Releasing Blocks With Judgemental Capricorn Full Moon


*FULL MOON* in Capricorn

July 16th 2019 5:38pm EDT, 2:38 pm PDT Or click this link to find what time this is in your time zone

The effects the full moon in Capricorn and Lunar eclipse. July 16th 5:38pm EDT

This full moon can be a very powerful influence on shifting perceptions, restrictions and getting really clear on what you want to achieve for the next 6 months. Not all full moons are created equal. 

Each full moon brings up its share of triggered emotions. Capricorn tends to bring up our judgemental tendencies.

Oh no! A judgemental full moon? Capricorn is the sign of discipline, law and order and determination. It lays down the structure and identifies our status.

The full moon lunar eclipse effects all of the sun signs in slightly different ways. And of course right now, there a some retrogrades that influence things as well. But the focus on this post is on how the full moon in Capricorn will influence us — and how to make the best use of this energy.

The Judgemental Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn  moon can be judgmental. This means that a lot of repressed emotions that we were not aware of will come to the surface. We can choose to use this as an opportunity to let them go — or, we can resist and reinforce them. What do you choose?

How To Let Go of Suppressed Emotional Content

A quick note about releasing suppressed emotional content. This does NOT mean trying to get rid of the feelings or change them. It means allowing them to be. And this also does not mean getting involved in the stories around the feelings. It means refusing to buy in to the stories — and watching/feeling the energy as it flows through your being. The releasing will happen spontaneously as you simply observe the energy that is coming up without becoming identified with it — as best you can. This isn’t about being “perfect.” That’s a subtle trap of the mind coming back in.

A Lunar Eclipse Intensifies This Judgemental Capricorn Influence

With a lunar eclipse the energy is intensified. This means with Capricorn that judgement will be front and centre. How do we judge ourselves? How have others judged us? How do we judge others?  We can use these questions to really dig deeper to find the core limitations that we suppress — that are held in place by judgements. These limitations block our creativity and success. Success of course, is not just about fame and fortune. Success is about being aligned with your dharma (true calling).  Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) calls it being aligned with True North.

The energy of Capricorn moon can make us be very hard on ourselves and as a consequence of this, on others. We will also feel as though we need to control the situation. This is because we feel “out of control.” I have to admit, I’m a little hesitant on writing this as my own insecurities are coming up. Will my readers judge me for making it a bit witchy (I’m not witch per se:-)? Or will they accept this blog post? Will I lose them? This is an example of what it triggered in me. But I’m told by my Spirit guides to share the info with you in hopes that it will support you with whatever you may face during this Capricorn full moon influence.

3 Day Window

In order to take advantage of this Capricorn full moon and dissolve the blocks and restrictions that hold you back, you have a 3 day window. The full moon may be at its peak on the 16th, but it still has the energy and frequency 2 days after. Letting go and forgiving someone or just forgiving the past (even yourself) is crucial to manifesting greater levels of happiness and well being.

Good News! 7 Steps You Can Take To Manifest More of What You Want

The great thing about this transit is that once you’ve cleared some blocks, you have more energy to manifest. Here are some tips on getting in touch with your most personal and private self for manifesting during this full moon influence:

1. Find a time where you will not be disturbed. Your sacred space. 

2. Spiritually cleanse your space. Burn white dessert sage, Palo Santo, incense or diffuse your favourite essential oil.

3. Meditate. Take deep breathes and release any cares or worry of your day or week. Do this for 5 to  10 minutes.

4. Think of person, habit or pattern that you want to release. Write done everything that you don’t like about the person — what they did or a habit/patterns (including smoking and compulsive eating. In this case you would put yourself because this is about forgiving yourself). 

5. Set the intention that you are releasing all that no longer serves you. Then burn it (practice fire safety, make sure what ever you burn it in is fire proof) with the intentions of letting go and clearing all that no longer serves you. I like to burn white dessert sage with herbs (I like to make a real ritual).

