a telepathic connection happening here. Notice the full moon in the picture. Interesting considering there is a full moon tonight 🙂


3rd card is the Two Of Cups

love reading psychic soulmate
Two Of Cups

The two of cups is a partnership message. Two people that feel the same way. Mutual feelings. Union between two people. This can also be friendships or other relationships such as co workers. There’s more info in the video, but what I’ll leave you with is the saying “you really can’t understand someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

So do your best to realize everyone is doing their best and understand them. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to set boundaries, or stop dealing with toxic people if necessary. It just means to open up your heart and try to understand without judging.

Here is the video of the reading

Attract Your Soulmate On Valentine’s Day

Attract your soulmate on Valentine’s Day!

It’s just around the corner and this year it’s also a full moon. A day dedicated to soulmates and romance. According to Farmer’s Almanac, today’s full moon is called a Snow Moon.

What Does This Mean For You?

It’s an excellent opportunity to plant seeds of intention. Especially regarding Love. Valentine’s Day has been around for a while. Long enough to create an energy pattern in the collective mind of humans.

The full moon acts as an amplifier to the already strong Love energy. Ok. So now we’re going to talk about what you can do! But first…


What You DON’T Want To Do…

If you’re in a twin flame relationship or just single and wanting to be with someone special, the things you may want to do are exactly what you shouldn’t do. Not if you’re serious about results.

You may want to wallow in self pity and and loneliness. Understandablely so! We all need love. We are beings of Love!

But this is actually affirming to the Universal Law of Attraction that you are lonely. So what will you get? More loneliness!

These are only thoughts in your head. Habits. Habits CAN be changed. It takes a bit of work and grit, but it is totally possible.

Have you ever quit smoking or known someone who did? It may have seemed difficult but once they were determined to see themselves as a non smoker, they quit.

Same idea here. You can begin to create new ideas about yourself. Know that you are loveable. Know that you are beautiful. Know that you are deserving.


What You Need To Do

How did you feel inside when you thought about yourself as being beautiful and deserving? Did you accept it — or was there another voice inside saying “no you’re not!” ?

If that voice was there, relax. You didn’t do it “wrong.” It’s just showing you what’s been put in there in the past. It could’ve been in childhood or as a youth or even various past lives.

Don’t worry about when it was put there. Just realize that you put it there for a reason at the time, but it no longer serves you now.

Imaging you’re a cat watching a mouse hole. Watch your thoughts the same way. Alert but relaxed. Don’t be afraid if negative thoughts of doubt, fear etc. come. They’re only thoughts.

Relax. Breathe. Realize they’re only thoughts. As you watch them without flinching or resisting them, you’ll eventually be able to let them go.

Set yourself a challenge to do this as best you can. This is your number one practice. It helps greatly if you can feel your connection with a Higher Power of your own understanding.

Next we’re going to talk about some simple things you can do on Valentine’s Day…


Attract Your Soulmate On Valentine’s Day

Yes. You read that correctly. Be your own Valentine! There’s a huge difference between feeling lonely and being in solitude.

If you’re by yourself on Valentine’s Day you might as well make it a good day. Pamper yourself. Love yourself.

Look at all you’ve been through. You’re stronger and wiser than you give yourself credit for.

Take yourself out to get your nails or hair done. If you’re a guy, get a shave or pedicure. Make a date and take yourself to dinner. Add a movie in there if you’re so inclined.

Buy yourself flowers and write yourself a nice card.

You may think this is corny. If so, this is really important for you to actually do. Part of you may prefer to wallow in wondering what your twin flame is doing today or silently feeling like a victim. Like it’s not fair. I understand.

But we want you to end this pattern, remember? The pattern is not you. They are old thought patterns.

So please, for you own sake, do this stuff. It really works. You’re starting to affirm to yourself and the Universe that you are loveable. That you are happy. That you are worthwhile.

And people who have these feelings on the inside are very magnetic indeed!

Yes, it’s work. And perhaps it is a little corny. But it does work. How do I know? Because like you, I had a period in my life where I was alone.

And I had some of these thought patterns. Like I was special somehow and couldn’t find normal love like other people.

But I decided to roll up my sleeves and work on it. I’ll be honest. It took some time. Longer than I wanted. But it was well worth it. And I didn’t give up!

A few years later, I met my true and eternal soulmate, Mary! I actually wrote a song about how we found each other in this lifetime. It’s called “Hey Mary Hey.” You can listen to it below.

And if you feel overwhelmed with this, we are here for you to talk to. You can book readings over the phone or via email.

Blessings and Light.

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“Hey Mary Hey” music and lyrics

©2015 by Davidson Yeager

Once upon a time in my biography

Soulmates were like the lottery

Seemed like love had a secret key

Winning the jackpot was not for me

I wasn’t bitter and I still had hope

I saw some signs upon that foggy road

Somethin’ round the bend I couldn’t quite perceive

And Your face was veiled in my dreams

You smoke signalled me

Only my 3rd eye could see

You were waiting for me to come

and knock upon your door

You stood there shining like the morning sun

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

All those seasons on my own

I was only halfway grown

This love has made me realize

Soulmates travel through many lives

You flew in on your wings of gold

You prove positivity can never grow old yeah!

You are always shining like the morning sun!

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

You don’t even have to try

Let me rock you with a lullaby

Songs that only we can hear

Conquer all our earthly fears

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey => You don’t even have to try ‘cos I love you.

Thanks for reading this far 🙂 If you’re interested, you can purchase and download this song.