How Much Freewill Do You Have?

Whether or not humans have freewill has been debated by philosophers and academics for centuries.

However, I’m neither an academic or theoretician. I doubt you are, either. We want what works. We want practical results.

In tarot readings, we often describe freewill to clients as being 50/50. In other words, our choices and actions influence the events in our lives. But, there are also larger forces beyond our control which influence our lives.

This number is completely made up, of course! No one could ever figure out that one. Life is far too complex for the extremely small slice of the universe our minds and senses perceive to understand.

It’s a metaphor. In other words, it’s pointing out that we make choices based on our conditioning.

And, there are also larger forces around us both in this world and beyond.

Does This Mean We're Puppets On A String?

Of course not. That’s another projection of the mind. Since it’s not in complete control, the ego/mind projects an apathetic and negative viewpoint at the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s all or nothing.

Before we go any further, it’s necessary to challenge some assumptions. The first one is the root problem. Our ego. What is it exactly? And how can we be free of it’s problem making?

So...Just What Exactly Is Ego?

For our purposes here, The word ego means the mind based sense of self. Our sense of ourselves as a separate entity in a physical body. 

We identify with our name, our history and a certain “storyline” that we believe is unique to us.

And this is not a problem. In fact, it’s great! Everyone is different. Would you want to live in a world where everyone was a carbon copy? Of course not.

A metaphor for this is that the separate self is like a wave in the ocean.

But wait a minute. Are you actually separate from Life? Or does it just appear that way?

The Seer and the Seen

When we learn language as children, we learn to label the things we see in our environment. That’s daddy. That’s mommy. That’s a dog, etc.

Eventually, we even learn to label ourselves. I’m “Dave.” Prior to learning it, I didn’t know I was a Dave. 

So now whenever we see something — say a tree — and we label it, “tree” — it creates duality. There is now “me” as the one doing the labelling and the tree. 

This creates the mind based sense of self. It only strengthens as we grow into adulthood. And this is well and good as the Tarot teaches. But at a certain point, we need to go through further “inititiation.”

Ego view is “me” and “other.” Everyone — including your loved ones — can be a potential threat to “you.”

You might argue “well, sometimes it’s necessary to defend myself!” And you’d be right. But what I want to show is that in Truth, there’s really no-one there to defend — at least psychologically.

It’s all Life happening. 

But I also want to explain that this doesn’t stop you from taking care of yourself or asking for what you want. As a matter of fact, you are freed up even more to do so.

What About Taking Responsibility For Our Lives?

What about all the teachings urging us to take responsibility? They are absolutely correct. We must take responsibility. Who else is going to if we don’t take it for our own lives?

As I already said, we’re NOT puppets on a string. But neither do we have control over everything that happens. For example, can you control the weather? Have you ever tried to control other people? If there was an earthquake that caused some damage to your home, would it be your fault?

Of course the answer to all the above is “no.” What we do have control over is our response to what happens.

This we have absolute control over. But…

Does This Mean We're Robots?

Hardly! Some teachers (Gurdjieff comes to mind) describe humans as a robot like mind/body mechanism.

I happen to agree with this to a point. But I would re-frame it as follows: Yes, we are mind/body mechanisms. But ultimately we are That which is aware of our minds and bodies. We’re only “robots” to the extent that we cannot create new and creative responses to life. In other words, if we always get taken over by the same old reactions.

In a nutshell, as long as we aren’t present and aware to what is going on, we can only react with our programming.

So how do we get free?

Life demands that you respond to every event. This isn’t a moral issue — it’s a fact of life. - Rachel Pollack

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How Do We Get Free?

There are many paths to freedom. But regardless of the path that resonates with you (if you’re reading this I’m assuming you’re doing some kind of work), it ultimately comes down to one thing.

Are you aware of Awareness? 

Looking Within

Try this: Sit quietly for a few moments. Take a breath and exhale to relax your shoulders. Gently place your attention within. Notice the sounds around you and within your body. Notice your breath. Feel the sensations in your body. 

Now notice your thoughts. Who or what is watching your thoughts? 

Can you get a sense of the spacious awareness that though is appearing in or on? Thoughts come and go. But the awareness is still and unchanging.

This investigation can go much deeper. But I’ll leave it at that for now. Let’s get back to how this relates to our freewill and ability to create in life.

Freewill and Your Ability to Create

Let’s say you had a relationship in the past that ended badly. You were devastated at the time. But because you never processed all of the feelings that were coming up at that time, you repressed them.

This repressed energy led to your holding on to a story that “relationships are bad. I’ll get hurt.” Or something along that line.

Because of this program you’ve installed you have no choice but to take actions and decisions based upon it’s parameters.

Many egos take a story such as this and turn it into “I’m no good” or “I’m less than.” And of course, there are egos with the opposite story who sadly believe themselves to be superior in certain ways.

When we’ve worked to increase our sense of Awareness, we don’t have to react according to our past programming. That is what is meant by letting go of the past.

