Holiday 3 Card Reading


Hello my darlings.

It’s December 23rd. And the holiday season is upon us.

It brings up so many emotions and a lot of energy.

Connects us to our heart chakra.

Not to mention we have a full moon in Cancer on December 25. Cancer rules home and family. With a full moon attached! Be aware that all emotions are going to be amplified.

There are so many different methods to help ground you.

I asked my guides on what would be the best to do when things are getting too intense:

  1. Breath, nothing fancy, put your hands on your chest, sit quietly listen to your breath
  2. Touch a large leaf plant, this will ground you.
  3. Drink a cup of herbal tea
  4. Go for a walk out doors.
  5. Listen to music, move, dance.
  6. Chant Om or just sing to music.

I’ve been so busy with the preparing of the holidays as I know most of you are. That I haven’t posted a reading video in a while.

So I thought I would film one for you today.

Here is a 3 card reading Video, just for you:


I’m offering a special holiday 3 card reading for $9.97

Between December 23, 2015 – Jan 2nd 2016.

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Merry Christmas

We are wishing you to have a very Merry Christmas and an abundant, healthy and prosperous new year 2016!

Love you all!

Many Blessings,

Mary Rose & David