New Moon/Solar Eclipse

There’s a new moon in the sign of Pisces tonight and it is also a solar eclipse.

Energy is very intense.  Astrologer Jan Spiller says that this new moon combined with the energy of the eclipse makes it “one of the most powerful New Moons to manifest new beginnings in your life.”

The sign Pisces’s influences our creativity, dreaming state and psychic ability.

Pisces also rules the 7th chakra (crown).

Pay close attention to your dreams during this time as you may receive important messages.

There are 2 solar eclipses this month. The one  tonight is specifically for surrendering our past and letting go.


Want To Manifest Or Begin New Projects?

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this transit for manifesting and beginning new projects.

But first you need to be willing to let the past go and to surrender any outcomes to Divine Intelligence.

Do your best to forgive yourself for any perceived mistakes in the past and realize you were doing your best at that time.

It’s always easier to see (and judge!) things in hindsight.

There’s no should have, could have, would have, if only’s. Only learning.

Just like any New Moon, it’s a time for planting new seeds (spring is almost here). And along with the solar eclipse, it is an awesome time to let go of stagnant energy.

This leads to manifesting fresh new energy for new beginnings.

As I write this blog post to you, I’m in the process of letting go of an old website domain in order to reinvent it into something new and wonderful. More details to follow, but I feel so free having done this!

The change can be small and simple.

The results will be empowering and enlightening.



First take time to meditate and focus on what it is that you need to let go of. Then set your intentions for what you would like to grow in your life.

If you need help on that, I can be of assistance.

The energy is very strong and it’s an excellent time for a psychic reading to get clarity on specific details.


3 thoughts on “New Moon/Solar Eclipse”

  1. Hi, wow ! Loved your videos u seem gifted and u can help people. I need to know exactly if I should keep my hope for my ex to come back for good or move on.. Hope u can help. Must of saw all of this for reason . Videos r great I need to know if I move on from ex of 12 years that we broke up over 1 1/2 years ago and still only want him and no one else of let go. Hope maybe u can do a reading on this . God bless u 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, glad you enjoyed it.
      If you subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll email you 1 free question. I’m be in my office until 5:00pm EST.

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