Note: Another description of Awareness is our felt sense of “I am.” Not the thought “I am.” The felt sense.

Now we have some space around that story about relationships. Now whenever that story comes up, we begin to recognize it as a story and not necessarily the gospel truth. We begin to challenge it.

The story begins to lose it’s foundations. If we persevere with our work, the story eventually dissolves altogether.

We are then free to create a new story. One in which we recognize the truth. We are lovable and loving beings. When we know that to be true in our hearts — not our heads as just a forced belief — we can then take new actions to create different results in our lives.

Davidson Yeager is Mary's loving husband and partner-in-crime. He is a spiritual teacher, tarot reader and musician. He is an expert in The Sedona Method -- a very powerful but simple to use process of letting go. Visit his website and find out more.

Further Reading

Attract Your Soulmate On Valentine’s Day

Attract your soulmate on Valentine’s Day!

It’s just around the corner and this year it’s also a full moon. A day dedicated to soulmates and romance. According to Farmer’s Almanac, today’s full moon is called a Snow Moon.

What Does This Mean For You?

It’s an excellent opportunity to plant seeds of intention. Especially regarding Love. Valentine’s Day has been around for a while. Long enough to create an energy pattern in the collective mind of humans.

The full moon acts as an amplifier to the already strong Love energy. Ok. So now we’re going to talk about what you can do! But first…


What You DON’T Want To Do…

If you’re in a twin flame relationship or just single and wanting to be with someone special, the things you may want to do are exactly what you shouldn’t do. Not if you’re serious about results.

You may want to wallow in self pity and and loneliness. Understandablely so! We all need love. We are beings of Love!

But this is actually affirming to the Universal Law of Attraction that you are lonely. So what will you get? More loneliness!

These are only thoughts in your head. Habits. Habits CAN be changed. It takes a bit of work and grit, but it is totally possible.

Have you ever quit smoking or known someone who did? It may have seemed difficult but once they were determined to see themselves as a non smoker, they quit.

Same idea here. You can begin to create new ideas about yourself. Know that you are loveable. Know that you are beautiful. Know that you are deserving.


What You Need To Do

How did you feel inside when you thought about yourself as being beautiful and deserving? Did you accept it — or was there another voice inside saying “no you’re not!” ?

If that voice was there, relax. You didn’t do it “wrong.” It’s just showing you what’s been put in there in the past. It could’ve been in childhood or as a youth or even various past lives.

Don’t worry about when it was put there. Just realize that you put it there for a reason at the time, but it no longer serves you now.

Imaging you’re a cat watching a mouse hole. Watch your thoughts the same way. Alert but relaxed. Don’t be afraid if negative thoughts of doubt, fear etc. come. They’re only thoughts.

Relax. Breathe. Realize they’re only thoughts. As you watch them without flinching or resisting them, you’ll eventually be able to let them go.

Set yourself a challenge to do this as best you can. This is your number one practice. It helps greatly if you can feel your connection with a Higher Power of your own understanding.

Next we’re going to talk about some simple things you can do on Valentine’s Day…


Attract Your Soulmate On Valentine’s Day

Yes. You read that correctly. Be your own Valentine! There’s a huge difference between feeling lonely and being in solitude.

If you’re by yourself on Valentine’s Day you might as well make it a good day. Pamper yourself. Love yourself.

Look at all you’ve been through. You’re stronger and wiser than you give yourself credit for.

Take yourself out to get your nails or hair done. If you’re a guy, get a shave or pedicure. Make a date and take yourself to dinner. Add a movie in there if you’re so inclined.

Buy yourself flowers and write yourself a nice card.

You may think this is corny. If so, this is really important for you to actually do. Part of you may prefer to wallow in wondering what your twin flame is doing today or silently feeling like a victim. Like it’s not fair. I understand.

But we want you to end this pattern, remember? The pattern is not you. They are old thought patterns.

So please, for you own sake, do this stuff. It really works. You’re starting to affirm to yourself and the Universe that you are loveable. That you are happy. That you are worthwhile.

And people who have these feelings on the inside are very magnetic indeed!

Yes, it’s work. And perhaps it is a little corny. But it does work. How do I know? Because like you, I had a period in my life where I was alone.

And I had some of these thought patterns. Like I was special somehow and couldn’t find normal love like other people.

But I decided to roll up my sleeves and work on it. I’ll be honest. It took some time. Longer than I wanted. But it was well worth it. And I didn’t give up!

A few years later, I met my true and eternal soulmate, Mary! I actually wrote a song about how we found each other in this lifetime. It’s called “Hey Mary Hey.” You can listen to it below.

And if you feel overwhelmed with this, we are here for you to talk to. You can book readings over the phone or via email.

Blessings and Light.