Then I like to burry the ashes (beside a tree is my favourite spot). And know this, once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

6. After you’ve completed these steps practice self care – self love rituals like taking a salt bath, using your favourite body butters and essential oils ETC. 

7. Now you’re ready to set intentions of what you would like to manifest in your life. Remember we cannot change the will of another or make someone love and come back into your life. We can only make ourselves open, receptive and loving right now. This will attract whoever is in our highest good.

Most of us have many issues when it comes to getting close to another. Continue being open and trusting as you move forward. The right people will cross your path. Some will be short term and if you’re really fortunate and open to it, someone mutual will want to stick around! Trust what comes through, even if it’s not about manifesting. Maybe you just need to journal and reflect. This is all acceptable. Remember this full moon is about acceptance and letting go of judgments. 

If you need more clarity, the full moon is also the best time to get a reading. Book your session with me. 

Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Cancer

Summer is finally here — July 1st (Canada Day) and the 4th of July festivities!

In July we have a full eclipse and partial lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde and 2 new moons in one month. July 31’s the new is called a “Black Moon” (we have 2 in one month, depending on where you live)

I know you might be thinking, what does that mean, Mary, how does it effect me and my sign?

Well first of all, the influence will have an effect on all signs. It can be complicated to fully explain why. This post is going to stick to the basics of what you need to know. I wanted to talk about the influences and give you the “medicine” on how use the influence to your advantage. 

Sun In Cancer

We are in emotional Cancer season. The sign of Cancer is all about security, family, home life, emotional awareness and spirituality. 

Wake Up Call

This new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer is truly a wake up call — and there’s no snooze button! 

New moon’s are a good time to plant your seeds of intention — but first you need to do some house cleaning. And I don’t mean actual house work. What ever has been stagnant and stuck in your life can now be shaken up and cleared. 

Mercury go’s retrograde in Leo on July 7th. 

Retrograde simply means a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Mercury rules all forms of communication. And when it goes into retrograde every thing with communication (all electronically devices, communication, phones, travel related details) seem to go a bit haywire. This has the potential to trigger some drama and negative emotions.

Important: Don’t be worried. Why? Nothing can be triggered that ISN’T ALREADY THERE. So another way to look at this is, it’s an opportunity to become more aware of what you didn’t realize was in your subconscious. You can make a choice right now to do your best to face anything with as much understanding and compassion as you can muster. This way, you are using your time here on earth wisely.

Be aware of this transit.

Double check everything before sending off, or any travel details.  If electronic devices or gadgets go funky, just breathe and tell yourself this too shall pass. Don’t let this influence rule your life. It  is ok to purchase electronic devices if you’re replacing a gadget and it’s something that you generally do. If it’s anything new that you’ve never done before, be alert. Better to hold off until Mercury gos direct..

With the sun being in Cancer during these transit, it can influence us emotionally. 

What you need to double check and do during this month.

  1. Connecting with your family. If family are distant (this gos for all people who you feel like family to you) reach out.  If there is any tension, this new moon solar eclipse is an excellent time to soften it! If communication is not possible, then just work on forgiveness. 
  2. Dissolving low self worth and fear. We sometimes talk ourselves out of things out of fear and doubt. We make up a story as to why we cannot or why we shouldn’t take a risk. This is partly out of protection of fear of failure/rejection, but also because we over identify with thoughts and concepts in our heads. In other words, we aren’t fully present to what is actually here. For example, how do you know it will fail if you haven’t tried? As Master Yoda put it “there is no try only do.” My suggestion is to do one little thing that scares you. For me it’s siting outside on my patio as I type this (we just moved here a few months ago and this is my first sitting out) with these large black wasps (I have a neurotic wasp phobia). 

3. Getting out into nature. Nothing like being out in the great outdoors to feel good! Nature is a powerful aid and support with quieting the chatter in our minds and allowing us to see the beauty that is shining through.

