Angel Tarot Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls

Here is your Angel Tarot reading for the week Aug 17 to August 30th.  But it doesn’t have to be just for that date. It can for anytime you are viewing this post and video.

The first card:

The Two Of Earth is telling us that we have been multi-tasking. balancing too many things at once.

Which is making us feel not connected to our selves. It would be a great time time experiment with time management. Try going at a slower pace.

Or maybe we could be we are not being honest with our selves. Instead of enjoying the moment we’re looking to race to the next.

The 2nd card is The Page Of Air


The Page of Air says that we are in investigating mode. Looking deeper than what we see.

Sometimes we don’t trust another person’s word or have confidence in our selves.

The 3rd card

Eight of earth

The Eight Of Earth is telling us that it a great time for education. To expand our minds and grow. Our brains need positive stimulation. Without it we loose memory function. Use it or loose it.

4th card


The Shadow Queen tells us to dive deeper within our selves and uncover the true meaning of our life purpose.

There is a full moon in Aquarius lunar eclipse happening Thursday. It is important to be aware that we maybe feeling more sensitive at this time. Please giver your self more time and pamper yourself with self care rituals to off set any emotions.

It is the best time to get an in-depth reading. I’ll be around if you need me.

Here is a video that I filmed for you.

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