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“Hey Mary Hey” music and lyrics

©2015 by Davidson Yeager

Once upon a time in my biography

Soulmates were like the lottery

Seemed like love had a secret key

Winning the jackpot was not for me

I wasn’t bitter and I still had hope

I saw some signs upon that foggy road

Somethin’ round the bend I couldn’t quite perceive

And Your face was veiled in my dreams

You smoke signalled me

Only my 3rd eye could see

You were waiting for me to come

and knock upon your door

You stood there shining like the morning sun

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

All those seasons on my own

I was only halfway grown

This love has made me realize

Soulmates travel through many lives

You flew in on your wings of gold

You prove positivity can never grow old yeah!

You are always shining like the morning sun!

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

You don’t even have to try

Let me rock you with a lullaby

Songs that only we can hear

Conquer all our earthly fears

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey => You don’t even have to try ‘cos I love you.

Thanks for reading this far 🙂 If you’re interested, you can purchase and download this song.



Oracle Card Reading October 5, 2016

Mary and I went to the wonderful Ravine again for today’s oracle card reading.

If you’ve seen any of our psychic reading videos, you’ll realize that many of them are done in this wonderful sactuary of nature — right in the midst of our busy city!

We love it there. The energy of the natural sights and sounds re charges us and helps us to stay aligned with our true nature.

We chose 2 cards for our oracle card reading today. When we choose cards, we ask for guidance from Angels and Divine Forces in order to give the best possible reading for you.

We also open our crown chakras and 3rd eye centres which allows us say the right words for you.

When watching these video oracle card readings, pay attention to any words or images that jump out at you.

Anything that resonates with you is a message. This applies at any time — even if you’re watching the video 3 years after it was published!

Of course, use your common sense too. If anything doesn’t make sense, then it probably doesn’t apply to you or your life situation.

Sometimes the meanings will be profound for you and create an instant shift in your perspective and way of looking at something in your life.

At other times the meanings will be lighter and just a small reminder or inspiration to keep doing what you’re doing.

Watching these videos and paying attention in the ways listed above will help you a great deal in developing your own intuition.


The first oracle card Mary chose was from the Crazy Sexy Love Notes deck by Kris Carr.

Oracle card reading October 5, 2016 Dance card

The card is called Dance and it’s essentially about letting go of heavy feelings and dancing. This could mean literally putting on some of your favourite music and dancing — or just feeling lighter with your day.

When we dance we have to follow the rhythm of the song. If you think about the word Universe, Uni -verse, it literally translates as One Song.

So Dance can mean being in tune with the rhythm of the Universe. Going with the flow.

The “official” meaning in the deck is all about actually dancing and sweating. The importance of esercise. This makes sense to us as Mary is a Zumba instructor and we dance and sweat several days a week!

More and more research keeps pouring in about how important regular exercise is. Not only for our physical bodies, but for our mental and emotional health as well. One of the main reasons is because exercise really helps to dissolve the stress that we accumulate in our bodies throughout the day.

Another meaning associated with this card is that you may even want to go out dancing with friends or perhaps find a class to attend.

Remember this reading is for you so whatever meaning resonates the most with you.

The second oracle card chosen was from the Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma.

Oracle card reading October 5, 2016 Nature

I really love the artwork in this deck! Really cool fantasy artwork.

In the video we were both guided to talk about how connecting with Nature is crucial for our well being.

Our physical selves ARE nature. Our brains and nervous systems need to experience the different

shapes, colours, smells and sounds that can only be experienced in natural settings.

Even if the best you can do is a park or a garden or plant, do your best to commune with nature whenever you can.

Those of us who live in the city are surrounded by square boxes, loud noises, straight lines, grey concrete, fluorescent lighting, wi fi, etc.

Not only that, but if you gaze into the eyes of a wild animal — such as a tiger or gorilla — you’ll sense a power there. It’s wild. It’s of the natural world.

We humans also have this power within us. But we’re mostly cut off from it because of being civilized. Of course, we need to be civilized — but we can still access this power by connecting with nature.

It reminds us of this power deep within us. This power is like having more energy at your disposal for love, creativity and health.

Connecting with nature reminds us of our abundance and beauty.

So find ways to connect with nature around you — and to find that natural intelligence that’s within you. Channel that extra power into creating a more beautiful life for you and the people around you.

We can be like an apple tree — creating an abundance of fruit for all.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed this oracle card reading and found it helpful.

Please share it with your friends or anyone who you think might benefit. Look us up on Facebook or Instagram and say hi!


I Believe In Fairies

You read that correctly. I believe in Fairies.

I’ve recently been watching Mary get involved with studying about Fairies. “What?” you may say. “Fairies don’t exist!”

I felt a similar reaction. Although I didn’t dismiss the possibility that they existed, I already knew there were forces that exist in Nature. Intelligent forces. Elementals of Nature.

But I was a bit skeptical too. However, I love her and know that she’s incredibly wise and brilliant, so of course, I was happy for her new discovery.

It started with some of the oracle card decks and tarot decks we have. Some of the myths surrounding fairy lore were used to explain the meaning that the cards were pointing to.