4. During this new moon, make time for yourself. Burn some candles, take a nice hot salt bath and meditate. Get creative. I like to put aromatherapy oils and crystals in my bath. Putting a crystal in your bath is just a super intense experience. It charges and heightens your bath water. Try it.

5. Journaling and writing down your goals. Keep writing ideas, observations, progress and any uplifting insights you may have. This will help you stay aware, focused and sharp. You can also revisit it  from time to time in order to find inspiration when you need it .

The Art of Listening 

Getting creative and practicing self-care rituals is the key. Take your time to really listen to someone when they speak. It’s more important than ever to be a good listener during these transits. There is a fine balance between being humble as a leader and listening first. Truly listening. Seek to understand before you seek to be understood. And then we are ready to use our courage to speak our own ideas.

Mercury retrograde is actually the Universe’s way for us to slow down and create some white space in our lives. 

There is nothing to fear with the transits of the planets. Most people are not taking responsibility and looking to blame someone or the planets. Yes they have an effect on us but this is actually a good thing. 

Blame is simply another illusion created by the mind. But that will be another article another time.

How To Attract Your Soulmate

In this blog post I will share and and give you a few tips on how to attract your beloved, true love, soulmate, divine partner to the One (there are so many different names to call this beautiful contract but it all relates to the same… your one and only).

1. Setting the intention and believing there is someone who is your significant other. Someone “out there” just like you, who is looking for you –and can change your whole life to bliss. Remember the “one” will always get along with you. Your soulmate will never argue or put you down. If you think someone is the “one” in your life, but he/she puts you down, contradicts with you, ghosts you on dates, cheats on you, etc. then I have to tell you that you are in denial.

This relationship is either a karmic flame or possibly even a narcissist who will never change no matter what they say.

This person will always make your life very unhappy and I need to urge you to honour and empower yourself to walk away, surrender it to a higher power and most of all forgive this person. This is the first big step in manifesting the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

I said big step, because it is. Trust me, I know first hand as I was once married to an energy vampire.

I finally got the strength and courage to walk away from it all and let it go and because I believed that I deserve to be treated better, and to be loved, I found the love of my life.

2. Forgive the person who hurt and maybe betrayed you in the past

This is probably the most Challenging part of it all but the key in manifesting your beloved.  You may not realize it but resenting someone binds you just as tightly to that person as longing does. Both are attachments that keep you hooked in the past rather than focused clearly in the present moment. Before we can accept new love into our lives we have to release any hurt from the past.

Try this little exercise…

What you will need:

  • paper and pen
  • comfortable chair
  • 20 minutes or more of uninterrupted time (time may vary)

Write out a letter to the person/people who hurt you. Express everything you feel in great detail. Feel everything that you need to feel, ask your self if you could let this go? Just “could” you. If yes, then ask would you? In other words, if you could let it go, would you? If so, when? You might have to ask your self these questions a few times (this is the Sedona Method, and it will help you big time).

Alternatively, simply paying full attention to your feelings about it (without trying to push them away or hold them close). Just observe them as impartially as you can. Breathing mindfully as you do this can also be helpful. This non-judgemental awareness (non-judgemental of your painful and trapped feelings) can often lead to spontaneous releasing and healing.

Then burn the letter with the intentions that all of the energy is dissipated.

If more comes up at a later date, it doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It simply means that there are more layers coming up for release. Allow the feelings to pass through you using your breath and awareness.

3. Make room in your life for your beloved ~

Ok, here is where some deep spring cleaning comes in. But it’s more than just organizing and cleaning the house! It’s about clearing out the mind clutter and co-dependant relationships and energy vampires/narcissistic energy.

There are also people in your life who are naysayers and always have a way to bring you to a downward spiral. You may not have a choice to be in contact with them (this could be family and co-workers). It’s not to say that you have to break up important dealings/transactions, friendship/relationships, however it is important to not include them in your personal space within. In other words, don’t share your hopes and dreams with those types of people!

The first step is to identify the roles everyone in your life plays.

