All Roads Lead Back To Now

All roads lead back to now.

The only “time” you ever have is Now. What about what happened 5 years ago? When it  happened it was now. When you remember it, you are thinking about it now.

If you are attracted to someone and you imagine your life would be complete if they would only enter into a committed relationship with you, you are imagining that future right now.


There is nothing wrong with having and enjoying things. Actually, it’s great.

And wanting things is what can get us into action. In some way we feel unfulfilled. This motivates us to take action in order to change our circumstances.

But even those actions, if and when we take them, are taken in the present moment.

And the more rooted in the present moment we are, the more effective our actions will be.

You can only ever be happy and content in the present moment. If you think you need to reach your goal before you can be happy, you will never be happy.

Even when you fulfill our desire your mind will start to find something else “wrong.” And you will not be present to enjoy your life.

Because your life only happens now.


Being rooted in the present moment is invoking the Law of Attraction at the highest level.

Many times we don’t get what we want, because the Universe is conspiring on our behalf. The Universe is protecting us from ourselves.

Do you think you know better than Divine Intelligence what will make you happy?

We are all making a fundamental mistake. What is that mistake?

We think that the narrating voice in our head that labels and judges every experience we have is who we are.

It’s not who we are. It’s only thought. Thinking. It’s the mind. An organ of the human physical body.

Yes, thinking can be very useful. It is the interface between creativity and the world.

And perhaps (if anthropologists are correct) it is the thing that helped us to evolve to where we are now.

But now thought has created too much insanity and destruction in our lives and in our world.

We need creativity and peace to save us. Thought is neither wise nor creative any more than a computer is wise or creative. It depends upon the intelligence that is operating the machine.

True intelligence is silent. It is there before we label with words.


Creativity is born in silence. In the space between thoughts and words.

Wisdom is born in the same place. As are joy and peace.

So how do you become free of believing that you are the thinker? The false conditioned self?

Most of us come to this deep realization through suffering. Suffering creates a deep longing for peace.

However, suffering is not absolutely necessary as more and more people on the planet are waking up to the truth of who they are.

But when we’ve suffered, we are made humble. We realize our way may not be the only way. Or even a good way.

We begin to open our hearts to the possibility that there is a Divine Intelligence running through all things in creation.

And that this Divine Intelligence knows what it is doing better than the “thinker” does.


The “thinker” can only operate from the past with repetitive patterns.

Like Einstein said, we cannnot solve problems at the same level that we created them from.

What is being said here is nothing new. Wise men and women throughout the ages have been saying these things using different words.

But now is the time that the entire human race needs to embrace these simple truths.

Enlightenment is not for “special” people or “freaks of nature” anymore.

At least if we are to survive as a species and evolve to a greater and fuller expression of who we are.

And who are we? We are that Divine Intelligence without which we would not be able to experience life.

We are aspects of Divine Intelligence. I’m not talking about the “thinker” or our personality or whether our body is male or female, x number of years old, etc.

I’m talking about that which is aware of being aware. It is formless. It is a deeper dimension of ourselves. It is silent. It is intelligence itself. Consciousness. Eternal and Timeless.

Without space, the planets in our galaxy could not exist. Likewise, without inner space, we could not be aware of our sense perceptions or our thoughts.

You are the spacious intelligence within which your thoughts and sense perceptions arise.

Without this space you would not even be able to perceive the words on this screen.

You don’t need to be “perfect.” Perfection is a concept. And all concepts are of the thinking mind.

You simply need to begin to be aware of being aware.

Find a gap between thoughts. Not by trying to make it happen. That is thought coming in the back way.

Simply observe your sense perceptions. The touch or colour of things. Look at something simple without labelling it.

Just for a few seconds.

As you begin to practice this, you’ll naturally notice more space opening up. More frequent and longer gaps between thoughts.


You can also begin a meditation practice. In the morning is best for most people, but whatever works for you. Evening is also good.

But don’t just leave it at the meditation practice. Also practice being aware of your thoughts and reactions when you are engaging with the world.

And again, don’t try to make it happen. Just observe your thoughts without judgement as best you can.

This is all you need right now. You are helping to save the world. And more good will be able to flow into your world because you will not be resisting Life as much as you used to.

You will begin to enjoy your life more instead of waiting for something in the future.

Life will begin to be more supportive to you as well.

This is Faith. This is Trust. All roads lead back to now.

4 thoughts on “All Roads Lead Back To Now”

  1. IT’s not often i come across a “deep”article or conversation that is so easily understood the first time i read it.Without seeming oversimplified or “dumbed down”I felt this to be highly informative yet easily understood.I wish everything i read was written in this style.Thank you.I have been trying to fully grasp the Asian concepts relating to this,yet never sure i was full on grasping the concept or reality of what was being stated.I truly feel i have no such trouble here.Please direct me to more information such as this!!
    Sincerely with Best regards, Bruce

    • Thank you for your comment, Bruce — I really appreciate it 🙂 Especially because I am just now beginning my journey of sharing these insights with others and finding my own language. It wasn’t the path I originally set out on in my life. I’m very grateful to know my writing is on the right track and it connected with you. I’ll definitely be continuing to write more articles like this. And if you’re in the Toronto area I’m giving live workshops and talks.
      One of the contemporary spiritual teachers who has had a profound influence on some of the shifts in consciousness I’ve experienced is Eckhart Tolle. You can find him on YouTube and bookstores everywhere. I’ve also found the Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin to be very useful in helping to break through some of my stubborn resistances to freedom. Wishing you all the very best 🙂

  2. Thanks Sir. I am going through a hard phase about establishing a relationship with a woman as there is too much uncertainty & i cannot read her mind. So, this article would really help me to overcome those problems.
    Yours sincerely, Animesh.

    • You’re very welcome, Animesh. There is an Intelligence within us all that is far more intelligent than our “thinking machine” minds. It is there when we are spontaneously joyous, creative and loving. It will always lead us to our highest and best good. Your true nature is that Intelligence. Love and Light 🙂

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