Then, a well known author, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher, Doreen Virtue came out with a course on fairies called Fairyology.

Mary was excited to take the course and immediately started practicing some of the things that the course suggested.

One of the exercises was to connect with nature more and also to recycle and pick up trash. We were already aware of the importance of practicing recycling in our household —  so we kicked it up a notch and started to go to a local ravine where there is some natural forestation and a stream.


Picking Up Trash For The Fairies

It’s pretty clean already — but as it has a pathway where people walk there is some trash. Mary really wanted to go in and pick up trash. We did this several days in a row.

While there, we took some photos. And some of them definitely had some interesting faces in them! Of course, this doesn’t prove that fairies exist, but we could definitely feel a magical presence in the surroundings.



Jack the Green
Elemental Fairy


Me in nature
Doing Yoga in nature, downloading messages, receiving healing from a wise ancient tree and cleaning up mother earth.

Mary also built a little “Fairy Garden” in her office. Mostly stuff from the dollar store. A little fairy doorway, some miniature fairies, a gnome, etc.

Indoors Fairy Ring
Indoor Fairy Ring

One evening at dusk ( the best time, apparently) she was in there doing some stretching on the floor. Something told her to start filming with her phone. Check out what she got in the video below!!

We were delighted, but we weren’t so surprised. Both of us have been on this path for a quite some time now — we’ve seen many things that most people would label as miracles.


Some History

In the past, most cultures in the world were “indigenous” and lived close to nature. They lived in a completely different world than we do now.

They connected with the Nature Elementals in the water, the wind, the trees and fire, etc.

They worked with them in order to bring blessings and protection to the people. Some of you may know about this through the recent interest in shamanism.

Then “civilization” came along. Society and organized religion took form and things changed. Some cultures, like those of Tibet have still had some of these traditions surviving until recently.

Instead of drinking champagne at New Year’s, the villagers (who have no electricity or running water — but still appreciate their life) would go to the spring and thank the water elementals for the clean water.


Yeah, I Know… 2 plus 2 equals 4

Today’s society has been so dried out with rational thought. Rational thought has brought some wonderful developments to the table including science and technology, running water and electricity.

But it’s also made many people live a somewhat flat existence. Their senses have been dulled.

Many people need some kind of stimulation in the form of entertainment to feel more alive.

However, through connecting with nature, and being able to feel the magic of the elementals (fairies), you can begin to feel more alive right away.

You see the the colours as more vibrant, your senses become sharper, and you feel more love expanding in your heart.

It’s not the only way to wake up, of course. But I think it’s really cool. And I’m so grateful to Mary for showing me the fairies!

Oh yes. I forgot. She also occaisionally puts raw cacao nibs (raw chocolate) for them. The fairies apparently delight in the taste. Kind of like putting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus. He is, after all, an elemental.

Stay tuned for more posts about Mary’s exploration of the fairy realm. She’s also very experienced with using Her Fairy Tarot deck if you feel an intuitive counselling session would be helpful to you at this time 🙂

All Roads Lead Back To Now

All roads lead back to now.

The only “time” you ever have is Now. What about what happened 5 years ago? When it  happened it was now. When you remember it, you are thinking about it now.

If you are attracted to someone and you imagine your life would be complete if they would only enter into a committed relationship with you, you are imagining that future right now.


There is nothing wrong with having and enjoying things. Actually, it’s great.

And wanting things is what can get us into action. In some way we feel unfulfilled. This motivates us to take action in order to change our circumstances.

But even those actions, if and when we take them, are taken in the present moment.

And the more rooted in the present moment we are, the more effective our actions will be.

You can only ever be happy and content in the present moment. If you think you need to reach your goal before you can be happy, you will never be happy.

Even when you fulfill our desire your mind will start to find something else “wrong.” And you will not be present to enjoy your life.

Because your life only happens now.


Being rooted in the present moment is invoking the Law of Attraction at the highest level.

Many times we don’t get what we want, because the Universe is conspiring on our behalf. The Universe is protecting us from ourselves.

Do you think you know better than Divine Intelligence what will make you happy?

We are all making a fundamental mistake. What is that mistake?

We think that the narrating voice in our head that labels and judges every experience we have is who we are.

It’s not who we are. It’s only thought. Thinking. It’s the mind. An organ of the human physical body.

Yes, thinking can be very useful. It is the interface between creativity and the world.

And perhaps (if anthropologists are correct) it is the thing that helped us to evolve to where we are now.

But now thought has created too much insanity and destruction in our lives and in our world.

We need creativity and peace to save us. Thought is neither wise nor creative any more than a computer is wise or creative. It depends upon the intelligence that is operating the machine.

True intelligence is silent. It is there before we label with words.


Creativity is born in silence. In the space between thoughts and words.

Wisdom is born in the same place. As are joy and peace.

So how do you become free of believing that you are the thinker? The false conditioned self?

Most of us come to this deep realization through suffering. Suffering creates a deep longing for peace.