Write down each person’s name and take a deep breath. Then write down beside their name the first impression or thought you receive along with a brief description of how they make you feel in your life. Examples:

  • Aggressive/passive, always need to be right in the conversations.
  • Competitive, always shows off and puts the other person down in some way
  • Complains, always blaming the past for their hurtful actions.
  • Loves to argue with you, for no reason and teases all the time.
  • Talks about themselves constantly, uses the word “I” all the time and never asks you how you are doing.
  • Sees and hears what they want to hear from you, they never take “no” for an answer. Twists the truth and manipulates it.

Get the picture? It’s a very important step to be aware of the role they play in your life. The next step is to start practicing standing your own ground.

To learn more about energy vampires, I highly recommend reading Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup. It is an eye opener!

Find your “Sacred Space”

To find your sacred space, you need to do a deep declutter of what no longer serves you. Everything you own has some sort of attachment to it. It can remind you of someone who gave it to you or a time when you were not happy.

If you are not using it, or you do not LOVE it then I highly suggest donating or selling it. It’s ok if you’re not sure. If you aren’t 100% not sure, then put everything in a box for few weeks and decide later. As my Aunt Pauline used to say to me: “if you have to storage it and won’t be using it, then let it go! She was right.


My Personal Story Of Letting Go…

I have another story to share. I had to let my Zumba business go this year and I had a hard time because there was a strong attachment that I had to my classes. It was 10 years of teaching (which helped me through all of my past hurts, DANCING is so HEALING), and at the time I was one of the few instructors in the city.

I got into Zumba to lose weight (I lost 55 lbs in the first year of teaching). I became popular and my classes were always packed. It came to the point where I needed to add additional classes (supply and demand). This meant that there was barely any time to schedule my psychic/tarot reading appointments and Reiki sessions (this was the time I really needed to clone myself:-).

I made the choice to do Zumba “full time” although I continued with my readings and Reiki as well.  I never took a break, even when I got sick and developed injuries (the life of a fitness instructor is definitely not as glamorous as it may look).

2014 my retina decided to partially detach from my eye. Obviously this was a message from my soul that I’m not taking any time for myself to “see” the repeatable pattern that I’ve created again in my life. I “painted myself into a corner.”

At the time of teaching classes, I attracted many energy vampires to my classes who were draining my light big time (I won’t get into it — the list is long. All I will say is that I used to go into deep depression on my way to classes). My soul wanted out!

It came to the point where I was paying the rent for the room the classes were in out of my own pocket. This led to my having hard feelings and sadness (because it once was the HIGHLIGHT of my life).

So I let all of my independent Zumba classes go in the summer 2017 (I kept one class because it was actually a paid gig). In February of this year (2018), I was let go and was humiliated by the management. I wrote a blog post and recorded a Youtube video about the situation: “How To Forgive And Let Go Of Betrayal”

A week later  I developed a muscular hip pain. I got it checked by a physiotherapist and it’s just tight muscles.

It’s created from an attachment that I’m holding on to. Related to my root chakra of status, community and roots.

Today it occurred to me that I’m holding on to this fantasy of Zumba mysteriously coming back and being the success it was (yes, I’m so grateful to losing the weight and all of the beautiful friendships that I made). But it’s over and I’d like to just remember the fun I had.

So I took apart a separate closet that was dedicated to all Zumba wear (there was a time I had more Zumba clothes than regular clothes) and donated it to Good Will.

I noticed the hip started to get a little better. Then I cancelled my fitness insurance — guess what?! The pain is 99% better. I still have my Zumba biz website, google and Facebook to tear down soon. This was a very strong unhealthy attachment that I had to let go and get my self out of the “painted corner.”

The point to my story is that I wasn’t listening to my soul telling me that I needed to move on and that the Universe had something better in store. So my hip started to act up to help me get the message!  I needed start by clearing space in my place, in my mind and in my schedule in order to find myself.  I’m back to doing my Psychic work full time and have time to paint again! And I’m back on track working slowly but surely to my goal of creating my own Oracle card deck. I feel ecstatic!

