Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Here is your weekly Angel Tarot card Youtube reading.

I’m using the ArchAngel Power Tarot cards.

This message is meant for anyone stopping by to view 🙂

The first card is the 3 of of Ariel:

3 of ariel

Represents that you’re continue working. Wheels are moving, energy is positive.


10 of ariel

10 of Ariel:

Wealth, love and Abundance are waiting for you allow yourself to receive. Trust and know that is will be all manifest to you. Believing in yourself.




Believe in your self. Do what is in your heart. Honor yourself. You can’t please everyone.

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Peace and blessings to you!


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4 thoughts on “Messages From Your Spirit Guides”

  1. Hi Mary Rose
    What an amazing angel card YouTube reading today. I was really drawn to it and I can whole heartedly relate to the card of Ariel – at the moment I’m doing what I love – my own artwork and designing my own deck, despite the fact that I’m broke at the moment. I love how the Justice card says do what is in your heart – this art is- and how you can’t please everyone which is true for me. There are so many things to do but emotionally I can’t cope. Several friends want me to help them at their beck and call but I want time for me. I’m physically exhausted and not feeling well and I really can’t run around for others even though they expect me too and if I say no they get crabby with me.
    Thanks for the amazing readings you do

    • Your so welcome:-) Happy to help. Don’t give up on your art. Do what you love and the Universe will support you.
      Mary Rose

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