I Believe In Fairies

You read that correctly. I believe in Fairies.

I’ve recently been watching Mary get involved with studying about Fairies. “What?” you may say. “Fairies don’t exist!”

I felt a similar reaction. Although I didn’t dismiss the possibility that they existed, I already knew there were forces that exist in Nature. Intelligent forces. Elementals of Nature.

But I was a bit skeptical too. However, I love her and know that she’s incredibly wise and brilliant, so of course, I was happy for her new discovery.

It started with some of the oracle card decks and tarot decks we have. Some of the myths surrounding fairy lore were used to explain the meaning that the cards were pointing to.



Then, a well known author, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher, Doreen Virtue came out with a course on fairies called Fairyology.

Mary was excited to take the course and immediately started practicing some of the things that the course suggested.

One of the exercises was to connect with nature more and also to recycle and pick up trash. We were already aware of the importance of practicing recycling in our household —  so we kicked it up a notch and started to go to a local ravine where there is some natural forestation and a stream.


Picking Up Trash For The Fairies

It’s pretty clean already — but as it has a pathway where people walk there is some trash. Mary really wanted to go in and pick up trash. We did this several days in a row.

While there, we took some photos. And some of them definitely had some interesting faces in them! Of course, this doesn’t prove that fairies exist, but we could definitely feel a magical presence in the surroundings.



Jack the Green
Elemental Fairy


Me in nature
Doing Yoga in nature, downloading messages, receiving healing from a wise ancient tree and cleaning up mother earth.

Mary also built a little “Fairy Garden” in her office. Mostly stuff from the dollar store. A little fairy doorway, some miniature fairies, a gnome, etc.

Indoors Fairy Ring
Indoor Fairy Ring

One evening at dusk ( the best time, apparently) she was in there doing some stretching on the floor. Something told her to start filming with her phone. Check out what she got in the video below!!

We were delighted, but we weren’t so surprised. Both of us have been on this path for a quite some time now — we’ve seen many things that most people would label as miracles.


Some History

In the past, most cultures in the world were “indigenous” and lived close to nature. They lived in a completely different world than we do now.

They connected with the Nature Elementals in the water, the wind, the trees and fire, etc.

They worked with them in order to bring blessings and protection to the people. Some of you may know about this through the recent interest in shamanism.

Then “civilization” came along. Society and organized religion took form and things changed. Some cultures, like those of Tibet have still had some of these traditions surviving until recently.

Instead of drinking champagne at New Year’s, the villagers (who have no electricity or running water — but still appreciate their life) would go to the spring and thank the water elementals for the clean water.


Yeah, I Know… 2 plus 2 equals 4

Today’s society has been so dried out with rational thought. Rational thought has brought some wonderful developments to the table including science and technology, running water and electricity.

But it’s also made many people live a somewhat flat existence. Their senses have been dulled.

Many people need some kind of stimulation in the form of entertainment to feel more alive.

However, through connecting with nature, and being able to feel the magic of the elementals (fairies), you can begin to feel more alive right away.

You see the the colours as more vibrant, your senses become sharper, and you feel more love expanding in your heart.

It’s not the only way to wake up, of course. But I think it’s really cool. And I’m so grateful to Mary for showing me the fairies!

Oh yes. I forgot. She also occaisionally puts raw cacao nibs (raw chocolate) for them. The fairies apparently delight in the taste. Kind of like putting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus. He is, after all, an elemental.

Stay tuned for more posts about Mary’s exploration of the fairy realm. She’s also very experienced with using Her Fairy Tarot deck if you feel an intuitive counselling session would be helpful to you at this time 🙂