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How To Know If You’ve Met Your Soulmate

Have I met met my soulmate?

This is probable the most asked question I get. So I wrote out a little blog post about it and recorded a video to help with the question “How to know if you’ve met your soulmate”.

Here are 8 signs to tell if you’ve met your soulmate.

  1. “You just know” Your gut instincts will always tell you. Nothing will keep you apart. You’ll be thrown together, propelled together, drawn together until it “takes”
  2. You’ve had issues and fought with every boy/girl friend you’ve ever had. But you two never have.
  3. Everything flows in sync and it’s magical. Like dance.
  4. You feel strange, even weird, as the two of you get closer. Your not used to this. Remember: Things with your One will be different than you’ve ever been. Feeling odd is an awesome first sign.
  5. The both of you fit like a glove. You are so compatible and complement each other well.
  6. Your relationship is stepped in both romance and friendship. He/she may feel like your best friend.
  7. They strengthen and uplift you other than drain you.
  8. You have a deep spiritual connection with them, it’s as if you can finish each other’s sentences.

If you feel you have and maybe just one or none of these match the list above, then chances are you could have met another type of soulmate.

There are many types in the soulmate group, one that has so much past life karma that there are many layers of lessons that need to be experienced with that person.

There are soulmate friends, karmic flames, past life connections, some toxic connections and the most popular “Twin Flame”

Dave and I explain in this video the different type of soulmate contracts.

Sometimes you can meet your soulmate and not even know until years later.

It’s important to not try to control the outcome of finding your soulmate.

Your soulmate is meant to teach you something very important about yourself. It is all divine timing when they will enter life. Even when you have met them (that happening to me)

You can attract your soulmate to you by forgiving the past, letting go of what no longer serves you also acknowledging and practicing gratitude.

Theses are just a few ways to attract your beloved soulmate.

Here’s a Soulmate song that Dave wrote for me (I painted all the art in this video and blog post)

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The New Moon & How to Manifest Love

We have a new moon in the sign of Aries  Sunday April 15, 2018.

The energy will be very intense. The new moon combined with the energy of Aries as well as Mercury goes Direct!

This is one of the most powerful New Moons to manifest love into your life.

The sign Aries influences new beginnings, taking action and pasions.

Tips on how to use the new moon to manifest LOVE

1st tip. Sacred space.

Find a place in your home that you can call your own. This doesn’t have to be any place fancy — just somewhere that you won’t be disturbed. Place any sacred items there.

Some examples: Pictures of angels, candles, incense, sage, mala beads, crystals, essential oils  (I love and highly recomend doTerra oils).

You can get creative or just make it simple. There are no rules here — but you want to love this space!

If that is impossible for you right now, you can make a portable sacred space. Get a bag and put all of your favorite items in it and go to be in nature. I love sitting against a tree to do energy work.

The purpose of this sacred space it to help you declutter your mind and reminds you that every time you are in this space, you are going to connect to a higher power and divine energies.

2nd tip.

Raise your vibration, the best way to turn around negative energy is to find the gratitude in your life.  This can be just simple things that make you smile in your life.

Take a pen a paper and write down all the things in your life that you are grateful for. such as:

  • Your loved ones and friends
  • Your health and being alive
  • Your morning coffee
  • Food
  • The device your reading this on, ETC.
The more your energy is spiralling upward, the more your manifesting power increases.
Clear your mind with made up doubting beliefs that hold you back.
Replace those doubts to believing in miracles.
Forgive the past. Let go of any resentments. Even to yourself.
Stop saying I should of_____.
Clear and delete what no longer serves you. We sometimes hold on to toxic relationships (co-dependant), friendships (frenemy) and clients (draining energy).
Smudged to clear the toxic cords of this person/people, I love working with Smokey/Morion quartz and DoTerra’s Frankincense oil.

