Part 2 Good Bye Class

Here’s an update on the fitness group episode.

I received a letter of apology and $400 for termination of 8 weeks notice.

Although it seems very kind, it still doesn’t feel right in my heart.

The apology wasn’t from management team number 1 and number 2 (I would of felt happier with a handwritten note from them personally and no money)  but from two dear students from Friday’s class, who volunteered to go out of their way to drop this off to me to make this a right. I’ll never forget that. They made me feel happy.

It was so nice to see them and I really appreciate their efforts.

If number 1 and number 2 cared it would of been handled differently and I wouldn’t have to spend my afternoon to write this blog post to once again speak my truth and help me process.

I’m sad to say good bye to my class and end this chapter of my life once and for all.

I know that I did the right thing, I got my truth out and I was acknowledged.

During the time that this was all going on.

Dave and I were asked by YogFit to do an interview for the YogaFit’s website blog. We are so honoured and grateful to be a part of this amazing Yoga school.

Woking on the interview with Dave helped me cope with the humiliation and betrayal.

I realized that this was sign from the Universe that something bigger is on the way. To let go and allow.


Check out the interview Click here.

I want to thank you all for your emails and beautiful words. It really meant a lot.

Dave and I just recorded a video about moving on and how this turned into a big time lesson and blessing.

3 thoughts on “Part 2 Good Bye Class”

  1. Mary.
    I’ve been in your position before. Taking the high road is best. Both you and Dave are genuine amazing people. You don’t need to justify yourself because of the dishonesty and arrogance of others. Keep your chin high and remember there are many people that you know that love and respect you both.

    I was originally drawn to you because of integrity. That means a great deal to me and others like me. I know I can always count on your support. As my life goes forward and things beyond my control fall into place I know if I need you, you will be there.
    Great love coming your way ⭕️❌❌

  2. Sounds like a horrible experience- really horrible I’m sorry you have experience this. I was betrayed by an organisation I worked for 10 years all started by a manager who didn’t like me. After it ended I stuck up for myself and I took them to court. I stood up for myself a big task and draining. I wanted an apology but sadly I didn’t get one. I used forgiveness too, the people who were friends and I felt let down or betrayed by. I released myself from the pain and I felt better. I don’t understand why people can be so mean and nasty I do however believe in karma and these people will get there’s whatever that may be x in my situation karma affected my former work, it was situated near a small river/brook and it’s banks burst and seriously flooded the building causing thousands of pounds of damage and inconvenience because people had to work from different parts of the city. Unfortunately this flood affected lots of other businesses too which is very sad. However I thought it was divine retribution for a bullying, unkind organisation who made me feel worthless when I was ill. Once again I’m so sorry and I look forward to listening to your reading

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