Oracle Reading For Week August 10 to August 17

Hello Shining Stars!

Here is our oracle reading for  the week of August 10 to August 17.

Important Note: This reading works for anytime after the date if you just happen to be reading this. Because of the Law of Attraction — cool, eh?

I used the Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue. I filmed it in an ancient old growth forest. I saw so many elementals/fairies (if you watch carefully, you’ll see them in the video, a glittering flash of light).

I used to have a have a wasp phobia which prevented me from going outside into nature during the summer. And I love nature!

This year when I became a certified Fairyologist, one of the missions was to connect with nature (someplace natural — (not a manicured park) — and talk to the elementals/fairies, pick up trash and meditate. I thought, how am I going to do that? I’m terrified to go outside from the wasps!

Trusting anyways, I went outside with my recycle bag and gloves.

As soon as I stepped out the door, I was led to the left. I thought I was going to walk around the block.  I didn’t question the directions I felt, as I’m an intuitive medium. And I could sense a very strong energy calling me. I saw this park behind a dentist’s office with so many stairs going down (like a dream). I felt brave, I said ok, maybe one flight of stairs down.

The stairs led to a special place known as The Ravine.  I’ve lived in this are area since ’94 and only been to The Ravine once (it’s literally a block a way from my house).

I channeled the Fairies and they told me that they will protect me if I take care of mother earth. I felt safe and grateful. I now make The Ravine a regular ritual in my life. And bonus!  I’m not afraid of wasps any more. In the video you will see this special place.

Here is our reading:

1st card: Eight of Summer


This card is telling us that what we thought we wanted is actually not important to us anymore.

We have moved on. Just like a plant. The roots have outgrown the pot and needs to be re-potted.

So are we. Moving on to bigger and better things is the message here.


2nd card: Ace of Winter

Ace of Winter

This card is telling us that we are more in control than what we realize.

We are holding all the power to our situation. There are brilliant new ideas and beginnings that are about to happen. Use your words carefully. Practice daily positive affirmations. Even your thoughts.  Remember we are the leaders of our destiny.


3rd card: Ace of Winter

The Ace of Summer tells us that we have everything we need right at this moment.

There is a new beginning at hand and you are right where you should be at this moment.

There are no mistakes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Please watch my Youtube video of the full reading.

2 thoughts on “Oracle Reading For Week August 10 to August 17”

  1. Thank you. This is so appreciated.

    Dave, you have read for me once where you offered the answer to one question. It was so spot on even though it was not what I wanted to hear. You had it nailed.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this video and post. When I read for people I simply channel what your Higher Self and Guides want you to know. There’s a Divine Plan for our life that’s so beautiful if we can soften our own agenda and flow with it. If we insist on having things our way it’s not much fun (been there done that)! We just block our own good from coming. We are all in the same boat and we are here to constantly learn and expand our love and understanding. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Sandra 🙂

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