3rd tip. Be very clear on your intentions

Take time to meditate, get clear on what you want to manifest in your life. Then  write it down.

Make a list and set your intentions for what you would like to grow in your life.

If you are looking to manifest love in your life, first step is to love yourself. Develop a personal relationship with you.

Then make a list of all the qualities that you are looking for in your partner. Be very specific. It’s important to not use anyone’s name. You don’t want to force the will of another to make someone love you.

Because it can backfire and manifest the opposite.

If your looking to reconcile with a past loved one, then it’s important to give up the wanting to control the situation. Everything happens for a reason and there is a lesson in every experience. People enter into our lives to teach us something very valuable.

When you truly let go and find the blessing from that relationship then you’ve passed the test.

There are psychic cords (not the spiritual bond of the connection) that attach to us in a toxic relationship. We need to cut the cords by letting go and moving on. By doing so what is meant to come back into your life will return. Or the right person will enter our lives, the divine partner.

4th tip. Meditate and release the outcome.

Burn a white unscented tea light candle with your intention. It’s very important that when you burn the candle that you revisit and mastered tip# 2.

Trust that it is all by divine timing that this will all manifest for your highest good. Believe that there is a true love and that you deserve love. Take action, go out more often, date and most importantly give a person a chance!

Maybe they’re not your type on the surface but the ugly duckling Could turn into the beautiful swan and be the man/woman of your dreams.

Trust the process and have faith in that your eternal Soulmate is out there.

Check out my Youtube video for more info on using the new moon to manifest.  If you have any questions post them in the comment section below and if you need more information and reading. I’ll be around all day to take your calls.

You have until Tuesday to use the new moon’s manifesting energies.

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Soulmate reading March 26 to April 2nd

Hello Gorgeous Souls

I just recorded a video our weekly soulmate reading for March 26th-April 2nd.

How it works is that the reading is intended for anyone who drawn to watch the video. It doesn’t matter if you are viewing this after the date that it was originally intended for.

Here’s the video

1st card. 2 of swords.

The two of swords say that you might be feeling like you are at a crossroads with a situation going on in your life.

2nd card. The Hermit

The Hermit tells us that we need to go within. The answers that we are seeking are inside.

3rd card. Ace of Pentacles

Planting the seeds of abundance. The Ace of Pentacles in one the most abundant cards in the Tarot.

4th card The Fool.

The fool is about making the choice to leap forward and take a chance. Don’t be afraid to take the chance. Be carefree not careless. You are no a mystical journey and the only holding you back is fear itself. Take charge and go for it!


Mercury Retrograde In Aries: March 22nd to April 15th

Hello Beautiful Souls

Today the planet Mercury goes in retrograde. It stays there and goes direct April 15th.

I recorded a Youtube video about how not not to get caught up in the chaos of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury rules all forms of communication. And when it goes into retrograde every thing with communication (all electronically devices, communication, phones, travel related details) seem to go a bit funky.

Be aware of this transit.

Double check everything before sending, traveling details and don’t buy any electronic devices until it goes direct.
We have the sun in Aries which can amplify the energy a little.
You can off set the influence by not letting it take over your life.
Getting creative and practicing self-care rituals is the key. Take your time to really listen to someone. Be a good listener. 
Mercury retrograde is actually the Universe’s way for us to slow down and create some white space in our lives. 
This is your message to breathe and go with the flow. It’s all good
You can do this.

Soulmate Twinflame Reading “What Do You Want To Create”?

Hello Beautiful Souls.

What do you want to create in your life? It’s something to think about and it came up in this week’s Youtube reading.

I just uploaded it for week March 19 to March 26th

It is meant for anyone that is visiting this blog post and viewing the video. Even if you’re viewing after the message is still intended for you because the Universe brought you here.

I’m using the Book Of Shadows Tarot Volume 2.

1st card:

Feelings of disappointment. Something that might be happening in your life that is not what you expected and feels like it is out of your control.

But it is only fear it self that is getting the best of you right now.

