Attract Your Soulmate On Valentine’s Day

Attract your soulmate on Valentine’s Day!

It’s just around the corner and this year it’s also a full moon. A day dedicated to soulmates and romance. According to Farmer’s Almanac, today’s full moon is called a Snow Moon.

What Does This Mean For You?

It’s an excellent opportunity to plant seeds of intention. Especially regarding Love. Valentine’s Day has been around for a while. Long enough to create an energy pattern in the collective mind of humans.

The full moon acts as an amplifier to the already strong Love energy. Ok. So now we’re going to talk about what you can do! But first…


What You DON’T Want To Do…

If you’re in a twin flame relationship or just single and wanting to be with someone special, the things you may want to do are exactly what you shouldn’t do. Not if you’re serious about results.

You may want to wallow in self pity and and loneliness. Understandablely so! We all need love. We are beings of Love!

But this is actually affirming to the Universal Law of Attraction that you are lonely. So what will you get? More loneliness!

These are only thoughts in your head. Habits. Habits CAN be changed. It takes a bit of work and grit, but it is totally possible.

Have you ever quit smoking or known someone who did? It may have seemed difficult but once they were determined to see themselves as a non smoker, they quit.

Same idea here. You can begin to create new ideas about yourself. Know that you are loveable. Know that you are beautiful. Know that you are deserving.


What You Need To Do

How did you feel inside when you thought about yourself as being beautiful and deserving? Did you accept it — or was there another voice inside saying “no you’re not!” ?

If that voice was there, relax. You didn’t do it “wrong.” It’s just showing you what’s been put in there in the past. It could’ve been in childhood or as a youth or even various past lives.

Don’t worry about when it was put there. Just realize that you put it there for a reason at the time, but it no longer serves you now.

Imaging you’re a cat watching a mouse hole. Watch your thoughts the same way. Alert but relaxed. Don’t be afraid if negative thoughts of doubt, fear etc. come. They’re only thoughts.

Relax. Breathe. Realize they’re only thoughts. As you watch them without flinching or resisting them, you’ll eventually be able to let them go.

Set yourself a challenge to do this as best you can. This is your number one practice. It helps greatly if you can feel your connection with a Higher Power of your own understanding.

Next we’re going to talk about some simple things you can do on Valentine’s Day…


Attract Your Soulmate On Valentine’s Day

Yes. You read that correctly. Be your own Valentine! There’s a huge difference between feeling lonely and being in solitude.

If you’re by yourself on Valentine’s Day you might as well make it a good day. Pamper yourself. Love yourself.

Look at all you’ve been through. You’re stronger and wiser than you give yourself credit for.

Take yourself out to get your nails or hair done. If you’re a guy, get a shave or pedicure. Make a date and take yourself to dinner. Add a movie in there if you’re so inclined.

Buy yourself flowers and write yourself a nice card.

You may think this is corny. If so, this is really important for you to actually do. Part of you may prefer to wallow in wondering what your twin flame is doing today or silently feeling like a victim. Like it’s not fair. I understand.

But we want you to end this pattern, remember? The pattern is not you. They are old thought patterns.

So please, for you own sake, do this stuff. It really works. You’re starting to affirm to yourself and the Universe that you are loveable. That you are happy. That you are worthwhile.

And people who have these feelings on the inside are very magnetic indeed!

Yes, it’s work. And perhaps it is a little corny. But it does work. How do I know? Because like you, I had a period in my life where I was alone.

And I had some of these thought patterns. Like I was special somehow and couldn’t find normal love like other people.

But I decided to roll up my sleeves and work on it. I’ll be honest. It took some time. Longer than I wanted. But it was well worth it. And I didn’t give up!

A few years later, I met my true and eternal soulmate, Mary! I actually wrote a song about how we found each other in this lifetime. It’s called “Hey Mary Hey.” You can listen to it below.

And if you feel overwhelmed with this, we are here for you to talk to. You can book readings over the phone or via email.

Blessings and Light.

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“Hey Mary Hey” music and lyrics

©2015 by Davidson Yeager

Once upon a time in my biography

Soulmates were like the lottery

Seemed like love had a secret key

Winning the jackpot was not for me

I wasn’t bitter and I still had hope

I saw some signs upon that foggy road

Somethin’ round the bend I couldn’t quite perceive

And Your face was veiled in my dreams

You smoke signalled me

Only my 3rd eye could see

You were waiting for me to come

and knock upon your door

You stood there shining like the morning sun

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

All those seasons on my own

I was only halfway grown

This love has made me realize

Soulmates travel through many lives

You flew in on your wings of gold

You prove positivity can never grow old yeah!

You are always shining like the morning sun!

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

You don’t even have to try

Let me rock you with a lullaby

Songs that only we can hear

Conquer all our earthly fears

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey => You don’t even have to try ‘cos I love you.

Thanks for reading this far 🙂 If you’re interested, you can purchase and download this song.



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