However, suffering is not absolutely necessary as more and more people on the planet are waking up to the truth of who they are.

But when we’ve suffered, we are made humble. We realize our way may not be the only way. Or even a good way.

We begin to open our hearts to the possibility that there is a Divine Intelligence running through all things in creation.

And that this Divine Intelligence knows what it is doing better than the “thinker” does.


The “thinker” can only operate from the past with repetitive patterns.

Like Einstein said, we cannnot solve problems at the same level that we created them from.

What is being said here is nothing new. Wise men and women throughout the ages have been saying these things using different words.

But now is the time that the entire human race needs to embrace these simple truths.

Enlightenment is not for “special” people or “freaks of nature” anymore.

At least if we are to survive as a species and evolve to a greater and fuller expression of who we are.

And who are we? We are that Divine Intelligence without which we would not be able to experience life.

We are aspects of Divine Intelligence. I’m not talking about the “thinker” or our personality or whether our body is male or female, x number of years old, etc.

I’m talking about that which is aware of being aware. It is formless. It is a deeper dimension of ourselves. It is silent. It is intelligence itself. Consciousness. Eternal and Timeless.

Without space, the planets in our galaxy could not exist. Likewise, without inner space, we could not be aware of our sense perceptions or our thoughts.

You are the spacious intelligence within which your thoughts and sense perceptions arise.

Without this space you would not even be able to perceive the words on this screen.

You don’t need to be “perfect.” Perfection is a concept. And all concepts are of the thinking mind.

You simply need to begin to be aware of being aware.

Find a gap between thoughts. Not by trying to make it happen. That is thought coming in the back way.

Simply observe your sense perceptions. The touch or colour of things. Look at something simple without labelling it.

Just for a few seconds.

As you begin to practice this, you’ll naturally notice more space opening up. More frequent and longer gaps between thoughts.


You can also begin a meditation practice. In the morning is best for most people, but whatever works for you. Evening is also good.

But don’t just leave it at the meditation practice. Also practice being aware of your thoughts and reactions when you are engaging with the world.

And again, don’t try to make it happen. Just observe your thoughts without judgement as best you can.

This is all you need right now. You are helping to save the world. And more good will be able to flow into your world because you will not be resisting Life as much as you used to.

You will begin to enjoy your life more instead of waiting for something in the future.

Life will begin to be more supportive to you as well.

This is Faith. This is Trust. All roads lead back to now.

Why Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working? Part 2


There is a lot of information about the Law of Attraction and how it works.

But another question could be “why is the Law of Attraction not working?”

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’ve done at least some work with the Law of Attraction.

And you’ve probably had mixed results — if any. Perhaps you’re not sure yet.

Theoretically it makes sense, but you haven’t seemed to harness it’s power to your advantage.

In my experience both with my own life and the lives of clients, there seems to be one consistent reason that blocks success with manifesting.

It’s not the only thing — and in future articles I’ll discuss other “energy flows” that become stuck or blocked — but it does seem to be universal with almost everyone.

Wanting To Control The Outcome

I find the easiest way for me to experience peace and abundance, and to keep the creativity in my life flowing, is to simply get out of the way.

This great creative force loves to create through us. As human beings, we are instruments of creation.

Whenever I try to focus on something I really want, I tend to chase or want to control the outcome.

I constantly need to remind myself through meditation and reflection to let go and trust. Have faith.

As long as I keep my energy in balance and maintain the best attitude I can, things work out really well.


Is It Our Personality Desire Or Our Soul’s Desire?

This is something I’ve really come to ponder. Many books I’ve read say much the same thing. To focus on that which we desire and then surrender the outcome.

However for me, this has led to trouble in the past.

I’ve held on to relationships that really weren’t working instead of seeing the red flags. I saw what I wanted to see.

I’ve held on to career decisions that in hindsight look incorrect.


Life Is Perfect

But here’s the amazing thing. Life is perfect! I had to go through those failures in order to get to some of the successes I’m now truly enjoying and so grateful for.

After many years of failure in and out of various relationships, dating, etc. I met my soulmate in a way that was very unexpected.

She’s an incredible woman and we have much in common. Including our deeply spiritual approaches to Life, our careers, fitness and nutrition and more.

We’re going on 10 years and I love her more deeply now than I did during our honeymoon. We’re best friends.

I always thought I wanted to succeed with my music. I worked as a musician for many years, but it’s like things just never quite took off.

Even when it looked as though it might, it just quite didn’t.

Coming to terms with that is something I’m still going through, as it’s only been a recent realization.

But now I realize that there are so many other gifts I have to share besides my singing, songwriting and guitar playing.

I love to write! I love to share and teach about spiritual and metaphysical topics. I love to meditate.

I love doing psychic and tarot card readings for people to help them when they are feeling stuck.

I still don’t know how it’s all going to unfold, but I know it will unfold in the way that’s best.


Allow The River Of Life To Carry You Where You’re Meant To Be

This is the way I now approach Life. As best I can. Wanting to control outcomes still rears it’s head.