Everything happens for a reason, to bring out the best in you.

2nd card The Fool

The Fool tells you to be carefree and take the chance on life. Sometimes you got to take a risk in life in order to move forward.

Follow your intuition and clear reason about which risks are worth taking.

Also its about a major choice for you to make. That could not only effect your life but someone else’s also.

Listen to Dave’s song “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” it will inspire you with courage if there’s a chance that you know that you need to act upon.

To listen to it click here 

3rd card Three of Pentacles

This card tells us to get cracking on pursuing our creativity.

Creativity comes in many forms. Just how you fix your bed is creative.

Just start something, here is a short list of some ideas in case you thing that you’re not creative.

  • Re-ranging your space
  • cooking a meal
  • fixing your bed
  • hair and accessories
  • kniting
  • bead work
  • scrapbooking
  • journaling/happy planer (one my faves)
  • tell a story
  • planning your next tatoo
  • gardening
  • Vision board
  • Altar
  • sketching
  • diet and exercise.

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The Full Moon In Virgo

Hello Lovelies

Tonight is a full moon in Virgo. It’s also called as the Crow moon.

It can be very intense and emotional. We are in a Pisces sun. So it will feel like a tug war emotionally. Highs and low as well as super sensitive.

Virgo is all about getting purity, organizing, perfectionism and very earthy.

Pisces is about intuition, spiritual, creative and imaginative.

To balance of this intense energy and tap into our truth.

We need to get rid of what no longer serves you. CLEAN HOUSE.

Make room for love in your life.

To be happy in love and to find love, you must first love your self.

If you don’t love your self, how do you expect anyone to love you? Or for you to really love them?

Remember — you deserve love. No matter what happened in the past, you deserve love.

February is a LOVE month. And we can get emotional. It rules the heart chakra. Which is the LOVE chakra.

Here are some of things to do during the full moon (you got the whole weekend) to get the love snow ball effect rolling.

First set your intentions. Then try one or more of these ideas. Choose the one(s) that resonate with you. Even one small step can get you going

in the right direction.

  1. Clean out clutter or organize a little (no need to do major cleaning unless you choose)
  2. Decorate your planner for the month or calendar
  3. Spend an extra 15 minutes in bed dreaming and write down your dreams.
  4. Give your self a facial (yes guys too)
  5. Plan out a feel good project for yourself and execute
  6. Start a journal
  7. Take yourself on a date
  8. Snuggle in bed with your favorite book
  9. Make a list of positive affirmations.
  10. Treat your self to some markers, pens, pencils and color in my adult coloring pages  Magical color book
  11. Love yourself unconditionally and know that you are LOVEABLE!

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Part 2 Good Bye Class

Here’s an update on the fitness group episode.

I received a letter of apology and $400 for termination of 8 weeks notice.

Although it seems very kind, it still doesn’t feel right in my heart.

The apology wasn’t from management team number 1 and number 2 (I would of felt happier with a handwritten note from them personally and no money)  but from two dear students from Friday’s class, who volunteered to go out of their way to drop this off to me to make this a right. I’ll never forget that. They made me feel happy.

It was so nice to see them and I really appreciate their efforts.

If number 1 and number 2 cared it would of been handled differently and I wouldn’t have to spend my afternoon to write this blog post to once again speak my truth and help me process.

I’m sad to say good bye to my class and end this chapter of my life once and for all.

I know that I did the right thing, I got my truth out and I was acknowledged.

During the time that this was all going on.

Dave and I were asked by YogFit to do an interview for the YogaFit’s website blog. We are so honoured and grateful to be a part of this amazing Yoga school.

Woking on the interview with Dave helped me cope with the humiliation and betrayal.

I realized that this was sign from the Universe that something bigger is on the way. To let go and allow.


Check out the interview Click here.

I want to thank you all for your emails and beautiful words. It really meant a lot.

Dave and I just recorded a video about moving on and how this turned into a big time lesson and blessing.