Here are just a few testimonials from clients:

Lisa’s testimony

For 20 years I have been getting psychic readings from many different psychics.  

Not one of them have I resonated with like I do with Mary Rose.  

I look forward to my readings every month with her.  It’s like therapy for me. Mary Rose is always on point, and she will always remind you to go within and go with your intuition as well because we all have free will.  

I love her energy and her calming voice. When Mary does your readings it’s like an angel is actually talking to you.  

Not only does Mary Rose give you accurate readings but she helps guide you to listen to your own guides, she is very gifted and I feel very comfortable with her knowing all of my personal information going on in my life.  

Mary Rose will give you an honest reading, there is no sugar coating it, but it will put you in the right direction on where you should be going.

I look forward to a future with Mary Rose in my life and highly recommend her for a reading.  I can’t wait to fly to Toronto and have her do Reiki Healing on me too. 

Lisa Bishop
Instructor & Author
May 2019

Angela’s testimony

I have learned so much from Mary Rose about how to discern Spirit from ego…she has taught me so much about how to grow my faith and evaluate my own limited beliefs.

I discovered Mary Rose over a year ago on IG. At that time, I would watch and listen to her YouTube videos after reading her IG posts which I started to notice were always in sync and on time with what I was going through in my life. The incredible part was that I was on a spiritual exploration of how to understand my soulmate/twinflame.

I did not know much about this concept but I was drawn in to Mary Rose’s energy because of her MASSIVE FAITH. Curious about all of our psychic abilities, I started to read books to understand how this works. Mary explains it as Spirit.

This resonated with me and her accuracy with readings is point on! I have received powerful email reading, a phone call and FaceTime readings with Mary.

She is my personal psychic guide now because her POSITIVITY IS UNWAVERING and is contagious! She coaches me on how to see the good and the Light and also how to deal with the shadow.

I credit Mary and thank her for helping me learn patience, unconditional love and how to release and let things go…as a result, I’ve been with the love of my life now for two immense self growth years which included two breakups.

I can see the sunshine after the rain and Mary has taught me how to look at everything with meaning and a message for me! I love my boyfriend unconditionally and I can’t wait to tell the story of our everlasting love to our children one day.

Mary will be there in our future, too, guiding me, I know, because she humble accepts the guiding hand of Spirit for all of her followers. Mary lives her calling. She is a rare gem whom and I am deeply grateful for!”

February 2019
Detroit, MI

Laura’s testimony

Mary I wanted to thank you for a truly amazing reading on Friday.

I truly felt my Dad’s spirit speaking through you.

You have an amazing gift and I’m so grateful to have found you.

Laura C.
February 2019
Mahwah, NJ

M.L testimony
M.L’s testimony

There are big egos wrapped in skin, pretending to be gifted. Thankfully, my intuition is strong, so it kept me away from those kinds of shallow energies…and then there is Mary.

I’m so grateful my Spirit Guides led me to her: Because she doesn’t have a give-She IS a gift. And she isn’t driven by ego-she is driven by love, which is why her readings are so accurate, empathic & insightful. The readings she blessed me with have confirmed my own intuition in the most beautiful ways.

Always known that’s just what happens when we use our gifts and life experience to be of service: The truth we share, when met with receptivity, blossoms from a tiny seed of consciousness into a beautiful flower.

That’s what Mary does. She shares the truth  she receives with integrity & from a genuine place of wanting to be of service.

All you have to do is keep your heart & mind open, because there is a higher love speaks through Mary all the time, which is a such a magical process to bear witness to.

Just see for yourself

Feb, 2018

Alli’s testimony

Mary Rose’s reading was so calming and informative.

Her voice and energy really bring a positive vibe and energy to your reading and she provides you with the peace you are looking for.

I loved her reading and am looking forward to all the things she called for me.
I highly recommend her.

Alli Tobyhanna
December 2018

Jasmine’s testimony

Thank you so much for the e-mail and video reading.

I’m sorry it has taken me a while, but your e-mail has been on my mind.
I’ve been wanting to tell you, I really enjoyed the video reading. It was amazing! Like you said, it almost felt like a live reading. I’m glad you started doing this. I got so much out it. I actually ended up watching the video 3 times already!
The e-mail reading was just as meaningful and special.
I like how you went over the cards, explained and clarified everything.
Your insight and guidance always helps.
It all makes sense and helps me understand the situation better.
October 2018

Agathe’s testimony

I m Agathe I’m Very impressed by Mary’s clarity and very fast results after the healing session. 
Even her work with the crystals she is using (some even I have never heard of). 
I m very emphatic and I’m able to see and feel energy’s and it all
worked very well
I did a one week, every day session and I m glad I did it .