It’s easy to recognize now though. Because it’s a painful contracting feeling.

The action under it’s direction feels forced as opposed effortless.

Don’t get me wrong, I still set intentions. But I’m getting better at relaxing into them rather than wanting to force them.

This is due to evolving spiritually. This is what it’s really all about. I have a deeper awareness that the “goal” I want to manifest is not my source of happiness.

This allows me to set the intention with more trust and relaxation. In other words, don’t try so hard!

Which brings me to my next point…


Surrender Does Not Mean Being Passive

Many assume that if they surrender they won’t get what they want. They need to go make things happen.

This is true when you receive inner guidance and gut feelings only. When you get a gut feeling or simply a good feeling to take a particular action, just take it!

If not, find something else to do — or not do — in the meantime.

This is called trust.


Faith Cannot Be Blind

Faith requires a serious heartfelt wanting to connect to a deeper purpose. You need to really know that you and Life are in fact one.

There is no separation.

Everything is part of the web of Life. Everything is connected. Everything is a reflection of the One Life that is the mystery behind all phenomena.

At your essence, you are that one life.

Faith can not be blind. It has to be realized. And going through attempting to manifest the life of your dreams is one of the best ways I can think of to grow in Faith.

All the spiritual lessons and skills you learn (unlearn?) you’ll have forever. They can never be taken away from you.

Once you become aligned with Faith, you can relax more. You know that things are working out in your favour.

You don’t feel the need to make things happen. You allow things to happen.

You’re more at ease. Peaceful. Less uptight and stressed.

Kinder to your family members. Less inclined to want to control their experience of life.

And things just seem to work out better. Abundance becomes a state of being.

It’s really pretty awesome!

If you haven’t yet experienced what I’m talking about, don’t give up! Keep going. Keep going for your goals and dreams.

Do your best to set time aside to meditate or reflect with whatever technique works for you.

Do your best to evaluate and re evaluate how things are going for you.

Look for the messages. Listen for the messages. Don’t ignore them. Correct course when you realize you need to.

Persist with your practice.

We are all getting better at playing the game of Life together.

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How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work? Part 1


How does the Law of Attraction really work?

Well, the fact that you’re at this page and reading it is the Law of Attraction in action.

The Law of Attraction is one of the biggest ideas that has really taken off into mainstream thought in recent years.

It used to belong to the realm of esoteric knowledge, but now everyone has heard about it. And that’s awesome!

After reading about it or hearing about it for the first time, people are understandably very excited about the possibilities for their lives.

But after a while, for many of us, confusion and frustration begin to creep in.

Why is this?

In my experience, it has to do with a number of things.

One of the main reasons is not feeling deserving or worthy of what it is that you want.

That’s why many teachers recommend going after something that is exciting enough to generate emotions (it has to be something you really do want) but not too big of a stretch.


The Runner And The Chaser Syndrome

The Runner and Chaser is an energy pattern usually spoken about in the area of love and relationships.

One person chases after the other — which actually pushes the other person away.

In other words, if you push and want to control the outcome, the Universe pushes back.

note: I’m using the word Universe here because it’s somewhat neutral and also in common use. You may prefer God, The Source, The Tao, The Self, The Force, it doesn’t matter. They are merely words pointing at the same ultimate incredible Reality.


But What About Those Big, Hairy Audacious Life Purposey Type Of Dreams?

You know the one. It could be with your career, or money. It could be being with your soulmate.

These types of things require skill. And spiritual growth. It’s about who you become through your attempts at manifesting these things just as much as it is about the things themselves.

Because for most of us (myself definitely included) these types of dreams can take years and many failed attempts.



But if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize there is no such thing as failure. There is only learning.

Yes. It can be painful. But only those parts of us that are not ultimately real can be hurt.

In today’s lingo, those parts of us are called the ego. It’s the conditioned parts of ourselves that play out in our minds — almost on auto pilot.

Failure can teach us what programmed beliefs are no longer working for us. It can teach us other approaches that we may not have considered.

It can teach us not to take ourselves so darned seriously all the time — and to humble ourselves a little before the mystery that is Life.


To Co-Create or Create?

Whatever works for you is the best way. For me, I prefer to think of it as Co Creating. It keeps me humble before the above mentioned Mystery.

Otherwise, I would’ve simply won the lottery by now! 😉 (That could very well happen for you, though. Anything truly is possible when you are completely free from needing the outcome to “complete you.”)

In my humble opinion, after working with these types of ideas almost 20 years now, co creating is a really important concept to keep in mind.

There are loving forces much larger than ourselves as well as our own Soul’s intentions that will override what our limited personal self (ego) may want.

I feel that this is built into the Universe in order to remind us who we are. That we are all connected and a local finite expression of an infinite Higher Power.

Divine Intelligence certainly knows much better than I do as far as what is in my highest good.

