Spring Equinox, Soulmates And Love Is In The Air!

Hello Lovelies

Spring into Spring Equinox. It’s here! March 21.

I love this time of year! I hear the birds singing, see leaves beginning to grow and the weather is getting warmer!

It’s traditionally a day of celebration. It is a time where we can allow our inner child to roam free. The Pagans call this holiday Ostara.

A festival that celebrates the change from dark winter to bright spring. It also it symbolizes fertility and birth.

Life is opening up for us all.

Love is in the air, fresh new energy is emerging and there is now also a spark with soulmates, twinflames and all relationships because it’s nature’s mating season.

It’s an opening door for love and especially high energy for making new connections.

I recorded a Youtube reading for you. I did it last week, but because of the Law of Attraction and the fact that time does not exist in spirit, this reading is valid for you anytime.

I didn’t have the time to upload for you last week. So it turned out that this is reading was meant to be for you now, during the Spring Equinox!

Makes a lot of sense with what the Spring Equinox is all about.


The 1st card. Knight Of Swords

The Knight of swords is showing that you have been going through some challenging times with someone. This person is really pushing your buttons.

Causing much drama and emotions in your life. Leaving you feeling either confused, devastated or angry.

It’s important to not let this person get you upset. Don’t allow yourself to lose it. Take control of how how you react.

2nd card. Four Swords:

The message here is put your burden down. Let go of the stress that you have been holding on to.

Just for now put it down, rest and replenish. If you don’t you will burn out from worry. Worry is a bad habit. You can practice letting it go.


3rd card. The Angel Of Healing

There is beautiful healing energy coming your way. Healing and repairing all the damage.

Major healing energy  is to be expected to wash over you as the weather gets warmer.  But you you need to listen to the four of swords and put your worry down in order to receive the blessings.

4th card. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a very powerful card and crystal — my favorite. It’s an amplifier for attracting anything your heart desires (as long as that doesn’t interfere with the highest good of others. Also, you can’t change the will of another), healing, attracting love and abundance.

Clear quartz is a powerful ally when using the law of attraction. Read David’s article on the law of attraction

If you don’t have a clear quartz crystal you can simply use the photo on this blog post (print it out) to receive the healing. It works.

4th card Kyanite

Kyanite is another powerful stone. It helps you to uncover the truth. Opens your intuition. Right now close your eyes for moment, take a few breaths, then breathe in connect to Kyanite’s energy into your third eye (forehead).

This will help you to align your chakras and center your energy to Kyanite’s energy.

Here’s a blog and video tutorial  I recorded on how to do a crystal self healing session.

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