It’s absolutely worth the money which in the end I have invested in myself
Thank you so much Mary 😚

Agathe Fohler

Zellerberg Germany
September 2018
Owner of Aurena Agathe Fohler

Sandra’s testimony

You are so calming with your messages and readings.  You have such a great disposition to you.  Your messages are direct but your delivery is very sweet.

You have a special gift and are very talented, thank you for sharing it with us.

I am just speaking my truth.


Sandra D.
Vaughan ON
August 2018

Zainab’s testimony
Thank you Mary soooo much 🙏🏼🙏🏼
It was really helpful and you gave me lots of positivity ♥️
I’m so grateful 🙏🏼🌹
I feel u have magic in your voice and you manage to speak to our souls, your throat and heart chakras are filled with magic 💫💫💫💫
You are really really beautiful and you have a very beautiful and pure soul 💫
The way you talk and explain is so comforting 🙏🏼
lots of love and light 💫💫
Zainab Abdullah
August 2018

Caroline”s testimony

I found Mary on Instagram in February 2018.
I have been on quite the life changing journey.
My life has been flipped upside down and then some.

Mary has such a wonderful loving energy.
That comes without any kind of judgment.

I feel truly blessed finding someone like Mary and all her wonderful gifts.
I mean I hit the trifecta finding her!!
Not only is she a gifted healer?!
When she sends her Reiki healing it feels so wonderful and soothing.

She can connect with love ones that passed away and tell me things that no one else could ever know.
Her readings are spot on.

If I ever have any questions or any help with anything she is always eager and available to help.
It’s hard for me not to jump in my jeep and drive to Toronto take her Davidson out to dinner!!
That’s how comfortable she is to talk with.
It’s like coming home to a long lost friend.

Thank you Mary for everything you have done for me.
Much love and many blessings.

Caroline Romanski
North Carolina
July 2018

Tina’s testimony

Just wanted to say thank you Mary for another amazing reiki healing.
Words can not express the gratitude I have for you helping me through this rough part of my journey.

And how you described the picture at the lake blew me away.
No way you could have known about the selfie by the lake.

Thank you again for all your help along my journey.
I’m way more ready to open up to love then I ever was before.

Tina Heister Greenly
McVeytown, Pennsylvania
June 2018

Caterina’s testimony

I met Mary through a very close friend in a complex moment of my life.
I am grateful to have taken the courage to speak with Mary on that very first time and had a reading with her.

She did not ask me anything, was very nice and put me immediately at ease. I felt like being on the phone with a long time friend.
She healed me though the reading and since that day my life unfolded.

She was extremely accurate knowing details I had never shared with anyonelse.
She is not only a gifted reader, a fabulous reiki master but also a wonderful soul who is able to guide people towards the light.

Thanks to her I also discoverered the power of crystals and essential oils.
I am constantly in contact with Mary and keep her updated.
Thanks Mary for being always so caring, sincere and helpful.

Caterina C.
Miami, Florida
June 2018

Doreen’s testimony

I have had two readings with Mary and both were extremely on point.
During my last reading, Mary picked up what she saw in the near future and what I have been working on to improve my life.Mary asked no questions, she just gave a solid profound reading.Mary has a true gift.  She is a kind, caring and loving soul.

I am staying in touch with Mary and keeping her posted.
Mary is extremely easy to speak with and puts you at ease
I highly recommend Mary for readings, healing, etc.
Her podcasts are also amazing and insightful.

You can feel her energy and see the excitement on her face.
Check out the podcasts and get a reading.
Don’t hesitate.

Doreen Catarinacchio
Rye Brook, NY,
June 2018

Karla’s testimony

I have received two phone readings and one Ultimate Life email reading
from Mary and she is truly a remarkable soul.

Her guidance has helped
me immensely, and her intuitive knowing is so spot on.

She is also a sweetheart and is so kind and all-around a wonderful person.

I definitely recommend getting a reading from her! You’ll leave the
reading with your doubts and fears alleviated and with a huge sense of
trust and faith that all is as it should be, and all will be well.
Thank you, Mary!

Karla Calalang
Skokie, IL
May 2018

Sk’s testimony
Mary’s readings take my breath away.
I have been seeing her for over 10 years for her accuracy and
insightfulness. Her equal amounts of wisdom and kindness always guides me!
I come away with a feeling of love and gratitude, plus have a crystal clear solution of any situation that I may be experiencing.
Thank you so much Mary.
Toronto, Ontario
April 2018

Sabrina’s testimony

I just got a reading from Mary.

Wow!! She is so accurate, everything she read was so perfect for what for what I’m going through right now 👍.

Mary you are the best at what you do 💕💕 God Bless you!!

Sabrina TC
Toronto, Ontario
February 2018
Owner of Blossom Bio Energy