As an example, the ego is attracted to fame and fortune. The applause of the crowd. Earthly power and all that. The Soul wants to create simply for fun, enjoyment and to serve.

This does not mean that wonderful experiences or things can not come your way or be enjoyed. They can and they will.

As a matter of fact, they will probably come more readily the more you actually let go of wanting them in order to feel complete or happy.

It’s important to realize that suppressing desires is not the same thing. Letting go of wanting to control outcomes is a skill that gets better with practice.


The Highest Good

A word about highest good. That which is in your highest good is that which your true inner self wants.

Your true inner self is the part of you that is living presence. It’s in the formless spirit world and it is the light of awareness by which you experience and perceive your existence.

The highest good will always make you happy and provide you with an abundance of peace and satisfaction.

It often will be much better that something you could imagine for yourself.

It is you.

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Should You Stay Or Go?

We all want love. We all need love. We all need to be loved for who we are. Not by presenting who we think others want us to be.

As a reader, the hardest thing is to tell someone is that a love is not going to work out. Especially when the person on the phone is already quite upset and doesn’t want to hear it.

The wise ones all speak the truth. Love is who and what we are at our core. It’s the stuff we’re made of.

If we look outside of ourselves for too long, we’re sure to get burned. Healthy love relationships are a give and take of this love that we already are.

Of course, in this world, nothing is perfect…


Red Flags And The Planet Earth


When it comes to the age old question of should you stay or go, preventative medicine is worth a pound of cures. Easier said than done, I know 🙂

Sometimes, we want love so badly we compromise what’s important to us. We overlook things. I call them “red flags.”

We can love someone all we want — but there are practical earthly considerations (at least while we’re here on earth!) to take into account.

For example, if it’s important to us (a “deal breaker”) to have lots of children, and the other person doesn’t want any kids — and we wait a year or two into the relationship to discuss this and find this out — well, that can lead to a lot of heartbreak and misunderstanding.

Better to find out these things in the beginning stages.

What if he or she is a flirt and it makes you uncomfortable? You may fool yourself into thinking you can change them with enough of your love. Nobody wants to be changed or “fixed.” And, for the record, that’s not the kind of love most people want.


Can A Leopard Change It’s Spots?

You know the answer to that. And yes, people can and do change for the better. That’s what working on ourselves is all about. But at the same time, our basic temperament doesn’t really change that much.

If he’s likes to drink, gamble and womanize when you meet him, that’s unlikely to change.

If he used to do those things a few years before you met, but made his own decision to change and got some support or therapy, that’s quite different.

My point is, be aware, alert and honest with yourself for any behaviour patterns at the beginning of your dating or relationship.

Granted, in the dating stage, some “game” playing is part of it —but your gut instincts will tell you.

Of course, compromise, tolerance and acceptance of our differences via unconditional love is the foundation for healthy relationships.

Another example. I don’t drink or smoke. Period. It’s simply what works for me. I live a spiritually and heart centered lifestyle, but in an urban environment. I couldn’t be with someone who drinks. Even if it’s only socially. It’s my dealbreaker.

In order to attract my ideal soulmate, I needed to 1) clean up my own act 2) tap into my manifestation powers 3) Let go of the outcome as best possible.

sidenote: We’re going on 10 years now. We’re 2 different people, but our common points and values are strong. I love her more now than in our honeymoon phase 🙂

Also be aware that it can take up to fully 2 years for the person’s true self to show up. In the beginning they will be wearing the masks we all wear in order for others to “like” us. That’s what the so called “honeymoon stage” is all about.


Take Home Lesson

Sometimes love isn’t enough. Our minds have an unconscious belief that if we just hold on and love that person, they’ll come to us. Or change for us. It’s kind of like a spell we think we can cast.

It usually backfires. Besides, wouldn’t you prefer someone to simply love you just because they want to? Not because of anything you had to manipulate or control?

Better to walk away, clean up our own act and focus on gratitude, tap into our powers of manifestation and be our best version of the ideal soulmate we want to attract. Trust.

If you’re reading this and you’re struggling right now, that’s where talking to a psychic/spiritual advisor like me or Mary Rose can help. Not only can you get some insight and clarity into your situation, but you can get some spiritual guidance and support to help you through any difficulties.

Letting go — even when we know it’s for our best interest — can sometimes be the most difficult challenge we face in life. But it can be done. You will come out the other side.

You need a fierce compassion with yourself. You’ll need some tools (meditation/prayer or emotional therapies (self help books are good too), exercise, good nutrition, etc.) It will be uncomfortable. But the sun will rise again after this dark night of the soul.

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What To Expect From A Psychic Reading

What can you expect from a psychic reading? What are the benefits?

When you first make the decision to research and call a psychic it’s probably because you’re feeling stressed out or unhappy about someone or something in your life circumstances.

You may even have your own psychic messages — but you want some confirmation.
Your main goal when you call is to end your confusion and get peace of mind.

This is important to remember. Why?

