Angel Tarot Reading

Angel Tarot Reading for you!

This is my most recent Angel Tarot reading.

Due to the way in which the Law of Attraction works, this is specifically meant for anyone viewing this.

That’s you!


how I conduct my readings



1st card 3 of Earth:

3 of earth

Creative forces at work here. You’re being nudged to do something creative. Even if it is out of your comfort zone.

Stop procrastinating and start creating.


2nd card: King of Fire:

king of fire

Another creating action card. Focus and merge ahead!

Take a plan of action and start writing down your strategy. One layer at a time.

Don’t concern yourself with what other people will think of your work.


3rd card Queen of water:


Feeling very sensitive, perhaps a bit emotional. A lot of it has to do with pleasing everyone around you except your self.

You are an intuitive being. You are empathic and feeling everyones energy during the day/work etc. It is important that you leave it go.

Cut the cords of this clingy energy.

It can work like a cold virus. When one person is having a bad a day, they can spread the toxic energy around.

It is important to be aware of this.

And don’t take it personally 🙂


4th card: Seven of Earth:


Planting seeds 🙂 Waiting for your investments/work/finances to improve. They are! As we speak. Things are turning in a better direction.

Just be patient and trust. It is important to expect the positive to happen. When you think of what could go wrong then you actually attract that. So be positive and patient.


5th card: 4 of Air:

4 of air

This card tells you to chill out. Grab tea/java and read a book or just day dream. Rest.

It is important to take time in doing for your self. Rest and rejuvenate. Like recharging your phone 🙂

Check out my Angel Tarot reading video:

I always get these messages to do readings on Youtube. It’s for a reason — to share my gift and help you.

Please share the love and forward this to anyone you know who might benefit from this reading. Or leave a comment below. I appreciate them 🙂

Have a beautiful day.

Love and light,



2 thoughts on “Angel Tarot Reading”

  1. Hi Mary
    You did a reading for me a few weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for doing that. I was very happy that you could see in the cards exactly what I was feeling and that you agreed that who I believe is my twin flame you believe that too.
    Thanks again and best wishes

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