Angel Card Reading week July 27th to August 3rd

Hello Beautiful souls

Today I after my morning meditation. I downloaded a message to video an angel card reading for you.

This Angel card reading week July 27th to August 3rd

But it can also be for anytime after the date if you just happen to be reading this.

Check out my video:

Card no.1

Ten of Fire:

This card represents stress, feeling over burdened and over worked. Too many activities going at once or too much multi tasking.

It might be good to focus on an area that needs your attention instead of trying to do it all at once. Pace yourself. Ask yourself why are you racing to get it all done all at one time. Also look at your behavior pattern.

Sometimes we can put so much work on our self that we may actually be trying to control things too much. Take a little bit of time for yourself. Self care is the answer. Loosen your grip a little 🙂

Card no. 2



This is an awesome card! It tells us that we need to surrender and let go of the past. And change is in our life right now.

It’s human nature to resist change. We all like to stay within our comfort zone.

This card Release can pointing to many things in your life. Here are a few examples:

  1. Dwelling on the past.
  2. Health-diet and exercise. Not doing.
  3. Being in a job that you don’t like.
  4. Staying in a stagnant relationship (sometimes you need to schedule date nights to shift things)
  5. Smoking.
  6. Procrastination on something you know that could be so good for you.

Those are just a few things that came to mind but you know what you need to do — or maybe there is a change already happening in your life. This is called new beginnings 🙂


Card no. 3


The Empress:

The Empress is telling us that we are nurturing our desires and giving birth to our dreams. They are growing. But only when we put our burdens down and release that we can see the fruits of our labor. It’s about being in the moment.

Staying present and trusting that everything is working exactly as it should be. There are no mistakes. Get out of your mind, stop trying to control someone or a situation (it’s human nature to do this so don’t be hard on your self). Everything will flourish and blossom beautifully if we just surrender our burden to a higher power and love ourselves.

I hope this reading was helpful!

Sending you the very best thoughts and energy,




Full Moon Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I didn’t want another week to go by without posting a reading for you.

I have 3 psychic reading videos  for you 🙂

Here is my July 1st reading. I meant to send it sooner but here it is. Remember that because of how the Law of Attraction works, the messages that resonate with you are meant for you at the time you watch it. Cool!

July 1 Reading — But Good Anytime You Watch It 🙂

I filmed a video yesterday (July 19) just before the full moon reading all about the effect that this full moon might have on us. Check it out below:


Before The Full Moon Reading


While I write this post, it’s one day after the full moon and the effects of it are still high.

If you’re considering a reading, anytime that feels right for you is the best time. However, the time around a full moon is very powerful energy to get readings (during the 3 days that it’s full).


After The Full Moon Reading

My guides instructed me to make a video just minutes after my reiki client left today. So the energy is very high and I know the reading will help you with what you might be experiencing.

Check it out:


Here are the cards from the reading:


Worry is a wasted emotion. It does nothing other than give you the illusion of control.

When you waste too much energy worrying, it limits you and has an negative effect on your natural energy. Worrying destroys the hope, faith, and excitement that are wonderful elements of our lives here on earth!

Remember that you are what you think. You have the power to create positive thoughts. This leads to positive outcomes. Worry is a negative emotion and sets you up for results that you don’t want.

What unnecessary worries are you carrying around with you now? Examine them objectively in the light of love and clear reason. Help your soul by letting them go, and be fully connected to the current moment, which is where your power resides. 

Ask yourself: In this present moment, what is actually here? If you’re honest with yourself you’ll probably notice nothing is really here. The “problem” or “worry” is actually from the past. It’s not really here right now. That should give you some relief right away. Keep practicing this whenever you notice worry coming up.


Quest: Be bold and mighty forces will aid you. Take action. Good luck favors the brave. This message is telling you to not procrastinate and to let go of resistance or fear with taking any action toward manifesting your dreams.

Don’t let anything (including yourself!) stop you now. You are being guided to take action. Remember to do your best to detach from the outcome. Allow the Universe to help you.

Don’t try to figure out how things will work. That’s not up to you. Just take the action that you are guided by love and enthusiasm.

If you’re not sure what actions (if any) to take, take a few minutes to close your eyes and clear your mind. Then just do it! As Yoda said in the movie Star Wars, there is no try — only do! 🙂


Gratitude and appreciation: recognize the good qualities in others and openly share your gratitude with them.

Write thank you notes to those who have helped you.

Does someone you work with deserves acknowledgement? Take the time to let appropriate people know so that this person receives the recognition they deserve.

Nature is continually sharing its beauty for us to appreciate.

Seeing a rainbow is a gift, and when we encounter a rainbows’ beauty, it is the perfect time to be grateful for all the gifts in our lives.

When you see your child or pet, tune into the gratitude you feel for their presence in your life.

It is important to generate the positive flow of gratitude that can bring joy into someone’s else’s life. By practicing this you will decrease your stress and also attract more goodwill and love into your own life.

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