Most of us go in and out of various “trance states” all day long. We think we’re “present” but we’re really acting on auto pilot.

Some of the auto pilot patterns that take over were helpful in childhood (where they were formed — even in past lives) as a defense mechanism to a sometimes hostile environment.

But when they aren’t faced and dealt with as an adult, they become hardened. This can block the flow of love and creativity.

These are the same patterns that get many of us in trouble.


If This Autopilot Function Is So Harmful, Why Do We Have It?

It’s main purpose is for developing skills such as speaking, walking and even playing a musical instrument for example.

You wouldn’t want to have to think about every detail of these actions.

However, when it starts coming in to our emotional body, that’s where things can get tricky.


What Does This Have To Do With Getting A Psychic Reading?

Because even though we may start with the intention of finding out truth in order to heal, we sometimes automatically go into denial.

We only want to hear what we want to hear.

This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to be aware of.


What A Good Psychic Can And Cannot Do

Life is a paradox. In other words, our minds can never figure it out. As soon as we try to, that’s not it.

The answers are in our hearts which beats it’s pulse in the present moment.

When you’re confused about what direction to take in life, it’s like you’re walking on a super foggy road where you can’t see anything.

You’re turning in circles and bumping into things. It hurts!

A good psychic is like a flashlight. The flashlight only illuminates certain things. It can help you start moving forward.


Nothing Is Carved In Stone

In any given moment, infinite possibilities exist. You are co creating your life by the choices you make or do not make.

The Law of Attraction is definitely true — but it doesn’t mean we (meaning our limited ego selves that we think we are) can have whatever we want. It might not be in our highest good, for one thing.

By the same token, we can have, be or do whatever it is we want. But only if we’re relatively free of our conditioned egos and reactive patterns.

This is not easy! This is healing. It can take a few years to start to really heal and get back to a more authentic version of your self.

sidenote: In the east, this is known as “dharma.”

Life is challenging on purpose. That’s why we’re here. To develop as souls. To gain access to more strength, wisdom and unconditional love. To liberate ourselves.



Does this mean destiny doesn’t exist? Of course not! Some things in life are predestined according to the stars.

These are issues that we still need to work through — or gifts that have been earned through previous lessons in previous lifetimes.

Most of us have earned some merit.

On top of that, we have freewill — BUT only as much freewill as we are free of our crystallized patterns that make our egos.

So this brings us back to what we can expect from a psychic reading.


Psychic Readings and Expectations

Try to remain open minded to what the psychic is saying. Sometimes your Guides and Angels (your helpers in the spirit world which exists on higher frequencies of vibration) will want to get information to you. This will be communicated to the psychic.

Sometimes something you want to know is something your Guides and Angels do not want for you to know. Why?

Because you need to see it for yourself or learn something. Or you may need to let go of something before something else can shift.


Sometimes We Just Need To Be Patient…

Sometimes there are many other factors at play. Like let’s say you’re soulmate is being drawn into your experience.

It may require many things to happen.

They may need to break up with their current girlfriend, switch jobs and move to a different city in order to bump into you at a coffee shop that you’re at because of a sequence of events that needed to happen in your life.

As far as this example goes, if the energy has already been set into motion, the psychic will probably be able to pick up on it.


What To Expect From A Psychic Reading — And You Are Psychic!

Wait. What? Then why am I calling a psychic? You’re calling a psychic because they can help you see things and clarify things that you already know in your heart.

When you hear the truth you know it.

You have to be honest with yourself.

It’s easy to be in an aggressive mode where you simply want what you want. We’ve all been there. It’s almost like a holdover from when we were toddlers having a tantrum. Except now we’re adults doing the same thing.

So trust your vibes. Listen to the psychic with an open heart and mind, but listen to your own intuition at the same time. Sometimes this can be difficult or impossible to access — especially if you’re energetically blocked and still in a “trance state.”

Not all psychics are good. It takes a lot of skill to be a professional psychic.

We have to not only tune in quickly to the energy, but find the right words and tone to communicate what is in your highest good.

Sometimes we can sense that the client is in denial and doesn’t want to hear the truth. That gets tricky — because we don’t want to give false hope. But, we know the client’s not ready to hear the truth.

So we need to find ways to gently guide, lead and coach/heal the client to see the truth for themselves.

This is the main difference between a good psychic and a mediocre psychic.

It’s not in the ‘flash and pizzazz” of how they deliver their message — it’s that they are also a gifted healer who is spiritually connected and has worked on dissolving their own ego patterns to a certain point.

They know and can empathize with what you are going through. And they have to decide how to guide you toward the truth.

At the end of the day, we can show you what is possible right now. Perhaps you’re meant to leave a situation and move on. Perhaps nothing is going to happen for a while.

I know that as a professional psychic, I want you to win. I want you to be happy. I want you to be, do or have anything you want.

I do not wish to give you “bad” news. I love when things are working out how you want them to!

But the truth sets you free. It’s better to know and finally accept that something is over that to cling to a false hope.

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