Psychic Oracle Reading

Happy Monday☀️ here is an psychic oracle reading for you. March 28, 2016

I’m using 3 different oracle decks by Denise Lynn,

Take a deep breath, clear your thoughts, think of a question,
glide your hand over the cards and pick one that feels warm and that there is an important message and answer for you (you can pick all if you wish).

I’ll be posting the cards and messages later.

Be sure to post your choice.

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Your Oracle card message for today. Monday March 28

Card 1. Nature spirits: joy delight peaks of careful abandon. Living wildly, magically, and free.
Be open to the wonders of the universe flooding into your life.
Innocence and delight are abounding. Happiness is on its way!
If this nature spirits card chooses you, then welcome to wellspring of joy and magic.
Beneath the surface, mystical interventions are occurring in your life.

Relax. All is well.

Card 2. Trusting your intuition: listen with your heart and act on your instincts. Trust that you are being guided, as the messages you are receiving are in your highest good. Follow the nudges from spirit.
Your intuition is the vehicle for messages from spirit if, in the past you followed your instincts and then later it’s seem to be the wrong move, don’t let that keep you from trusting your intuition now.

Know that there are spiritual guides, allies, and angels surrounding you.
As you open up to your intuition, you will since they’re loving presence and profound messages.

Card 3. Success: inner and outer success is coming your way! The gates of triumph are waiting to open deep and wide for you.

Except that you’re already a winner, and even more victories will expand in your life. Being successful is a state of mind.

The more you feel it, the more love prosperity, fame, and fortune will pour into your life.
If the situation knocks you over get up and brush yourself off… And discover what you learned.
So keep going and believe in yourself. Celebrate even the smallest victories that occur in your life.
Affirmation: success feels my life in ways be on my greatest expectations!

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  1. Its really helpful stuff. I am learning psychic reading and numerology. It is said that numerology is based on many things, your date of birth, time of birth and also the current year.

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