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Hello Beautiful ones

Yes, Fall has arrived (it is in my part of the world, north America).

I’m loving the fall crisp weather.

I’ve uploaded a new 3 card oracle Youtube reading.

Only one thing is missing. The oracle cards themselves.

Instead I filmed live animals as our oracle messengers.  It’s an Animal Medicine reading.

Animals are not only cute and lovable (including the endangered creatures) but they give us important signs and messages.

Dave and I went to the zoo the other day, we love the visiting the zoo.

Dave and I at the zoo
Dave and I at the zoo

Yesterday my guides gave me a message: to me to send you the video footage that I took of 3 of the animals as an oracle message and to channel the message of what the animal spirit are advising.

So here is your

The 1st animal medicine:

animal medicine
Panda bear
Panda bear twins
Panda bear twins
The Panda  bear teaches you that can do anything you want once you set your mind to it, especially if it comes from your heart.
So believe in yourself and what your heart is telling you.
The best way to do this is to connect with nature or meditate, pray or Yoga.
This will get your mind to slow down a bit, calm the ego chatter so that you can listen to your heart.
The 2nd animal medicine:
The mighty gorilla teaches that you will be experiencing a heightened sense of clairaudience, so listen closely for messages and signs.
It could be a song on the radio, something someone says in a tv show you’re watching, or a conversation you overhear.
So pay attention. You’ll know when the message is meant for you!
The 3rd animal medicine:
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly bear says don’t just wait for something to happen; take action now!
What this means is that if you have a goal, you need to take steps toward it.There are 3 steps to manifest your dreams.
Step 1 is to go within and get clear on what it is you truly want.
Step 2 is to to write it down. Vision are boards helpful. Take any small steps.
For example if you want to find love, you can start with cleaning out your closets and clutter and work on self love.

Make a commitment to yourself to take better care of your self, exercise more, eat better and to love yourself no matter what!

Step 3 is to surrender to your Higher Power.

Check out the video:

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