I Can Do It

Hello Gorgeous Souls 🙂

It’s been a while since my last blog post — I’ve been so busy in May and June. I wanted to tell you about an amazing experience I had at the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference!

I had the privilege of listening to and meeting some of the world’s leading teachers, psychics, mediums and authors.

One of the things at the conference that really resonated with me was listening to Christiane Northrup’s talk. She’s an MD and a leading speaker of woman’s health issues. I love that she said that sitting down (too much) is the new smoking!

Sitting down for a long extended periods makes our body feel like it’s dying and deteriorating. Get up every hour or so and stretch a bit. Take a walk and get a glass of water. It doesn’t have to be formal exercise.

She got everyone up off their chairs at the conference to do squats. She says squats are so good for you and anti aging.

Me, Dave and Christiane
Me, Dave and Christiane

She also says never tell anyone your age! Because once you do, people will put a title on you and judge (it’s true, think about it). You can also get trapped in the “cultural portal” — beliefs our society has about being a certain biological age. I say who cares, I’m proud to get older!

Getting older is a beautiful thing. It’s our society that tells us what we should and should not wear and how we should wear our hair at a certain age. Seriously!!?

I accept my inner beautiful Goddess. I embrace the sage and crone within in me. Well.. I’m not there yet, but when it happens I’ll be graceful and wise.

Meeting Gabby Bernstein

I also had the privilege of meeting Gabrielle Bernstein! She’s the author of “Spirit Junkie” and other bestselling books on the New York Times bestseller list.

Me and Gabby
Me and Gabby

She’s also a Kundalini Yogi and she got us to chant Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad (which transforms negative thought patterns into a positive), breathe and meditate at the beginning so that we can connect to our heart and listen to the words within us which are silent (our truth). I asked her but didn’t have time to chat with her like I wanted to because the line was huge!


She was really cool. I love her and her message!

Her talk really hit home for me. She discussed the issue of burnout — and how it’s so important to take time for ourselves so we don’t feel overwhelmed.



Meeting Colette Baron Reid aka The Oracle

OMG! I got the chance to meet Colette Baron Reid!

She was so amazing! Her mediumship gift was was remarkable to witness. She was getting messages from some of the audiences’ departed loved ones. There was one message that didn’t get through. Colette picked up a message from someone’s father who passed, she described both him and the son to a “T”.  The son — for whom the message from the father was intended — was a very shy person in the audience who wouldn’t come forth to say it was him.

I got a strong psychic message from my guides about him and had to speak to Collette about this. So I got up to make sure I was the first in line to speak with her! LOL

I told her it was a man who actually works at the auditorium and he is somewhere in the hallway.  She thanked me and confirmed that she got a message too that the young man does work there and will contact her later (regarding the message from his departed father) via email.

Me and Colette taking a selfie
Me and Colette taking a selfie

Meeting her was like talking to an old friend who totally gets me!

We hit it off right away! She autographed all of my card decks and books by her and told me about an oracle card course she is launching and she is looking for “people who have the gift, like me” to participate and teach. I felt so privilege to and said YES I’ll do it! I just love her energy!


Meeting Mike Dooley

Meeting Mike Dooley was such a treat! He came out dancing to “It’s Your Birthday Shorty” which automatically got me up dancing!!

He is so nice and cool. The photos speak for themselves below.

Me and Mike Dooley

Not only is he a bestselling author, but he was in the Secret! I loved his energy and spirit!

He and Dave became best friends as you can see 🙂

David and Mike Dooley

It really took me 2 weeks to “come down to earth” from this event. I really enjoyed myself. It was life enhancing and so worthwhile!

I also recently took a Chakra Yoga as well as a Fairyology course. I will tell you all about it soon.