Mercury retrograde

Hello Angel Hearts

Today is the last day of August (or actually it was when I started to compose this) and we have a Mercury retrograde going on right now.

Mercury rules all forms of communication. And when it goes retrograde every thing with communication (all electronically devices, communication, phones) seem to go a bit hay wire. Better to leave buying anything new electronics, gadgets ETC. until it goes direct September 22.

If you’re a ware of it you can off set all the stress it can impact on us. Be in the moment and stay calm is key.

It can get the best of us if we allow it to.

Here is the reading for this week

1 card: The Queen of Water

The Queen of Water is reminding us to give our selves more space. If something seem like their not turning out the way we planned. Trust that that it is for a reason and trust your heart and intuition.

Because sometimes it’s just the Universe is nudging you in a direction to put down your burden and nature you. Self care and self love.

2. card: Knight of water

The Knight of water is telling us that it will be an emotional time for now. We maybe thinking a lot of the past right now. Better to just let it go. We can’t change what we did, said or what happened. It’s also a time to for us to pay attention to any signs and messages. For love it tells us that there will be an invitation or something that is going to enter our life that will effect us emotionally.

3. card: The Nine of Air

The Nine of Air makes us feel as though we are in a waiting mode. Kind of like being in suspense about something.

Also a bit of restless ness and anxiety. It’s basically fear.

I needed to pick an additional oracle card to help balance this all out.

4. card The High Lady of Love and Compassion

Th High lady is telling us, to take a break from all the nonsense. Get out the mind. Do something for your self.

Get into consistent with you meditation practice, or start one. This is crucial for your wellbeing.

Watch my Youtube video. It has more details of this reading.

5 thoughts on “Mercury retrograde”

  1. Tha k you so much Mary Rose. You have no idea how comforting this reading is coming to me at such a disturbing point in life.

    Love you.?

  2. Thank you for the reassurance Mary. Very..accurate for me..starting my life over and trying to get back on my own 2 feet. God bless you.

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